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Feds May Not Be Able to Flex Muscles After New State Laws

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Similar to an annoying gym rat who screams as he exhales while hogging up any full body mirrors, our federal government acts like a “juicehead”, usually eager to show off and flex any chance it gets.  We witnessed this during the medical marijuana raids of the Clinton and G.W. Bush presidencies but in 2008 we were then promised newer and smarter ideas.  We were promised a fully body approach complete with calisthenics and nutritional eating.  However, despite such claims we find ourselves back to square one, paying taxes to a government that is more concerned with feeding its inflating ego and only working out its upper body.  Last fall, dispensary raids conducted a rate previously unseen.

Recently, 23 medical marijuana businesses in Washington were sent threatening letters from the DEA, informing them they would have to shut down or face prosecution.  The letters were sent out to dispensaries that are in violation of Washington state law as they are operating within school zones.  Matthew G. Barnes, of Seattle’s DEA sent the letters which asked dispensaries to “Please take the necessary steps to discontinue the sale and/or distribution of marijuana…within 30 days.”

While the federal government has made it clear they would like to dismantle the entire medical marijuana program, they have chosen a careful route in doing so.  Because they do not want to be accused of interfering with state laws, they so far claim to only target dispensaries that are in violation of state law.  Many feel that threats to Harborside Health and other high profile California collectives had nothing to do with state law.  In addition to the comments included above, Mr. Barnes made statements that did not seem to be concerned with upholding Washington State law as he said “The DEA will not turn a blind eye to criminal organizations that attempt to use state or local law as a shield for their illicit drug trafficking activities.”

The statement actually seems to insinuate that these collectives were attempting to “traffic drugs” at a profit and that respecting state laws had little to do with the decision.  Of course anytime the White House is challenged on the issue they still maintain that they only get involved once state laws are broken.  This is a statement that could soon backfire as three states will allow its residents to vote on totally legalizing marijuana, even for recreational use.  How sacred will state law be to the feds if Washington, Oregon, or Colorado or all three legalize marijuana?  Will the feds continue to flex their muscle and admit their disregard for state laws after using it as their defense for so long?  Will they try to be more subtle, or will they walk away from the mirror and try to use all of their resources and strength to help instead of harm?

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  • Ekaterina says:

    it is a British thing. As Winston Churchill once joked Britain and the US are 2 countries steeraepd by a common language. Be assured that there are many Americanisms that the Brits puzzle over. Here in Australia we have had historically British English (with our own little qwirks) and we could puzzle over the language of both of you. As an oldie who has watched these changes I can tell you that Brit English is becoming more Americanised even on the BBC though you wouldn’t notice this of course. Australian English is becoming more Americanised too Damned Yankee cultural imperialism. I’m old enough to stay with the spelling I grew up with and use an s instead of a z in words like Americanised’.

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