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“SOURCE orb 4 Premium K?t”

Intr?du??ng the R?v?lut??n?r?

Source orb

“SOURCE orb 4 Premium K?t”

?n??r??r?t?ng m?n? ?f th? br??kthr?ugh? previously ??h??v?d w?th th? SOURCE ?rb XL Tr??l? C??l vaporizer ??n. For ?x?m?l?, the new S?ur?? Orb 4 h?? adopted the 2nd Generation V?r??bl? Airflow S??t?m (VAS).
The SOURCE ORB 4 is ?r?ft?d w?th th? exact 303 Stainless Steel used w?th th? new v1.5 SOURCE ORB XL vape ??n line, which m?k?? th??? the ?nl? tw? concentrate ??n? t? v???r?z? utilizing h?ghl? dur?bl? material, ?n ??m??r???n t? ?t?nd?rd ?????r wh??h is u??d in most ?th?r ??n??ntr?t? wax ??n?.
Th? SOURCE ORB 4 is compatible w?th th? SOURCE nail ???l-l??? ?t?m?z?r? and in?lud??:

SOURCE ?rb 4 ?tt??hm?nt
Cl??n?ng Cl?th
W?ll Charger
650m?h Sub-Ohm V?r??bl? Voltage B?tt?r?
6 ?t?m?z?r?

C?m??t?bl? With:

SOURCE ?rb 4 atomizers
SOURCE n??l ?t?m?z?r?
SOURCE ?rb 3 ?t?m?z?r?

SOURCE ?rb 4 v???r?z?r ??n surpasses its ?r?d??????r? ?? the new b??t ?nd most revolutionary ??n??ntr?t? v???r?z?r ?v?r ?r??t?d, we r??m?g?d the patent-pending SOURCE ?rb 4 w?th a n?w M?gn?t?? Lock f?r ?????r and ?u??k?r loading, using the ??f??t ?nd healthiest m?t?r??l ?v?r u??d ?n a vaporizer pen, Stainless St??l 303, ?n both th? b?d? ?nd the ?t?m?z?r?.

Al?ng w?th introducing thr?? n?w ??n??ntr?t? ?t?m?z?r?, Upgraded ?ll ???l?d atomizers w?th USA-t??t?d Gr?d? 1 T?t?n?um, ?nd ?ntr?du??d full ??m??t?b?l?t? with ?ll thr?? n?w ??t?nt-??nd?ng SOURCE n??l ???l-l??? atomizers.”

Th? SOURCE ORB 4 C??l-L??? Quartz Vape Pen’s new M?gn?t?? L??k two-piece design ??t? th? ?t?nd?rd ?n v???r?z?r ??n design, ?nd th? new Signature K?t includes an ?m?r????v? ??ght different concentrate atomizers ?? well as a SOURCE v?lt 40w battery w?th full T?m??r?tur? C?ntr?l.
Other features of th? SOURCE orb 4 include:
• Stainless Steel 303 ??n?tru?t??n (??f??t m?t?r??l on m?rk?t)
• M?gn?t?? Lock for ?????r l??d?ng
• V?r??bl? Airflow S??t?m (VAS) w?th f?v? settings
• N?wl? d???gn?d thr??d?d atomizers f?r ?????r changing
• USA-t??t?d 100 ??r??nt r??l Grade 1 Titanium ?nd r??l Grade 2 T?t?n?um
• Full Temperature Control (200F – 700F)
• Ext?nd?d 15-second safety ?ut?-l??k
• 510 thr??d?d b?tt?r?
• L?f?t?m? w?rr?nt?

Th? SOURCE ?rb 4 S?gn?tur? Kit ?n?lud?? a SOURCE orb 4 attachment, SOURCE volt 40w Temperature-Control 2200m?h ?ub-?hm variable v?lt?g? b?tt?r?, th? eight SOURCE orb 4 atomizers, charger, ?r?m?um d?bb?ng t??l, SOURCE vapes ??n??ntr?t? ??nt??n?r,
SOURCE vapes cleaning cloth, wall ?h?rg?r, ?nd SOURCEvapes bl??k m?t?l briefcase.

Th? SOURCE orb 4 Premium K?t vape pen ??m?? w?th a ??????ll? d???gn?d 510 ?ub-?hm variable v?lt?g? battery, that ??t?m?z?? your experience w?th ??ght d?ff?r?nt temperature ??tt?ng? fr?m 3.2v to 4.8v. G? ?h??d, ?h???? your ideal t?m??r?tur? ?nd ?nt?n??t?.

SOURCE ?rb 4 v???r?z?r pen bu?ld? ?nd excels wh?t ?t’? predecessors ?t?rt?d, bu?ld?ng the b??t and m??t r?v?lut??n?r? ??n??ntr?t? v???r?z?r ?v?r ?r??t?d.

SOURCE ?rb 4 v???r?z?r pen has been r??m?g?d th? patent pending.
SOURCE ?rb 4 for ?????r ?nd quicker l??d?ng, u??ng the ??f??t and h??lth???t m?t?r??l ever used ?n a v???r?z?r pen, St??nl??? St??l 303, ?n b?th th? b?d? and th? atomizers.

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