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Gain Control!
A special blended formula with key ingredients 5-HTP, Ciwujia and St. Johns Wort, Cannitrol© can help you gain control over what seems uncontrollable. Cannitrol is a natural, organic, effective and safe blend. Cannitrol helps with mood swings, allows you to focus, and controls the munchies

FAQ - Common Questions

Cannitrol© is a safe and effective, professionally tested formula produced in an accredited manufacturing facility under NSF/ANSI Standard 173.

Q: What should I expect to happen after 7 to 10 days of use?
A: I take Cannitrol with every meal, just as I used to smoke after every meal. After a 7-day period, or maybe even sooner, you will begin to notice an overall feeling of calmness and peace. You will get more done during the day with much less mental stress.

Q: Will I lose weight if I take Cannitrol?

A: If you take Cannitrol with every meal, you will notice a slight change in weight after 10 days of use. I lost 2 lbs. after 7 days and I wasn't even trying.

Q: What about the munchies?

A: The munchies? Well, that's entirely up to you, LOL. Seriously though, you will probably have more control over the munchies. If you are trying to quit smoking and you happen to mess up and smoke, then yes, it will help control the munchies. However, if you are taking Cannitrol© to get extra high when you smoke... We don't recommend that you smoke while taking Cannitrol but it's not going to hurt you if you do.

Q: I use one of those electronic cigarettes from Wal-Mart. Is it OK to smoke an e-cigarette with Cannitrol?

A: Yes. E-cigarettes are a popular alternative to help kick the smoking habit. Several users report using e-cigarettes as part of their quitting routine. There is no interaction. Even if you smoke an e-cigarette, you will feel the benefits of taking Cannitrol

Q: Will Cannitrol help me pass a urine test for marijuana?
A: Yes. Cannitrol is a safe and effective formula used to treat anxiety and to help suppress the temptation to smoke. Keep in mind it is not a pill/masking agent to be taken to "magically pass" any kind (urine, hair) test for drugs of any kind, including marijuana. If you stop, you can pass.

Q: How will taking Cannitrol affect my sleep?
A: If you take one pill a day for the first few days, it will not affect your sleep pattern. If you take one pill with every meal (three pills a day), you may lose a few hours of sleep the first 2 to 3 days as your body is adjusting to the active ingredients in Cannitrol. If you cant get to sleep when you are "off", Cannitrol can help you get back to a regular sleep schedule.

Q. What about Spice or K2 (Synthetic Cannabinoids)
A:We have had several inquiries about this. It seems that is a common part of some cessation routines - "I'll switch to Spice". There are no known interactions with Cannitrol and synthetic cannabinoids, if you feel addicted to spice, Cannitrol can help.

Q: Is Cannitrol Legal?
A: The Cannitrol formulation is Certified as Legal and Safe in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and all EU Countries. It is assumed Legal in other countries as none of the individual ingredients are banned. If you are unsure, check your local laws. We ship worldwide!

Q: What are the inactive ingredients in Cannitrol?
A: Cannitrol uses a vegetable capsule which is made of microcrystalline cellulose and vegetable grade magnesium stearate. Cannitrol does not contain dairy, egg, gluten, yeast, artificial colors or flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. Cannitrol is OK for vegetarians/vegans.

Q: Does Cannitrol contain any terpenes or mycrene?
A: No. Cannitrol contains neither. If you are looking to harness the power of terpenes, we recommend checking out TokeSmart, a highly rated herbal supplement.

If you have questions that are not answered on this site, feel free to do your own research. Cannitrol works. All components of our formula are listed on the site under the main "Read more" link, also feel free to use the "Contact us" link to reach us with questions or let us know what you have found out.

We may want to use your question or comment on our testimonials, FAQ page, or other media. We will not do so without your permission, we respect your privacy.

Check out our Blog to talk to other Cannitrol users. We will not share any of your information without permission, we take your privacy seriously.

Let me start by saying I am not anti-marijuana by any means. IMHO, its illegal status is the result of politics hidden behind health concerns. This is a 100% personal battle of control for me. I have an addictive personality and have been "self-medicating" for over 10 years. When I did stop I was a mess, suffered headaches, and was irritable and more or less miserable. Cannitrol helped my mood swings, and with it I was able to break free. It wasn't a trade either. Cannitrol did not replace it, but helped me gain control. *results may vary on an individual basis
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My smoking habit was strong and ingrained in my routine. I was spending a lot of time, money and effort on the stuff; it had taken over part of my life and I wanted it back! Medical Marijuana is not available where I live (so dumb) therefore I was a criminal, Laws are harsh here. I was risking going to jail on a daily basis! I was stressed out majorly - the stress was insane! I needed help. I was fed up and felt like a burnout bum. I tried to quit before but I was like the diva on the Snickers commercials. Cannitrol gave me the edge to stop!*results may vary on an individual basis
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I've smoked since I was a teenager and needed to stop, as I could've lost my medical benefits if I didn't agree to take and pass a urinalysis screening. I was not winning my battle with the urge to smoke. I used a very popular detox formula and all it did was dilute my urine and I was forced to re-take the test within 30 days. I had to stop - it was the only way to assuredly pass. Cannitrol helped eliminate my urge to get high and I was able to pass the test for real!*results may vary on an individual basis
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