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Gain Control!
A special blended formula with key ingredients 5-HTP, Ciwujia and St. Johns Wort, Cannitrol© can help you gain control over what seems uncontrollable. Cannitrol is a natural, organic, effective and safe blend. Cannitrol helps with mood swings, allows you to focus, and controls the munchies

Paul Rosen, PhD

In the process of earning my PhD I spent over a decade in college and certain aspects of the college lifestyle stayed with me longer than others. When I transitioned to working full time I had to face the truth; marijuana was a crutch for me. I used throughout the day when I was a student and that was fine. Now that I became a child psychologist for a public high school, I had to do something. The withdrawals were making the days punishing for me. I felt depressed, sluggish and I lacked confidence because I knew I had a problem I didn't know how to handle. I spoke to my therapist about it and she suggested I check out Cannitrol. I had little faith, but I was willing to try anything that could help. The results came faster than I expected and I felt so much more alert and more positive. I just took a pill whenever I felt the need to smoke. At first I was taking 3-5 pills a day, but now I am just taking one or two. I'm happy to say, the crutch is gone and I owe it all to Cannitrol.

Paul Rosen
Let me start by saying I am not anti-marijuana by any means. IMHO, its illegal status is the result of politics hidden behind health concerns. This is a 100% personal battle of control for me. I have an addictive personality and have been "self-medicating" for over 10 years. When I did stop I was a mess, suffered headaches, and was irritable and more or less miserable. Cannitrol helped my mood swings, and with it I was able to break free. It wasn't a trade either. Cannitrol did not replace it, but helped me gain control. *results may vary on an individual basis
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My smoking habit was strong and ingrained in my routine. I was spending a lot of time, money and effort on the stuff; it had taken over part of my life and I wanted it back! Medical Marijuana is not available where I live (so dumb) therefore I was a criminal, Laws are harsh here. I was risking going to jail on a daily basis! I was stressed out majorly - the stress was insane! I needed help. I was fed up and felt like a burnout bum. I tried to quit before but I was like the diva on the Snickers commercials. Cannitrol gave me the edge to stop!*results may vary on an individual basis
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I've smoked since I was a teenager and needed to stop, as I could've lost my medical benefits if I didn't agree to take and pass a urinalysis screening. I was not winning my battle with the urge to smoke. I used a very popular detox formula and all it did was dilute my urine and I was forced to re-take the test within 30 days. I had to stop - it was the only way to assuredly pass. Cannitrol helped eliminate my urge to get high and I was able to pass the test for real!*results may vary on an individual basis
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