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Growing Marijuana Indoors : How to do it?

The number of states and countries where both medical and recreational marijuana is legal is growing fast. This gives more people the opportunity not just to get high, but to grow their own weed. That way you know exactly where the weed comes from, and you are in control of the quality of growth, not to mention the huge feeling of satisfaction you get when you roll a joint of weed that YOU have grown!


Obviously you can grow outdoors as well, but not everybody has the space, or lives in a climate that cannabis plants can survive in. Growing indoors gives you complete control of the environment, and also keeps out pests. You are the master of your grow space, and your plants will be all the better for it.


Choosing the right space


Some things to be aware of when choosing your space are visibility and ventilation. You will want to choose a space that is out of the way, so that the nosy neighbours mind their own business. Ventilation is also super important, as cannabis plants create a very strong (and recognisable) odour.


Water drainage is also something to keep in mind. A grow space with tiled floor as opposed to carpet will prevent any dampness from hanging around.


If you have children or pets, perhaps a separate room with a door that can be shut and/or locked.


Also, don’t forget to research the laws for your area. There might be a restriction as to how many plants you can grow at any one time, so make sure you’ve done your research on that before you start.


Using grow tents


A grow tent is a great idea for any indoor grower. They help keep the space closed off to any unwanted environmental factors such as bugs. The inside is often reflective to help you get the most out of your grow lights, and when it is ‘night time’ for your plants, it stops any light from getting in.


Grow tents are pretty cheap and very easy to set up, and will help give your plants the best possible environment for them to grow big and produce lots of bud.




Indoor grow lights are easy enough to find on sites like Amazon, but the best kind of grow light is an LED grow light. You can’t go wrong with an LED lamp, as they are energy efficient and they run cool, so they won’t fry your plants.


Double check how much electricity the light needs to run, so you can factor that into your energy bills. Also, make sure the light emits the two most important wavelengths of light: blue and red. Without these, your plants cannot grow. You can check top rated LED grow lights here.




Having a constant air flow is very important to the health of your plants. You will need a fan to help circulate the air, and vents so it has somewhere to escape. A lot of ventilation systems now come with carbon filters, which actually get rid of the pungent weed smell. This is great for the stealth growers out there, as well as for those who just want to get rid of the smell.


No matter how big (or small) your grow space is, make sure you do all the necessary research before starting your project. It can seem pretty expensive when you first kit out your grow room, but over time the equipment will pay for itself – especially if it is high quality.

Check different websites for different reviews, and make sure you can afford the monthly running costs before buying any of the equipment.

Good luck and happy growing!

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