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5 mistakes People Commit while Growing Marijuana

Did you know about the 5 mistakes People Commit while Growing Marijuana   There’s an inspirational quote that says, “Faith plants the seed, love makes it grow”. That may be true, but there are several factors that can impact the growth of your plants, especially when it’s a marijuana crop you are trying to cultivate. […]

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Mold Resistant Strains of Marijuana

Mold Resistant Strains of Marijuana What causes black-blue bud mold on cannabis? Black-blue mold that grows on marijuana buds is called botrytis. Also known sometimes as bud rot or bud mold. This fungi feeds on the succulent ripe flowers of budding cannabis plants, and spreads through the entire plant rapidy. An unfortunate reality for many […]

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My Online Drug Dealer offers only the highest quality

My Online Drug Dealer!; The source for the highest quality cannabis products in the world! they ship worldwide, and offer all the goodies you want! From top shelf indica, sativa or hybrid strain flowers, to a wide-range of edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and more!

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The Cali Ring – Jewellery for smokers with a purpose

A bold new style. Original pieces with a purpose. The creator of the Cali Ring thought of this idea when they were at home one afternoon playing COD and smoking. They wanted to smoke but were on a streak and did not want to stop. A thought occurred, “I wish there were a way to […]

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Cannalendar 2017 – 100% original: KIF in the RIF

Cannalendar 2017 – 100% original: KIF in the RIF The only photo wall calendar about the Valley of Rif, in Morocco, the cradle of the best hashish in the world, the Red Bubble, in Morocco, an ocean of marijuana plants, where more than 500 towns grow marijuana peacefully to make hashish for all the world. […]

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While California May Appear to Have Marijuana Figured Out, New Data Shows Major Flaws

To the rest of the world, California seems like a westernized Amsterdam, a half-baked haven for stoners. But is it really as pot-friendly as we think? New data suggests otherwise. Though California blazed the trail for medical marijuana in America back in 1996 and decriminalized possession of under an ounce of the plant in 2010 […] Thanks to

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Smoke Weed Before These Tim Burton Movies

If you regularly surf the net for pop culture, and you’re one of our fellow cannabis enthusiasts, you have seen vast arrays of lists dedicated to the best stoner movies out there. That could mean either the best movies where the plot was about stoners or perhaps the best movies to watch while stoned. Here at […] Thanks to

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Canada: The World’s Next Marijuana Marketplace

Australia does not exist at the forefront Canada’s collective mindset. For Canadians who haven’t traveled to the land down under, knowledge of this part of the world is limited to a few antiquated stereotypes like boxing kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee. What Canadians and the rest of the planet may not realize is that Australia is […] Thanks to

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The Innovative API Powering Retail Marijuana

Automation takes some of the complexity out of retail marijuana In an industry with traditionally high profit margins and ample demand, it is surprising that only 41% of medical dispensaries and retail stores have been performing “Modestly Profitable” or better through Q1. Clearly there are underlying issues and logistics that the current marketplace has been […] Thanks to

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Obtaining Your California Medical Marijuana Recommendation Is Painless

Nearly half of the states in our country have legalized marijuana for medicinal use, so there’s never been a better time to get your medical card. In the state of California, a board licensed physician can write a medical marijuana recommendation for many qualifying conditions: AIDS, anorexia, arthritis, cachexia, cancer, chronic pain, glaucoma, migraine, persistent muscle […]

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