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Feds Drop Case Against California Marijuana Dispensary

Federal prosecutors are dropping a case against the U.S.’s oldest medical marijuana dispensary. The Department of Justice has agreed to dismiss an effort to close California’s Berkeley Patients Group (BPG), which has been operating since 1999, according to representatives of the dispensary. The case stems from a 2013 attempt by then-U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag to […] Thanks to

Leak Reveals Clinton’s Marijuana Debate Prep

Position on Banking Access for Marijuana Businesses Revealed Staffers for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign extensively briefed the candidate to prepare for likely debate questions about marijuana policy, a newly leaked document shows. “While YOU should avoid saying marijuana accounts for a signification portion of the U.S. correctional population, or a significant portion of those behind […] Thanks to


Cayman Islands Government Unanimously Votes Yes For Cannabis Oil

The second reading of a historical bill that allows for cannabis oil to be prescribed in the Cayman Islands has made its way through the Legislative Assembly with a unanimous vote from all members of Parliament. Last year, a resident of the Caribbean nation named Dennie Warren Jr., pleaded with the Cayman government to amend […] Thanks to


Legalizing Marijuana Reduces DEA Eradication Costs, Data Suggests

Newly released data from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) appears to show that legalizing marijuana does what advocates have long promised: It reduces the unregulated cannabis market and cuts law enforcement costs. The DEA allocated exactly zero dollars and zero cents for marijuana eradication in Colorado for Fiscal Year 2016, which is down from the agency’s $80,000 […] Thanks to

Army Bans Alaska-Based Soldiers from Attending Marijuana Events

Alaska has had legal marijuana for almost two years, but the seriously flawed program just took another major hit on Thursday. In a statement addressed to the roughly 11,000 Alaska-based members of the U.S. Army, Major General Bryan Owens made the Army’s stance on marijuana very clear, and even issued a freedom-stifling new mandate to […] Thanks to

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Pot Prohibitionist Kevin Sabet Violates Massachusetts Drug Law

Yesterday in Boston, TV station WGBH assembled a panel to conduct an in-depth discussion about marijuana legalization, specifically, the ballot question Massachusetts voters will answer this coming November. The good people of the Commonwealth will have the chance to determine whether or not marijuana should be available for recreational use and subsequently regulated like alcohol. […] Thanks to

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Coast Guard Studying Medical Marijuana Use By Sailors

The U.S. Coast Guard is concerned about what the rescheduling of marijuana could mean for its efforts to keep waterways free of ship captains intoxicated on cannabis. “Marijuana is a potent drug with well-documented impairing effects on cognitive ability, judgment and reaction time,” reads a new document issued by the Merchant Mariner Medical Advisory Committee (MEDMAC), a panel […] Thanks to


Ontario Political Leaders Want Legalization Now

In an extraordinary act of unity, the leaders of the three major parties in Ontario have come together to demand some sort of direction from the Trudeau government on its foggy cannabis legalization plans. Despite the gestures of announcing legislation by spring of 2017, enacting a task force, and creating an online portal for Canadians […] Thanks to

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Costa Mesa California Police Want to Make it a Federal Case

Attorneys representing the Costa Mesa Police Department filed a motion on Monday to have a pending lawsuit moved from state to federal court. The lawsuit claims the Costa Mesa P.D. overstepped the lawful authority of their inspection warrant during a January raid of the now-closed Costa Mesa Collective marijuana dispensary. Building code inspection warrants, the type CMPD Chief […] Thanks to

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California Governor Weighs Reversal on Legal Marijuana

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) may be about to flip-flop on marijuana legalization. The Golden State’s top elected official, long seen as being close to law enforcement, has never been a big fan of ending prohibition. But he just gave a signal that his position could soon change. In a meeting with the San Francisco Chronicle […] Thanks to


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