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Pot shop a no-go in Quincy Market after landlord’s cease and desist

Plans for a pot shop in Quincy Market are on hold for now after the property management firm for the popular downtown tourist destination issued a cease and desist letter for the cannabis retailer, city officials confirmed. The city’s Office a Neighborhood Services canceled a community meeting for Redemption Cannabis after Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation, which […]

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Buzz kill: Massachusetts’ pot shops reopen, but some fear another shutdown

BOSTON (AP) — Marijuana shops in many states have enjoyed brisk business during the coronavirus pandemic. In New England? Not so much. Recreational shops reopened this week in Massachusetts with strict regulations after being ordered shut down the past two months. Now, some worry that state officials could simply shutter them again if there’s a […]

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Boston’s would-be pot entrepreneurs lie in wait as city slow-walks new marijuana licensing board

Two Boston entrepreneurs’ plans to open the state’s third independent testing laboratory to check the safety of cannabis products — including vape cartridges — are being slow-walked as the city works to roll out a brand new marijuana licensing board amid an already slow-moving pot industry. “There is a dire need for marijuana testing and […]

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Man busted for edible marijuana with Cookie Crisp cereal logo: Police

A man driving in Boston is accused of carrying several large bags of weed, along with dozens of edible marijuana packets that have the Cookie Crisp cereal logo, according to police. Daniel Keegan, 20, of Weymouth, was arrested on drug-related charges after a traffic stop in downtown Boston Wednesday night, police said. Officers at around […]

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Denver, Thornton mayors join with other U.S. city leaders to call for federal marijuana policy reforms

The Denver and Thornton mayors have joined a new coalition of U.S. city leaders that will lobby Congress and the Trump administration to increase local control over marijuana policy.

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Molson Coors calls legal marijuana a “risk factor” for its beer business

Although the ultimate impact is currently unknown, the emergence of legal cannabis in certain U.S. states and Canada may result in a shift of discretionary income away from our products or a change in consumer preferences away from beer, the company wrote in its latest 10-K filing.

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Massachusetts cannabis commission rolls out preliminary rules, including delivery, social use

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission reached tentative agreement over the past week on an array of rules and regulations required to implement legal sales.

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Pot Prohibitionist Kevin Sabet Violates Massachusetts Drug Law

Yesterday in Boston, TV station WGBH assembled a panel to conduct an in-depth discussion about marijuana legalization, specifically, the ballot question Massachusetts voters will answer this coming November. The good people of the Commonwealth will have the chance to determine whether or not marijuana should be available for recreational use and subsequently regulated like alcohol. […] Thanks to

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Mass Extortion for Hopeful Dispensaries

Massachusetts voters approved the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana for predetermined medical conditions back in 2012, but the state calls itself home to a mere six dispensaries.  So where are the rest? Most are still awaiting approval for their licenses. A whopping 174 dispensary applications are currently held up in legal limbo with Massachusetts, […] Thanks to

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Marijuana Updates Across the Country

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With the federal government’s refusal to reclassify marijuana, medical cannabis progression has been achieved state by state.  Most states have with medical marijuana programs are the result of  ballot initiatives and efforts of local residents as state policy makers are unwilling to disobey federal law.  The birth of modern medical marijuana got off to a bumpy start, and there may yet be future setbacks.  However, in a country that cannot agree on much, it appears we are coming together over compassion, relief, and the law.

In Maine we recently learned of a story that shows how important it is to regulate cannabis and not turn a blind eye .  Glenn W. Martin, a marijuana grower, used to illegally sell his crop to customers in New York and Boston.  He has struggled, like many, with rising cost of living and had trouble paying his rising property taxes.  Now that Maine has altered their laws, he is allowed to sell to patients and no longer has to hide his skills and the industry that he excels in.  Last week Martin said  “I’m focusing on how to make a high-quality product,’’ and It’s one of the best things to happen in our area.”

Moving across the country, there has been great news coming out of Arizona.  Residents of the state passed a marijuana program about two years ago.  However, Governor Jan Brewer and other state officials made every effort they could to derail the program.  Having realized that ultimately the state has little choice but to allow the program to operate, there has been a different tone lately.  The governor recently rejected formal letters by 13 county lawyers to stop the program.  Ms. Brewer stated that she could not do so and was bound to the resident passed law.  It now appears that dispensaries should be operating relatively soon.  The town of Gilbert has started things off and is expected to hold a lottery to determine which dispensary applicants will be granted permission to start operating.  Six potential dispensaries will be keeping their fingers crossed and hope that their name is on one of the two selected lottery balls drawn.  Gilbert has 900 qualified medical marijuana cardholders and overall Arizona has 30,000 approved patients.

It may have taken some time but Arizona finally appears ready to abide by the wishes of its residents.  On the side of the country Maine is showing a progressive approach to 40 years of failed laws and is starting to allow a necessary industry from operating in the shadows.  Maine and Arizona are on opposite sides of the political spectrum but are showing that relief and compassion has little to do with blue vs. red states.

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