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Colorado marijuana companies are subject to federal labor laws despite being illegal, court rules

A company that provides security services to Colorado marijuana businesses is being sued by a former employee over overtime pay. The company’s argument it is exempt from federal labor laws because the marijuana industry is illegal didn’t past muster with a federal appeals court.

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More of the legal marijuana sold in Colorado is increasingly for recreational use

The recreational market continues to increase its share of Colorado’s legal marijuana sales, with a new report showing that 66 percent of the total pounds of marijuana flowers and 86 percent of the total units of edibles sold in 2018 were for recreational use.

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Colorado’s marijuana industry opened to outside investors

Colorado’s prohibition on publicly traded cannabis companies, which dates back to legalization and was preserved by former Gov. John Hickenlooper, is now a relic of the past.

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Chris Long admits to smoking marijuana, calls NFL drug-testing plan “kind of silly”

Having announced his retirement last week after 11 NFL seasons, Chris Long is now even more free to speak his mind on the issues that perplex the league (though he never really was afraid of doing that during his playing days, either). So that’s what he did during an appearance Wednesday on “The Dan Patrick Show” when he said he “enjoyed my fair share” of marijuana during his playing days and became the latest player or former player to question the effectiveness of the NFL’s drug-testing policy and its policy prohibiting marijuana.

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New Denver program can make old marijuana conviction disappear

The city’s “Turn Over a New Leaf Program” helps those convicted of low-level marijuana offenses prior to legalization start fresh.

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Jared Polis taps marijuana industry veteran to lead Colorado pot policy. It’s a notable change.

The move to hire a marijuana industry veteran marks a notable change from the previous administration, which tapped people from politics or law enforcement. Industry watchers say the hire is a win for the pro-marijuana camp.

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CU study pushes back on stoner stereotype, suggests 80% mix weed with workouts

Long has the image of the weed smoker – one glued to the couch, Doritos bag in hand – sustained popular culture. Rarely, if ever, does the stereotype include a pair of dumbbells.

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4/20 festival garners tens of thousands of attendees, few citations

Denver’s annual 4/20 festival this year seemed to have the perfect conditions: warm weather and the holiday fell on a Saturday.

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The fog of four: Marijuana festival lights up Denver’s Civic Center

It’s April 20th, meaning thousands of people will be flocking to downtown Denver to celebrate marijuana, including attending the annual festival in Civic Center Park.

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Q&A: John Hickenlooper on Colorado’s marijuana legalization and how he talks to his son about pot

Colorado’s former-governor-turned-presidential-candidate John Hickenlooper gets his fair share of pot questions on the campaign trail these days. He sat down with The Denver Post on the eve of 4/20 to field a few more.

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