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Nevada’s 273 Marijuana Businesses Employ 6,700 Workers

Some surprising new numbers are out about the Silver State’s marijuana industry.
The Nevada Dispensary Association surveyed it’s members and… [Read More]

What Happened When I Went To A Secretive Cannabis Supper Club

Think back to the first time you ever ate a pot brownie—it was probably crazy-strong, and you were convinced the… [Read More]

A Look Into New California Medical And Adult-Use Cannabis Guidelines

The guidelines governing commercial medicinal and adult-use cannabis were released on Nov. 16 by state regulators, giving potential commercial cannabis… [Read More]

NH: Let’s End The Failed War On Weed

Back in the last century, when I was a boy growing up in Hampton, a number of things that were… [Read More]

NV: Marijuana Industry’s Future Is Bright, MJBizCon Speakers Say

New Jersey recreational marijuana legalization may be a highlight of 2018; it’s possible but unlikely the Trump administration will crack… [Read More]

How New Jersey Could Become A $1 Billion Marijuana State

If New Jersey follows through on plans to legalize recreational marijuana, analysts believe the Garden State could grow into a… [Read More]

Cannabis Consumers Say Marijuana Isn’t A Vice, It’s Part Of A Wellness Regimen

Legalization activists often say that marijuana should be regulated like alcohol, but today’s cannabis consumers don’t appreciate the comparison. To… [Read More]

Burned By California Wildfires: Local Marijuana Industry

The same fires that have destroyed Northern California’s wineries have also taken a toll on the region’s marijuana farms, which… [Read More]

CA: Cannabis Harvests Threatened By Sonoma County’s Tubbs Fire

California marijuana growers north of San Francisco were facing mandatory evacuation orders as well as potentially millions of dollars in… [Read More]

ME: Marijuana Bill Would Let Communities Decide Allowing Recreational Pot Businesses

Dozens of towns around the state have spent the past year scrambling to ban recreational marijuana operations within their borders… [Read More]

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