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Denver efforts to clear marijuana-related convictions from criminal records starts slowly

A sliver of a fraction of Denver and Boulder residents eligible to have their marijuana convictions expunged from the records have been able to do so, data from the cities show.

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CBD boutique opens in Boulder as sales of cannabidiol move out of dispensaries and into general retail

Infused, A CBD Marketplace opened in downtown Boulder as cannabidiol shifts from dispensaries to general retail.

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Jared Polis taps marijuana industry veteran to lead Colorado pot policy. It’s a notable change.

The move to hire a marijuana industry veteran marks a notable change from the previous administration, which tapped people from politics or law enforcement. Industry watchers say the hire is a win for the pro-marijuana camp.

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Colorado issues public health advisory after pesticide found on certain marijuana products

The advisory cited “potentially unsafe pesticide residue” on marijuana flower, trim, concentrates, and infused-products cultivated by Mile High Medical LLC dba MMJ America Uptown.

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Retrial begins for International Church of Cannabis co-founder charged with public consumption of marijuana

The co-founder of the International Church of Cannabis finally got his day in court Tuesday, nearly two years after Denver police cited him for public pot consumption, and almost a year after a judge declared a mistrial in the same case.

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Future of public pot smoking in Denver may be impacted as International Church of Cannabis co-founder heads to court Tuesday

Marijuana experts are watching to see how Steve Berke’s case might address a tricky question of what is considered “open and public” marijuana consumption.

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Sen. Cory Gardner tries to attach marijuana measure to criminal justice bill

Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colorado, made a move Monday toward changing federal marijuana law, including letting banks accept money from legal businesses.

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Colorado’s anticipated marijuana report details youth usage, driving and crime over the last 5 years

Five years after Colorado legalized marijuana, young people are not smoking any more pot than they used to, organized crime is on the rise and it’s a mixed bag as to whether legal weed has led to more dangerous driving conditions.

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Longmont police arrest man, two juveniles in marijuana robbery

Longmont police on Friday arrested an adult man and two juveniles, alleging they beat and robbed a man for his marijuana.

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Marijuana seizures on Colorado public land nearly doubled in 2017

Last year, the long arm of the law pulled a record number of marijuana plants from public lands in the state.

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