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Get your MMJ CARD online at your convenience (California)

Dr. Weedy MMJ get card online

All over the United States, the debate over the use of marijuana and its derivatives for both recreational and medical purposes rages on. In the state of California, however, the debate was settled a long time ago, when the state legislature passed the bill known as SB420, the Medical Marijuana Program Act. This bill decriminalized […]

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5 mistakes People Commit while Growing Marijuana

Did you know about the 5 mistakes People Commit while Growing Marijuana   There’s an inspirational quote that says, “Faith plants the seed, love makes it grow”. That may be true, but there are several factors that can impact the growth of your plants, especially when it’s a marijuana crop you are trying to cultivate. […]

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How to buy weed online in Canada

When you purchase weed in Canada, what are your choices? Local dealer? Local dispensaries? For most, these options have worked, however they have significant limitations that make buying weed online a much more attractive option. Online dispensaries offer a much wider range of options when it comes to both strains of cannabis available and products. […]


5 Reasons Why Recreational Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere

the truth: marijuana is no more dangerous, and in some cases less dangerous, than most of the other things we put into our bodies. Despite this disparity, marijuana remains illegal in most states and its use is still taboo. It’s time to make a change toward legalizing this drug, and there are three big reasons […]

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8 Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is becoming popular in the modern days because of the several benefits it offers. This has been enhanced by several studies carried out that have shown it can be consumed to treat and prevent several health problems. Here are some of the top benefits of taking medical Marijuana.

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What Is Medical Marijuana Used For

Over the years, organic foods and natural medicine has become popular approach to a healthy lifestyle along with using herbal therapies to relieve everything from chronic pain to depression. Alternative therapies such as: herbs, aromatherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and many more natural treatments are now common replacements to the traditional doctor visit. And another form of […]

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Mold Resistant Strains of Marijuana

Mold Resistant Strains of Marijuana What causes black-blue bud mold on cannabis? Black-blue mold that grows on marijuana buds is called botrytis. Also known sometimes as bud rot or bud mold. This fungi feeds on the succulent ripe flowers of budding cannabis plants, and spreads through the entire plant rapidy. An unfortunate reality for many […]

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My Online Drug Dealer offers only the highest quality

My Online Drug Dealer!; The source for the highest quality cannabis products in the world! they ship worldwide, and offer all the goodies you want! From top shelf indica, sativa or hybrid strain flowers, to a wide-range of edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and more!

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Cannalendar 2017 – 100% original: KIF in the RIF

Cannalendar 2017 – 100% original: KIF in the RIF The only photo wall calendar about the Valley of Rif, in Morocco, the cradle of the best hashish in the world, the Red Bubble, in Morocco, an ocean of marijuana plants, where more than 500 towns grow marijuana peacefully to make hashish for all the world. […]

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New service delivers Medical Marijuana products directly to patients’ homes is a California-based service that provides the finest items, discreetly shipped to patients’ homes Los Angeles, CA, August 29, 2016:  In the new world of legalized medical cannabis, the industry is beginning to show signs of becoming similar to traditional pharmaceuticals and pharmacies. Medical […]

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