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5 mistakes People Commit while Growing Marijuana

Did you know about the 5 mistakes People Commit while Growing Marijuana   There’s an inspirational quote that says, “Faith plants the seed, love makes it grow”. That may be true, but there are several factors that can impact the growth of your plants, especially when it’s a marijuana crop you are trying to cultivate. […]

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Oregon Recalls Marijuana in First Statewide Pesticide Alert

The Oregon Health Authority issued its first statewide pesticide alert last Friday when pesticide-tainted marijuana was found in a McMinnville cannabis dispensary. The alert comes from two batches of marijuana from McMinnville’s New Leaf Dispensary — Dr. Jack (batch number G6J0051-02) and Marionberry (batch number G6J0051-01). Test results showed high residuals of a pesticide known […] Thanks to

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Pinkleberry Paradise: A Tour Through Green Source Gardens

Tucked in a secluded valley of Southern Oregon, between luscious rolling hills and the winding back forest roads of Wolf Creek, lies the dare-I-say magical garden of Green Source. After seeing a few images of their out-of-this-universe Pinkleberry, I knew this garden had to be shared with the world. Green Source Gardens was kind enough […] Thanks to

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Deschutes Growery: Bringing the Power of the Sun Indoors

If you’re immersed in the cannabis industry, directly or vicariously, then you probably know it takes a massive amount of energy and fossil fuel to produce the precious buds in your bowl. Indoor growing has become the norm since marijuana was outlawed in the early 1900’s. But growing indoors comes with many caveats at the expense […] Thanks to

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Outdoor Grow Guide: October

Croptober is officially upon us! It’s an exciting, yet stressful time of year — You will finally be harvesting the fruits of your labor! The proper harvesting, drying, and curing of your hard work is crucial — if you’re unprepared, things can go south quickly. Expect a swift change of season — colder temperatures and […] Thanks to

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Grow Guide: Welcome to the World of Veganics

In this Grow Guide, we’re going vegan! If you’re ready to go a step beyond organic cannabis cultivation, let me introduce you to the veganic movement. What is Veganics? Veganics is exactly what it sounds like — the vegan version of organic farming. Veganics is a method of growing cannabis with organic inputs not derived […] Thanks to

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Grow Guide: Stimulate Your Garden with Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle is often seen as a stand-offish plant because, well, it stings like hell. Lovingly called devil leaf, stinging nettle has an exceptional variety of benefits for you and your garden. In the past few decades, nettle has been viewed as a nuisance, commonly overlooked as an irritating weed — but this herbaceous flowering […] Thanks to

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Grow Guide: Enhancing Your Garden With Comfrey

Walk onto any permaculturist’s land and you’ll be sure to come across large comfrey bushes scattered in plant guilds around their food forest. Comfrey is a staple in permaculture gardens because of its nourishing and medicinal qualities. This ancient healing herb develops large leaves filled with elements that both plants and humans crave. This Grow […] Thanks to

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Grow Guide: Sprouting Cannabis Seeds

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast there is nothing more satisfying than growing your own stash of the magical herb. Worried you don’t have a green thumb? Don’t fret! We, at, are here to walk alongside you during this journey. If you are starting fresh, check out our guide to Start Your Own Grow to […] Thanks to

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September: Outdoor Grow Guide

September is an exciting month for us outdoor growers; we get to see our precious flowers take shape! September is the month that our flowers will bulk up and start to mature into fat, sticky buds. In this month’s Outdoor Grow Guide, we will walk you through some simple steps to ensure a bountiful harvest come October. […] Thanks to


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