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Oregon Recalls Marijuana in First Statewide Pesticide Alert

The Oregon Health Authority issued its first statewide pesticide alert last Friday when pesticide-tainted marijuana was found in a McMinnville cannabis dispensary. The alert comes from two batches of marijuana from McMinnville’s New Leaf Dispensary — Dr. Jack (batch number G6J0051-02) and Marionberry (batch number G6J0051-01). Test results showed high residuals of a pesticide known […] Thanks to

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Grow Guide: 4 Organic Pesticides You Can Make at Home

A balanced garden is a healthy garden. Not all bugs are bad, in fact, there are many good insects you want in your garden that will feast on the bad ones, helping to keep the destructive pests in check. Toxic pesticides cause an imbalance in your garden because they don’t discriminate between the beneficial insects […] Thanks to

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