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Fact check: How a new Colorado law affects access to medical cannabis

Here’s what we know will be in store for medical marijuana patients, and what remains to be decided. 

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Marijuana arrests are way down — but Black Coloradans are still twice as likely to get busted for pot, new report says

Seven years after the first recreational pot shops opened for business in Colorado, youth aren’t smoking more weed, older adults are blazing more and marijuana-related arrests are way down — but Black Coloradans are still much more likely to get in trouble for cannabis offenses, according to a state report released Monday.

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Vicente: This 4/20 celebrate that marijuana businesses and their employees are now “essential”

For decades, April 20 has been recognized as an unofficial marijuana holiday in Colorado and around the country. While this year’s “4/20” may not be marked by large public rallies or concerts due to enduring COVID-19 safety restrictions, there are plenty of reasons for the cannabis community to celebrate — including recent legalization announcements in […]

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Should states set marijuana policy by its potency? Some say yes

As marijuana legalization spreads across U.S. states, so does a debate over whether to set pot policy by potency.

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New York lawmakers agree to legalize recreational marijuana

New York is poised the join the growing number of states that have legalized marijuana after state lawmakers reached a late-night deal to allow sales of the drug for recreational use.

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Colorado may see its biggest overhaul of marijuana laws since recreational legalization

They don’t make cannabis products like they used to, and there’s an increasing number of Colorado lawmakers who think that’s problematic. As recently as 2014, the vast majority of medical and recreational cannabis sold in Colorado was flower and only 11% was the high-potency concentrates consumed through dab rigs or vape pens. By 2019, concentrates […]

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On Charlotte Figi Day, family will celebrate the Colorado girl who helped legitimize medical marijuana

Charlotte Figi died last April after contracting what her family suspects was COVID-19, but her legacy lives in on in the medical marijuana reform she helped inspire through her journey with cannabidiol, or CBD. Friends and fan are invited to celebrate Charlotte at a virtual memorial on April 7.

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Medical marijuana retail workers move to head of vaccine line, ahead of teachers

It was with a sense of accomplishment that young cannabis entrepreneur Jerred Kiloh scheduled his first COVID-19 vaccine appointment for Feb. 11 in San Francisco. Jerred Kiloh, owner of The Higher Path Collective dispensary in Sherman Oaks. (Photo by Sarah Reingewirtz, Pasadena Star-News/SCNG) Kiloh, owner of the Higher Path Collective in Sherman Oaks and president […]


How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Online in Colorado

Getting or renewing a medical marijuana card in Colorado has never been easier. The advent of the internet has made almost anything possible, including getting your hands on an application (or renewal application) for your medical marijuana card! Long gone are the days of having to schedule a consultation in person with your doctor! The […]

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How to Get a Medical Card in Arkansas

Getting a medical marijuana card in Arkansas can be a simple process. Arkansas has broad patient requirements and all you need is to meet with a doctor and submit the proper forms to the Arkansas Department of Health. Read on for more details about the Arkansas medical marijuana program. Can I Get a Medical Marijuana […]

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