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Battle for Broomfield’s three marijuana retail licenses spurs accusations, lawsuit

Twenty six applicants are jostling for one of three spots in a city that until now has banned all cannabis sales. One established company is crying foul, charging that the lottery system to award the licenses is essentially rigged to raise the odds for some contenders.

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Black market marijuana grows are popping up faster than law enforcement can take them down. But is legalization the cause?

As he awaited sentencing in 2010, Fayin Deng sounded a contemplative, philosophic note. “I have learned now that once you become obsessed with money, no matter how great your original need was,” Deng wrote to the federal judge overseeing his criminal case, “there is no such thing as feeling like you have enough.” The source […]

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Southern California counties clear 100,000 cannabis convictions by July 1 deadline

As calls for criminal justice reform sweep the nation, California is taking steps to reverse some effects of the war on drugs, which continues to disproportionately impact people of color. California’s 58 county district attorneys had a deadline of Wednesday, July 1, to accept or challenge the state’s recommendation to clear the records of some […]

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Coding and cannabis: Santa Clara County to expunge thousands of marijuana convictions

SAN JOSE — Santa Clara County plans to expunge 13,000 minor marijuana convictions that were rendered moot by the state’s 2016 legalization of recreational pot use and sales, two months before a deadline set by the landmark law. But in the South Bay, it’s not just criminal-justice or drug policy story. Keeping in line with […]

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Colorado marijuana companies are subject to federal labor laws despite being illegal, court rules

A company that provides security services to Colorado marijuana businesses is being sued by a former employee over overtime pay. The company’s argument it is exempt from federal labor laws because the marijuana industry is illegal didn’t past muster with a federal appeals court.

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10 arrested in bust that yields drugs, guns, cash from northern Colorado crime ring

Authorities this week seized heroin, meth, opioids, weed, cocaine, mushrooms, and an assortment of firearms and arrested 10 people from a criminal ring operating along the northern Front Range, a press release from the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force stated Friday.

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Colorado Supreme Court rules police need probable cause before using pot-sniffing dogs to search for drugs

The Colorado Supreme Court greatly diminished the role of police dogs trained to detect marijuana with a ruling Monday that created another divide between how state and federal law enforcement can investigate pot.

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Marijuana-fueled crash in Douglas County snuffs life of young woman, triggers “black hole of grief”

A Douglas County judge has sentenced a 20-year-old man to eight years in prison after the marijuana-impaired driver caused a four-car crash that killed a 24-year-old woman.

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Feds, local police launch raids on up to 50 black-market marijuana grow houses in Denver area

Scores of agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and local police agencies fanned out early Thursday morning in a coordinated raid of up to 50 suspected black-market marijuana grow houses in the Denver metro area, authorities say.

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Retrial begins for International Church of Cannabis co-founder charged with public consumption of marijuana

The co-founder of the International Church of Cannabis finally got his day in court Tuesday, nearly two years after Denver police cited him for public pot consumption, and almost a year after a judge declared a mistrial in the same case.

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