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Colorado legalized psilocybin. Now what?

Oregon is preparing to accept its first license applications for psilocybin services. That state offers valuable lessons for Colorado, as it prepares for legal psychedelics.

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Recent California conviction of stoned driver shows potentially deadly consequences of driving high

While alcohol-related DUIs remain far more common, this past week a case involving a motorist prosecutors say was solely under the influence of marijuana provided a stark example of the danger of driving while stoned.

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Opioid epidemic shares chilling similarities with the past

While declaring the opioid crisis a national public health emergency Thursday, President Donald Trump said: “Nobody has seen anything like what’s going on now.”

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Yuma County sheriff is struggling with a massive land area — and too few deputies

Responding to a family dispute that erupted in gunfire was just another day in the life of the budget-strapped Yuma County Sheriff’s department, which has few officers, a vast area to patrol, and criminal acts that run the gamut from hog theft to methamphetamine distribution.

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Fight against Drugs much more Costly than we believe?


We’re all very acquainted with how much cash world war 2 on drugs has cost the U.S. economy in the last 4 decades.  The cash continues to be allocated to a war which has created little and possibly even made the specific problems worse.  Reviews now indicate the fight against drugs has joined the rare billions of dollars stratosphere.

As the official statistics reveal that this war has ended up costing several that now surpasses several with a lot of zeroes for all of us to count, One Dollar,000,000,000,000, there still appears to become costs that aren’t considered within the overall number.  Because this “Great Recession” continues, we have seen that everybody is shifting toward a worldwide economy.  Immediate communication has led to a faster and simpler system for the money to rotate.  Because this concept eludes our chosen authorities plus they still attack the drops within the bucket (for example pork barrel investing and tort reform, that are important but pale in financial comparison towards the bigger issues) they still demonstrate deficiencies in understanding regarding the way the global economic machine runs.   Because of the we are able to no more sweep the worldwide fallout from your drug war underneath the carpet.

Mexico is clearly battling within their fight from the cartels as 15,273 everyone was killed this year alone consequently from the conflict.  Within the huge most of instances the cartel is attempting to slide past border security and ship product in to the U . s . States.  Although this point continues to be introduced home many occasions before, it shows how poor legislation could affect not just America, but other nations too.  Similar fallout in our drug war is felt in other battling nations too costing both of them in paper currency and physical lives, again not counted within the already bloated trillion amount.

Unknown dollars within this war aren’t only at worldwide issues.  A current article describes a man’s vehicle being totaled by police because they looked for marijuana which was nowhere found.  The balance for that BMW demolition was over $12,000 and government bodies are surely waiting for a suit in the vehicle owner in addition to his insurance carrier, Geico.  Although this might be less pricey than other conditions, many leaks can continue to result in a ton.  The lawsuit of two more legal cases and potential money being compensated out can also add up, especially thinking about that’s no isolated incident.

Obviously we’ve even bigger problems as our drug policy might be the greatest cause of an upswing of the house-made high.  Much like alcohol prohibition, the house-made product (moonshine) was typically stronger than was available formerly inside a controlled market.  Methamphetamine use appears directly associated with our current fight against drugs.  Meth is really a terrifying problem and it is use could be debilitating.  Would we’ve this problem when the U . s . States were built with a more sensible method of drugs enforcement in the last several decades? Now reviews show that government bodies need to make it even harder to buy items like Sudafed which include pseudoephedrine.  Although this might be well intentioned, it might have been an avoidable scenario.  Since the idea of creating addictive drugs from items offered at the neighborhood pharmacy is into the spotlight, exactly how will we take it off?  We can’t even make a list of the balance correctly, a smaller amount win this pricey fight against drugs.

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