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Richard Nixon

The first 10 years of legal marijuana in Colorado were a wild ride. What will happen in the next decade?

It’s been 10 years since Colorado hosted the world’s first legal sales of recreational marijuana. The success of Colorado’s tightly regulated system has helped reshape the public’s perception of cannabis, but the industry faces headwinds in its second decade.

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Opioid epidemic shares chilling similarities with the past

While declaring the opioid crisis a national public health emergency Thursday, President Donald Trump said: “Nobody has seen anything like what’s going on now.”

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Marijuana Decriminalization Has Immediate Impact On California Youth Crime Rates

teen crime

The unnecessary arrests of our teens is one of the most troubling byproducts of American marijuana law.   Besides the high economic cost, the social implications can ruin lives.  Marijuana possession arrests can provide an early entrance into legal system for juveniles.  Incarceration of so many young people produces a

The need to alter America’s direction in the war on drugs has been apparent almost since the inception of Nixon’s plan.  This is perhaps why even as early as the 1970s states started to take the initiative and enact decriminalization laws.  Decades later, we are still awaiting federal action, but it only takes a brief glance at the 112th Congress (who has passed the least amount of bills in history) to lose optimism.  Hopefully the 113th Congress is less bitter, partisan, and ineffective.  It is not desirable for state lawmakers to enact legislation that is in direct opposition to state law, but a lack of movement on the federal government’s part has left states with few options.

Critics and misguided fans of the war on drugs are always skeptical of decriminalization and often argue that crime and deviant behavior would increase and run rampant.  Newly published research by the Center on Juvenile & Criminal Justice paints an entirely different picture.  The group found that California’s new (which took effect January 1, 2011) decriminalization laws have resulted in a drastic reduction of juvenile arrests. The 20% overall drop now brings juvenile crime rates to their lowest levels since California started keeping such records in 1954.  When analyzing the numbers further, it is interesting to note that underage violent crime dropped by 16%, homicide dropped by 26%, and drug related crimes plummeted by 50%.

Marijuana reform can address many pressing issues in the United States.  Although many critics are unable to understand the complexity of modern economics, financial actions are rarely isolated.  Locking away our youth has a devastating toll on lives, but also a hefty financial price tag.  Lately, the point has been made countless times but the debate regarding the so called “fiscal cliff” and the money required to rebuild the areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy, it is clear we no longer have money to waste on acting “tough” on drugs.

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Poll: Marijuana Legalization is now Supported by Majority of Americans

american flag

While the past decade has seen a tremendous shift in the American attitude toward medical marijuana, overall legalization was something many analysts did not expect the country to embrace just yet.  In regards to marijuana, many have always felt change would come slowly.  For the activists in the 1940s through the mid 1990s, progress moved at a glacial pace.  Even after California changed the course of history in 1996, many analysts dismissed the newly legalized medical marijuana program as a fad that would quickly fade.  The previous decade proved just how far removed from the truth such sentiments were, but still, even some of the most passionate advocates held little faith in how quick Americans would change their view on legalizing recreational cannabis use.

Gallop has been asking participants since 1969 year on whether or not they feel that marijuana should be legal.  When the poll was first conducted only 12% of respondents agreed with legalizing cannabis.  In 1978 Gallop found that 21% of respondents said they welcomed the acceptance of marijuana.  This would drop again in the 1980s to 13% and as low as 11% in 1991.  History will show that the efforts of Dennis Peron only 5 years after such a low point for marijuana acceptance was nothing short of a modern political miracle.  The public did not have all of the facts and many snickered at the idea of  marijuana being used to improve quality of life for struggling patients.  Since 2002, support for marijuana legalization has steadily been climbing, and now for the first since polling began, a majority of Americans now support legalizing recreational marijuana use and wish to see it regulated in a similar way to alcohol and tobacco.  Click here for more information on the most recent poll on marijuana legalization, which now stands at a record high of 56%.

Much of the time marijuana activists focus has been on the 40 year old war on drugs launched by President Richard Nixon.  Interestingly enough marijuana acceptance’s lowest point was only about 20 years ago, not 40 or 50 years ago, making the change in sentiment that much more pronounced.  Shifts on many social issues show a new generation’s impact on the electorate and more awareness for previously eligible voters.  It seems government officials may have overreached as people seem to be embracing a more libertarian attitude and are seeking for the government to stay out of personal decisions.  They are no longer looking up to the men in suits for approval on how they conduct their daily lives.  Additionally we are in the age of communication where stories can be shared around the world instantaneously.

Between the 1960s and 1990s individuals who tried marijuana still responded negatively in polls and viewed it as a significant problem.  Perhaps they were made to feel guilty by society or assumed serious behavior/health problems would follow if they had continued to use cannabis.  Now with an abundance of scientific information, patients testimonials, and a reminder that over 40 years later, the Woodstock generation still cannot recall anyone who died from cannabis use, the facts are taking control of the argument.  With multigenerational support for marijuana reform the conversation has shifted from “if” to “when”.

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The Entire Year in Review


As you may know, 2011 would be a wild ride year for marijuana reform.  While there have been much talked about occasions like the Federal raids in California and Montana, there have been also many positive developments.  Allows recap the lengthy year:


We found that indoor marijuana growing accounts for approximately 1% from the U . s . States overall electric consumption.  This interesting fact will hopefully cause us to become eco-friendly, about being eco-friendly.  Get more information at more.


Medicinal Marijuana formally surpassed the A Million offered mark.  What is the news was a watch opener for a lot of and shows that it’s no more a fringe group.  Take a look at our previous coverage.


While claims were already available regarding marijuana’s benefits toward helping with Post traumatic stress disorder, official studies launched confirmed this.  Because of so many soldiers yet others going through distressing occasions, what is the news was heralded.  Take a look at our article about this problem.


Israel introduced that they are likely to significantly improve their medicinal marijuana program.  The best minister’s office designed a statement we frantically are awaiting within the U . s . States, “The Cabinet today approved plans and supervision concerning the way to obtain cannabis for medical and research uses. This really is in recognition the medical utilization of cannabis is essential in some cases. The Ministry will – in coordination using the Israel Police and also the Israel Anti-Drug Authority – oversee this and you’ll be accountable for supplies from imports and native cultivation.”  Additional coverage.


This season provided us positive news regarding medicinal marijuana states visiting a significant decrease in DWI’s and overall traffic deaths.  The entire year also demonstrated more teens are trying to find marijuana, but it’s a general trend and no greater in states with legalized medical cannabis.  More the following.


Holland made the decision to outlaw marijuana sales to vacationers.  They raided the still legal High Occasions Cannabis Cup.  They postponed the brand new limited laws and regulations.  Now they don’t appear sure.  Was a fascinating year for Amsterdam as you would expect, we’re certainly confused.

In a lot of ways, Colorado demonstrated us that medicinal marijuana could be controlled, which condition government will really attempt to safeguard patients.  Colorado released the very first ever condition license for medicinal marijuana.


New Approach Washington come up with the very best and many much talked about legal cast with former and current U.S. lawyers and idol judges, within their efforts to possess marijuana controlled like alcohol.  Take a look at more


Delaware approved their medicinal marijuana program.  Take a look at more about that.


Many states including New You are able to and Ohio have medicinal marijuana bills pending.  Here’s more about pending states.


We discovered that marijuana use might help to combat weight problems and it is generally utilized by individuals with greater intelligence.


We’d quite an eventful political year for marijuana.  Candidates expressed their sights on marijuana and Newt Gingrich stole the head lines together with his comments.  Ron Paul supported his previous claims and Gary Manley, the so known as “marijuana candidate” was excluded from debates.  Ron Paul also became a member of Barney Frank yet others by presenting legislation that will legitimize the with tax breaks for care providers and solid legal status.


2011 saw marijuana’s acceptance achieve its modern high water mark.  Polls show roughly 50% of the nation is perfect for legalisation and as much as 85% support medicinal marijuana.  Very couple of if any political issues come with an 85% consensus.  Read this article.

Sadly, the unsuccessful fight against drugs switched 40 this year.  A lot on the planet has transformed since that time, but Richard Nixon’s Fight Against Drugs remains a continuing.


Sythetic Marijuana put their hands up on everyone’s radar.  2011 saw many cities attempt to regulate the underground community, possibly not enough past too far.

Copenhagen made the decision they no more wanted a underground community for marijuana and required major steps toward legally controlling it. Take a look at our coverage.


Calls were noisy and obvious for any deleting of marijuana.  Two prominent governors lead the charge.


Michigan citizens demonstrated they’d not buckle when confronted with the infamous anti-marijuana condition Attorney General, Bill Schuette.  Not just did Kalamazoo voters make marijuana enforcement its cheapest priority, they’re also on the road to voting on repealing marijuana prohibition.


Regrettably, California’s earliest dispensary, Marin Alliance For Medicinal Marijuana Closed it’s doorways.


We can’t wait to know what you think regarding your ideas regarding 2011.  Leave us comments on these tales or make reference to highlights that didn’t appear here.  Marijuana.internet is searching toward talking with you.  Be safe while you celebrate 2012.

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Important Occasions- The Birth Of Marijuana Decriminalization


As current occasions unfold, we viewed regular updates and produce important news for you.  It’s also vital that you highlight past developments to be able to possess a true outlook during marijuana law within the U . s . States.  While the thought of decriminalization is breaking through cities from coast to coast in an effort to cope with our current economy, it has really been happening for near to 4 decades.

Whilst not typically regarded as an advocate for marijuana reform, Richard Nixon unintentionally might have provided the first spark for any effective decriminalization campaign.  In 1972 he commissioned research on marijuana use in the National Commission on Marijuana and Substance Abuse.  The commission discovered that marijuana prohibition may really be unconstitutional.  The commission also mentioned the legislative branch from the U . s . States government were built with a responsibility to obey the Metabolic rate.  These claims happen to be championed by advocates for many years who’ve searched for to possess marijuana removed as schedule 1 drug.

Following a discharge of the commission’s findings a brand new check out marijuana law began to consider form.  In 1973, Or grew to become the very first condition to change their laws and regulations and decriminalize marijuana.  Having 1 ounce or less yields a possible $500-$1000 fine.  Or opened up the ton gates and inside a couple of many years of passing their new laws and regulations Alaska, Colorado, California, Mississippi, New You are able to, Nebraska, New York, and Ohio all passed some type of cannabis decriminalization.

Because the push for marijuana reform progresses you should observe that this is a decades lengthy progression.  Even though some social issues have single land mark cases( Roe v. Wade, or Brown v. Board of your practice ) most legal victories within the U . s . States are the effect of a number of occasions.  Return soon once we still reveal important occasions in marijuana history.

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40 Years

war on drugs

40 years could be a very long time based upon which position it’s seen from.  For many, it’s, regrettably, an eternity.  For many, it is just 1 / 2 of a existence.  Searching with the wide scope from the world, it might barely be considered a nanosecond.  When it comes to social/political/economic issues, 4 decades can represent many lives over, a number of births and deaths.

World war 2 on drugs was initially known to at that time leader Richard Nixon on Next Month, 1971.  There is clearly a significant cultural divide within the U . s . States in the nineteen fifties towards the seventies.  Opposing viewpoints on many social issues, especially drugs appeared just like a primary adding factor for that social division.  Besides the cultural conflicts, among the primary factors within the U . s . States dealing with aggressive anti-drug guidelines was as a result of an increasing epidemic of heroin use among coming back Vietnam soldiers.  Estimations were staggering and experts established that 10-fifteen percent people soldiers who offered within the war were hooked on Heroin.

The ensuing 4 decades would see over 1 trillion dollars allocated to this war.  Lately, The Worldwide Commission on Drug Policy has mentioned the “war on drugs has unsuccessful, with devastating effects for people and communities all over the world.Inch This commission is composed of some very accomplished and profile people.  Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, U.S. official George P. Schultz (who offered under both Presidents Taxation and Richard Nixon’s cabinet), former U.S. Fed chairman Paul Volcker, former presidents of Mexico, South america and Colombia, and also the current pm of A holiday in greece are the people who constitute all of this-star panel.  The folks from the U . s . States appear to concur, as polls established that over 75% of People in america believe world war 2 on drugs is failing.

In character change can frequently have a very lengthy and attracted out path (climatic change, ice age, mountain formation, continental drifts etc.).  Social issues and legislation can alter each day however the Fight against Drugs appears to become moving more carefully to natures pace, a glacial pace.  Since Nixon first made his proclamation concerning the Fight against Drugs, the earth has observed an amazing quantity of change, all although this war remains constant.  During the period of the final 4 decades we view the finish from the Vietnam War, the invention from the microchip, Internet within our houses, fall from the Berlin Wall, the finish from the Cold War, Iran Contra, Afghan-Soviet war, Two attacks around the World Trade Center, 8 U.S. Presidents, Cell Phones, Social Media, NASA rovers touching lower on foreign planets, The Gulf War, The 2nd Iraq War, The United States. Afghan Conflict, Stem Cells, The Patriot Act, Dolly the Cloned Sheep, etc. (clearly it might take pages to list out the many other significant occasions).

Even while, we have seen a regular Fight against Drugs.  With both worldwide community, and domestic community in complete agreement, the problem appears only poised to achieve traction.  There has been some domestic changes, particularly in marijuana laws and regulations, but nonetheless more than 30 billion dollars is going to be spent through the U.S. government this year about this war.  Having a battling economy along with a consensus among both U.S. people and also the relaxation around the globe, shall we be approaching seeing a cease fire about this 40 year Fight against Drugs?

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