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federal raids

Will Recent Federal Raids On Los Angeles Marijuana Dispensaries Be Swept Under the Political Rug?


The first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will be held next week on October 3rd.  This debate will focus on domestic policy so we are sure to hear about plans for cost savings and stimulating the economy.  Of course, for activists there is always that economic pink elephant in the room that politicians never want to acknowledge.

However, it remains highly unlikely that debate moderator Jim Lehrer of PBS will question the candidates as to exactly why the failed war on drugs is persisting.  Earlier this week, there were three raids on marijuana dispensaries located in the downtown area of Los Angeles.  Additionally, 68 other warning letters were issued.  The efforts build on what is almost a year long target on dispensaries by the federal government.  While the raids catch headlines, the collateral damage is rarely covered.  Besides compromising safe access to patients, many jobs have been either put in jeopardy or eliminated totally.

We have yet to hear a coherent plan as to how either candidate will put Americans back to work.  We do know that our government is perfectly constructed to destroy jobs, as thousands of jobs have been eliminated this year alone due to medical marijuana dispensary raids.  However, it may require a new approach to creating jobs in the new age economy.

If other state laws were being targeted by federal authorities, political advocates would come out of the woodwork.  With the vast majority of Americans supporting a physician’s right to prescribe medical marijuana one would think a discussion would even be advantageous to lawmakers.  This is where the state of politics are.  This is a serious issue with economic, safety, and healthcare concerns at stake and we cannot even rely on a full discussion, rather, we are resigned to hoping that a debate moderator asks a single question.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News August 10, 2012


Ten Dispensaries in Colorado Warned to Shut Down by Federal Government….

U.S. Attorney John Walsh has issued a new round of threatening letters to marijuana dispensaries.  This time the letters are targeted at 10 collectives in Colorado.  The ten dispensaries targeted by Walsh are in violation of state law with many being closer than 1,000 feet to a school.  The collectives have 45 days from when they received the letters to either close or move their business.  California dispensaries have dealt with a crackdown on their medical marijuana industry as well, however, since Colorado has more defined laws there have been far fewer closures.  In November Colorado residents will have the opportunity to legalize medical marijuana due in large part to the efforts of Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.

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North Dakota Residents May Get to Vote on Medical Marijuana

Much of the success of the marijuana reform movement is linked to ballot initiatives votes by the people.  North Dakota may also see its people vote on legalizing medical marijuana this November.  The group North Dakotans for Compassionate Care helped collect the required 20,000 signatures.  The signatures were recently submitted to North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger’s office.  Only 13,500 signatures were required, however the signatures will be reviewed to determine if they are valid.  If the signatures are valid voters in North Dakota will have the chance to legalize medical marijuana.  If voters pass the proposed measure then patients will be able to possess up to 2½ ounces of pot for medical reasons and grow their own supply.


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Governor of Vermont Seeks Help From NORML in Re-Election Effort

It used to be that groups such as NORML struggled to acquire funding.   Apparently the tables turned with politicians seeking help from marijuana activists.  Recently, Governor Shumlin of Vermont decided to contact NORML’s executive director Allen St. Pierre.  He pledged his support for NORML’s cause be a national spokesperson for the national marijuana reform movement.  Of course no political favor comes without a price tag and the governor asked for a contribution toward his re-election campaign.   This shows cannabis reform has reached the highest level of politics.  Governor Shumlin vowed to push for a decriminalization law if Allen St. Pierre and NORML donate the money.  Shumlin is known to support a new approach toward cannabis law and the election for Vermont’s Governorship should interesting as Shumlin’s Republican opponent, Randy Brock said he was against any decriminalization message and was worried about the message it sends to children.


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Medical Marijuana Industry News August 3, 2012

federal raids

Federal Crackdown on Dispensaries Continues in San Francisco…

There does not appear to be any end in sight for federal raids targeting marijuana dispensaries.  Attorney General Eric Holder has reiterated that they will not use federal resources to go after law abiding collectives, however that statement no longer appears true.  Without any evidence of wrongdoing, federal authorities announced their intention to shut down the iconic and world’s largest marijuana dispensary, Harborside Health Center.  This week we learned that two prominent San Francisco collectives, Vapor Room and Hope Net would also be forced to shut their doors.  HopeNet Co-founder Catherine Smith said, “The Justice Department sent our landlord one of those nasty letters.  So this is our D-Day, we have to leave.”  Ray Chico who operates the popular jar company Doob Tubes, said the dispensary closings are hurting more than just patients and collective employees.  He noticed his business also take a turn for the worse and has been forced to let go of staff.


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Michigan Court of Appeals Rules Cities Cannot Ban Marijuana Dispensaries…

Recently California’s 2nd Circuit of Appeals ruled that cities cannot outlaw marijuana dispensaries.  The Los Angeles City Council seemed undeterred by this and went forward with what may be considered an illegal ban on dispensaries.  Michigan courts have now issued a similar ruling.  In the city of Wyoming Michigan an ordinance was passed that outlawed collectives.   John Ter Beek of Wyoming Michigan filed a suit in 2010 challenging the ban, and the ACLU also joined the suit. Michigan’s appellate court ruled that a local ordinace does not overrule a state law.  In this case since medical marijuana is protected on a state level, local municipalities cannot enact laws that conflict with state laws and outlaw dispensaries.  Dan Korobkin of the ACLU was pleased with the ruling and said “In 2008, people across the state overwhelmingly voted to protect patients who use marijuana to treat their medical conditions from punishment and penalty.”


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Arizona Asked to Expand Medical Marijuana Program…

Arizona’s medical marijuana program got off to a rocky start and was delayed by two years after being passed by a vote of the people.  There are still calls by opponents of medical marijuana for Governor Jan Brewer to end the program.  Ms. Brewer did not have her most triumphant political moment in court and was chided by a federal judge for the way they handled the situation.  However, as the Governor has received a great deal of criticism by marijuana advocates, they may be praising her today.  Thirteen county attorney’s in Arizona drafted a letter formally requesting that Governor Brewer halt the medical marijuana program.  She has rejected the request and wrote a response letter where she said “I am duty-bound to implement the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, and my agency will do so unless and until I am instructed otherwise.”  Patients will be pleased to hear this as the it ultimately is the responsibility of elected officials to carry out the will of the people, even if they do not agree with a situation on a personal level.


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Activists Urging Costa Mesa Voters to Lift Medical Marijuana Ban…

Advocates of medical marijuana submitted close to 6,800 signatures in an effort to get an initiative on the ballot to legalize non-profit medical marijuana collectives.  Dispensary owner Robert Martinez said “It’s imperative to provide safe access for veterans and cancer patients.  I’m super stoked to bring these signatures.”  The number of signatures is 1,000 more than the 5,812 required signatures which represents 10% of the Costa Mesa population.  However, often many signatures are invalidated during ballot initiatives and if the effort requires more signatures activists will only have until August 10 if they wish to have the issue placed before voters this November.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News July 27, 2012

green cross_fullActivists Vow to Fight Back Against Los Angeles Dispensary Ban… The decision by the Los Angeles City Council to ban marijuana dispensaries shocked many throughout the nation.  Safe patient access has been now become an even greater concern.  Patients are concerned that they will have to resort to illegal means of obtaining marijuana.  It appears …continue reading

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Medical Marijuana Industry News July 13, 2012

weed wars

Harborside Health Center the Target of Recent Federal Raid…

Harborside Health Center is one of the most widely known marijuana dispensaries in the world.  It serves as the setting for the Discovery Channel’s popular series “Weed Wars”.  The charismatic Steve DeAngelo runs the facility and has learned from U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag that she is threatening to shut down Harborside and its affiliated dispensary in San Jose.  Analysts have questioned the government’s stated reasons for the recent wave of federal raids.  Federal officials claim they are not targeting anyone who abides by state law.  Many feel that shops abiding by California law have been targeted regardless.  Ms. Haag stated “The larger the operation, the greater the likelihood that there will be abuse of the state’s medical marijuana laws, and marijuana in the hands of individuals who do not have a demonstrated medical need.”  Though she did not outright accuse Harborside of any illegal (on state level) activity.  The federal government appears to be trying to make a statement by going after the most well known facilitites.  Earlier this year, raids on the famous Oaksterdam University were carried out by federal officials.


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Alcohol is more of a gateway than marijuana according to Study…

For decades marijuana has often been accused as a gateway drug even as no empirical data has been present to support such claims.  Alcohol, with its physically addictive properties seems to elusively sidestep these conversations because its status as “legal” seems to pacify many.  New research shows that alcohol is more likely to be a “gateway drug” than marijuana.  A study that will appear in August issue of the Journal of School Health shows that teens are exposed to alcohol more frequently and earlier in life.  The study found that the percentage of high school seniors who at least tried alcohol once.  Of the 14,577 students questioned, 72.2% had tried alcohol at least once while 45% tried tobacco products and 43.3% had smoked marijuana.  Researchers concluded that alcohol is much easier for teens to access.  One researcher from The Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan where the study was conducted said “By recognizing the important predictive role of alcohol and delaying initiation of alcohol use, school officials and public health leaders can positively impact the progression of substance use.”  He went to also say “I am confident in our findings and the clear implications they have for school-based prevention programs. By delaying and/or preventing the use of alcohol, these programs can indirectly reduce the rate of use of other substances.


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Backers of Second Legalization Ballot Initiative in Oregon File Lawsuit…

Earlier this week reported that Oregon voters may get their chance to legalize marijuana this November.  The ballot initiative is called “The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act” and would create a government regulatory system that would see marijuana regulated like alcohol.  The issue has a great deal of support in the state as another ballot initiative also collected many signatures.  However, Robert Wolfe has filed a lawsuit against Oregon’s Secretary of State, Kate Brown, on the grounds that she illegally invalidated many of the submitted signatures.  Mr. Wolfe and his group submitted approximately 170,000 signatures which is over 50,000 more than required.  Currently there are not enough signatures for the issue to make the ballot and Mr. Wolfe will have to be successful in court in order to get his efforts to the voters.  However, it still appears Oregon voters will have the chance to at least vote on one legalization measure.


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Developing Tales for 2012


Marijuana.internet hopes everybody were built with a safe and healthy New Year’s celebration.  Whether you had been huddled inside a crowd in Occasions Square, or simply were built with a relaxing evening watching on tv, hopefully the passing of 2011 was satisfying for you personally.  While you might imagine we’ve got some tales that you want to keep close track of for 2012.

The tides of 2012 have introduced in lots of significant occasions.  Most of the tales pointed out over the past weekend within our Year In Review piece count keeping track of for 2012.  The Government raids, Netherlands suspending marijuana for vacationers, and lots of cities thinking about serious reform of the marijuana laws and regulations are some of the tales which will develop further this season.

Already for 2012, we all know the community can anticipate great occasions like the High Occasions Medical Cannabis Cup happening in La on Feb 11-12.  Furthermore, in the end spoke about Michigan citizens pushing for any ballot initiative to legalize marijuana over the past weekend, Michigan may also be thinking about making clear their medicinal marijuana law.  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer presently has accepted what many experts already felt, she’s striving to overturn  Arizona’s medicinal marijuana law, despite many citizens in her own condition wanting it.  Also establishing for any legal fight this year are generally Los Angeles’ and Lengthy Beach’s suggested dispensary restrictions and also the fight to regulate “synthetic marijuana”. Another interesting story involves Colorado and Washington condition possibly placing the problem of marijuana legalisation around the ballot for 2012

As everyone knows 2012 has got the makings of very attracted out and brutal election.  This really is clearly worth keeping track of for a lot of issues not restricted to marijuana.  However, with growing requires deleting marijuana, advocates are hopeful for any sensible approach with lots of votes at risk.  When they haven’t been involved publicaly with marijuana reform yet, it will likely be interesting to determine what direction the Occupy movement takes, and possibly when they will “Occupy” limited federal recommendations.


Obviously probably the most interesting developments are spontaneous and never foreseeable so stay updated and reading through once we cover what appears poised to become an eventful year.  Allows us know of the tales you’re keeping track of with this year.

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The Entire Year in Review


As you may know, 2011 would be a wild ride year for marijuana reform.  While there have been much talked about occasions like the Federal raids in California and Montana, there have been also many positive developments.  Allows recap the lengthy year:


We found that indoor marijuana growing accounts for approximately 1% from the U . s . States overall electric consumption.  This interesting fact will hopefully cause us to become eco-friendly, about being eco-friendly.  Get more information at more.


Medicinal Marijuana formally surpassed the A Million offered mark.  What is the news was a watch opener for a lot of and shows that it’s no more a fringe group.  Take a look at our previous coverage.


While claims were already available regarding marijuana’s benefits toward helping with Post traumatic stress disorder, official studies launched confirmed this.  Because of so many soldiers yet others going through distressing occasions, what is the news was heralded.  Take a look at our article about this problem.


Israel introduced that they are likely to significantly improve their medicinal marijuana program.  The best minister’s office designed a statement we frantically are awaiting within the U . s . States, “The Cabinet today approved plans and supervision concerning the way to obtain cannabis for medical and research uses. This really is in recognition the medical utilization of cannabis is essential in some cases. The Ministry will – in coordination using the Israel Police and also the Israel Anti-Drug Authority – oversee this and you’ll be accountable for supplies from imports and native cultivation.”  Additional coverage.


This season provided us positive news regarding medicinal marijuana states visiting a significant decrease in DWI’s and overall traffic deaths.  The entire year also demonstrated more teens are trying to find marijuana, but it’s a general trend and no greater in states with legalized medical cannabis.  More the following.


Holland made the decision to outlaw marijuana sales to vacationers.  They raided the still legal High Occasions Cannabis Cup.  They postponed the brand new limited laws and regulations.  Now they don’t appear sure.  Was a fascinating year for Amsterdam as you would expect, we’re certainly confused.

In a lot of ways, Colorado demonstrated us that medicinal marijuana could be controlled, which condition government will really attempt to safeguard patients.  Colorado released the very first ever condition license for medicinal marijuana.


New Approach Washington come up with the very best and many much talked about legal cast with former and current U.S. lawyers and idol judges, within their efforts to possess marijuana controlled like alcohol.  Take a look at more


Delaware approved their medicinal marijuana program.  Take a look at more about that.


Many states including New You are able to and Ohio have medicinal marijuana bills pending.  Here’s more about pending states.


We discovered that marijuana use might help to combat weight problems and it is generally utilized by individuals with greater intelligence.


We’d quite an eventful political year for marijuana.  Candidates expressed their sights on marijuana and Newt Gingrich stole the head lines together with his comments.  Ron Paul supported his previous claims and Gary Manley, the so known as “marijuana candidate” was excluded from debates.  Ron Paul also became a member of Barney Frank yet others by presenting legislation that will legitimize the with tax breaks for care providers and solid legal status.


2011 saw marijuana’s acceptance achieve its modern high water mark.  Polls show roughly 50% of the nation is perfect for legalisation and as much as 85% support medicinal marijuana.  Very couple of if any political issues come with an 85% consensus.  Read this article.

Sadly, the unsuccessful fight against drugs switched 40 this year.  A lot on the planet has transformed since that time, but Richard Nixon’s Fight Against Drugs remains a continuing.


Sythetic Marijuana put their hands up on everyone’s radar.  2011 saw many cities attempt to regulate the underground community, possibly not enough past too far.

Copenhagen made the decision they no more wanted a underground community for marijuana and required major steps toward legally controlling it. Take a look at our coverage.


Calls were noisy and obvious for any deleting of marijuana.  Two prominent governors lead the charge.


Michigan citizens demonstrated they’d not buckle when confronted with the infamous anti-marijuana condition Attorney General, Bill Schuette.  Not just did Kalamazoo voters make marijuana enforcement its cheapest priority, they’re also on the road to voting on repealing marijuana prohibition.


Regrettably, California’s earliest dispensary, Marin Alliance For Medicinal Marijuana Closed it’s doorways.


We can’t wait to know what you think regarding your ideas regarding 2011.  Leave us comments on these tales or make reference to highlights that didn’t appear here.  Marijuana.internet is searching toward talking with you.  Be safe while you celebrate 2012.

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Michigan Voters could get to Election on Repealing Marijuana Prohibition


Although twelve months 2011 is heading in to the sunset, it won’t be doing this silently.  This season saw many much talked about occasions within the marijuana community.  So stay updated as Marijuana.internet will recap this wild year for marijuana later within the week.  Meanwhile however, we have interesting updates for example advocates organizing in Michigan for any ballot initiative that will repeal marijuana prohibition.

When the ballot initiative collects enough signatures then your problem is going to be placed at the disposal of the voters.  This prospect has already been losing light on which looks to become another eventful year for marijuana reform.  The particular petition drive is placed to start The month of january 12, 2012.  The web site continues to be established to start the legal procedure for getting this problem around the ballot.  They have published the next statement: “We really are a coalition of Michigan parents, instructors, lawyers, doctors, health care professionals, former law enforcers and many more with an array of skills and values.  We feel police should stop enforcing marijuana prohibition and rather refocus their focal points to arrest violent crooks along with other real risks to public safety.”

2011 already trained us that federal raids and political muscle is going to do little when it comes to removing advocates from going after sensible marijuana reform.  Rising in the ashes from the political scare tactics were many cities pushing for marijuana decriminalization, medicinal marijuana and legalisation.  Among the greatest profile groups, New Approach Washington, includes many current and former U.S. lawyers in addition to idol judges (Get more information at our previous coverage of recent Approach Washington).  There’s considerable try to be achieved before we are able to think that marijuana legalisation is going to be at the disposal of voters.  However, in the event that were the situation this is an legendary event.  For just one, while Michigan has legalized medicinal marijuana consequently of the similar ballot initiative, condition Attorney General Bill Schuette has consistently fought against from the program.  He’s his displeasure with Kalamazoo voters who chosen to create marijuana enforcement its cheapest priority, and reported that condition law would still reign supreme, regardless of the wishes of Kalamazoo citizens.

A voter started repeal of marijuana prohibition in Michigan may likely setup more lawsuits between Mr. Schuette and Michigan citizens.  If advocates maintain their vigor, 2012 might be full of much more highlights than 2011.  Because this year shuts, come along in celebration for which will probably be a much greater year for sensible reform.

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La City Councilman Proposes Prohibit on Marijuana Shops

city hall

Like a nation it seems we’re very unclear about what we should want legally.  Political figures always appear to be a re-election campaign and don’t desire to join the countless unemployed People in america.  They want to do something and grab head lines and put their mark on any political situation.

The protections granted to citizens of California through the 1996 Compassionate Use Act might be in danger.  Also called Proposition 215, this law guaranteed marijuana’s safe use of patients.  Councilman Jose Huizar features a motion to prohibit all shops until condition courts can resolve the problem.  Councilman Huizar feels that shops are opening their doorways throughout and also the industry may grow past the city’s control.  The town should consider an accreditation process for shops.  Organizations like GLACA curently have associated with shops such as the following strict recommendations and hold patient safety and also the law like a priority.

Whether it prohibit provides any legal clarification is unclear.  Many agree that some shops aren’t motivated by serving patients and following rules.  However, even when Councilman Huizar is attempting to repair an problem, the opportunity of extended lawsuit might just complicate matters.  Mr. Huizar feels the condition needs examine laws and regulations and hang more stringent rules for shops.  Wouldso would a prohibit that will face numerous legal cases provide any legal clearness?  Furthermore it’s not obvious how condition courts will see the problem.  Despite the fact that Federal raids appear to possess produced momentum for local political figures to enforce restrictions, a condition judge ruled 2 yrs ago that rules restricting new shops in La wasn’t valid.  This doesn’t always guarantee how justices will rule later on however it does indicate at the minimum a split view within the state’s judicial people.

We’ll update this story as occasions unfold.  People from around the globe have started to La looking for medical relief.  Our prime density of patients will probably need to be taken into consideration.  Even when the town council does enact a prohibit (it’s not obvious the way they will election) then citizens can get a lengthy and attracted out legal fight.  Consequently, this may lead to no movement around the situation before the legal aspects are completed.  Any prohibit might be temporary before the courts problem a binding decision.    Additionally, you should be aware from the ongoing and lengthy struggle for patients regarding federal law.  California is exposed to raids because federal law supersedes California condition law.  Likewise, California condition law must take priority over city law.  California’s marijuana law might be looking for some clarification only one statement happens to be obvious.  Proposition 215 pulls no punches and it is very direct in stating an assurance for patient’s safe access.


If you wish to express your personal sights about this problem you are able to speak to your local reps or discover about important court cases plus much more through this link around the People in america For Safe Access website.

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Pushback After Federal Raids

federal raid pushback

Like many facets of our way of life, not so good news can frequently are available in waves.  Medicinal marijuana lately experienced what might have been its worst bi weekly period since California passed the 1996 Compassionate Use Act.  However, because the tide turns and also the waterline recedes, this news has moved toward sleep issues.  There’s been considerable pushback within the wake from the federal government’s actions toward the California shops.

Most news shops happen to be confirming around the recent federal raids on California shops.  Some companies as well as their land lords received 45 days to shut up shop or face further disciplinary action.  Newspapers along with other media have been threatened by the us government about transporting ads for shops.

Stunned advocates of medicinal marijuana have experienced a lot more positive news in recent days because the raids.  The doesn’t appear to become taking these occasions laying lower.  The month of October has witnessed the medicinal marijuana restore its footing and return fire.  The audience Safe Access has released a suit against the us government proclaiming that the current string of raids comes down to an “illegal assault on condition sovereignty.”  Prominent house member Steve Cohen (D-TN) and eight other people of congress will also be with an finish towards the raids.  Furthermore, Chicago (coincidentally where leader Obama has his political roots) has had the very first steps toward decriminalizing small quantities of marijuana.

You will find numerous proverbs relating to get affordable being released of the bad situation therefore we could save you the clichés for the time being.  Is that this what the us government was seeking?  With recent polls showing overwhelming support for medicinal marijuana along with a in the past high support for total legalisation, further raids may stimulate this conversation on the national level.

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