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Our kids have to be the guinea pigs because the government won’t legalize it

Our kids have to be the guinea pigs because the government won’t legalize it

Marijuana in the United States has been federally illegal since the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.  The substance was made illegal for a number of reasons, most of which would be questioned by today’s generation. Lawmakers made allegations such as the use of marijuana leading to rape or murder, reckless eloping, and made the racist […]

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Marijuana Industry News November 1, 2013

washington state

Concerns Rise Over Washington Condition Medicinal Marijuana Program…

Passage of I-502, which legalized leisure marijuana in Washington signified a significant change within the cannabis reform movement.  New tax revenues and also the lengthy past due restoration of private freedom are some of the together with your new law.  Unfortunately, the change toward an income oriented marijuana industry can leave patients forgotten.  Although patients won’t be outright prohibited from acquiring marijuana underneath the new leisure  regulations,  they might be exposed to new and tax rates.  Charging patients exactly the same costs for any necessity instead of someone seeking leisure pleasure appears unfair.  Additionally, many people are not able to operate because of their health conditions.  Steph Sherer, of People in america for Safe Access, authored a great blog entry for that Huffington Publish explaining her take on the whole medicinal marijuana situation in Washington.  She mentions a course targeted at getting patient needs to forefront known as Health Before Happy Hour.

entire Steph Sherer entry


Federal Judge in Maryland Views Lighter Sentence For Marijuana Smugglers…

Even while the general public progressively requires a more poor take on marijuana, federal government bodies have mostly maintained exactly the same traditional rigid stance.  With marijuana’s schedule I classification, federal convictions typically yield harsh penalties.  Earlier now, U.S. District Judge James K. Breda released a 5 year sentence to Scott Russell Segal on charges of promoting 100s of pounds of marijuana.  Federal recommendations recommended a sentence of 8-11 years.  With sentencing recommendations from sync using what the general public wants cheap marijuana doesn’t produce the safety concerns connected with harder drugs for example heroin, idol judges across the nation have felt the necessity to problem lesser sentences.  “It’s indisputable the offense isn’t regarded as with similar importance it had been 20 or 3 decades ago once the sentencing recommendations … that are still being used, were promulgated,” Bredar stated.

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Study: Marijuana Can Kill Certain Cancer Cells…

Marijuana’s possibility to fight cancer continues to be recorded before.  Many have discovered success with hemp oil remedies and past studies demonstrated the compound within marijuana, CBD, can steer clear of the distributing of cancer.  A new study released within the Anticancer Research Journal analyzed six cannabinoids apart from THC.  Dr. Wai Liu lead the research and located that non-psychoactive cannabinoids “resulted in dramatic cutbacks in cell viability” and “caused a synchronised arrest whatsoever phases from the cell cycle.”

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INFOGRAPHIC: Up in Smoke: A Timeline of Marijuana Use in the U.S

Up in Smoke: A Timeline of Marijuana Use in the U.S

Up in Smoke: A Timeline of Marijuana Use in the U.S

Medicinal Marijuana Might Be in order to Top Court


Regardless of the overwhelming evidence and recommendations that marijuana is an efficient strategy to a multitude of conditions,  the federal courts happen to be unmoved.  Marijuana remains an agenda one substance (even cocaine is really a schedule II) despite leading to no proven deaths.  Big pharmaceutical cash cows,  such as Vicodin and Oxycodone,  cause hundreds of 1000’s of deaths each year, but they are still legal under federal law.

In The month of january,  the District of Columbus Circuit Court thrown away their opportunity to reform the senseless federal position on medicinal marijuana.  The Washington D.C. Court ruled that since no major pharmaceutical company had tried to bring the drug towards the market,  therefore it mustn’t be considered a medicine.  This author wasn’t aware that you’re likely to bring outlawed substances to the marketplace for these to be considered legal.

The activist group, People in america for Safe Access, is quarrelling the court used an unparalleled standard in rejecting the request deleting marijuana.  ASA also stated that call conflicts with another circuit court ruling produced in 1987.  In that call the courts stated Food and drug administration marketing approval doesn’t turn it into a medicine.  Kris Hermes if ASA stated from the sporadic court opinions “”A legal court has unreasonably elevated the bar for which qualifies being an ‘adequate and well-controlled’ study therefore ongoing the government’s bet on ‘Gotcha’,”

ASA will request the U.S. Supreme Court to consider the situation. In line with the sporadic rationale, there must be a good situation to make.  A national Top Court situation might be just what the marijuana movement needs as it may end up being quite the spectacle to look at the federal government explain their rationale for enabling fatal drugs to achieve industry before marijuana.

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Med Marijuana Advocates Rally in Front of Many Obama Campaign Headquarters


With the exception of Paul Ryan’s declaration that marijuana should be a state level issue (which was quickly recanted by Team Romney), marijuana reform has not garnered much attention this race.  Only Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has embraced the issue and vowed to legalize marijuana if elected president.  Unfortunately he is having a hard time breaking through the two party system and his appearance at the debates seems unlikely.  President Obama has certainly disappointed  many medical marijuana patients and activists.  Mitt Romney has vowed to “fight medical marijuana tooth and nail”, leaving patients with few options.  Recent campaign stumbles, including a controversial statement accusing President Obama of “apologizing for American values” immediately following the Libya embassy attacks and a video where Romney claimed he was not targeting 47% of the country in his campaign make it increasingly likely that Barack Obama will remain the president of the United States.  Marijuana activists launched a nation wide protest outside of the President’s campaign offices in 15 states.  Americans for Safe Access have been helping to organize the rallies.  Steph Sherer of the group said “There have been more raids under Obama in three-and-a-half years than eight years of Bush.”  Even if President Obama wins, advocates are hopeful that he would reconsider his positions for a second term.


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Medical Marijuana Industry News August 31, 2012

marijuana patients

Los Angeles Ban On Dispensaries Appears to be Put on Hold…

The controversial decision to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles was met with resistance from activists.  Many patients have been anxious about how exactly they were going to safely access medication and if they would have to turn to traditional illegal methods of obtaining it.  The Los Angeles City Council, especially Councilman Huizar have seemed especially determined to end dispensaries even as the legalities mount against their actions.  It appears that court decisions have invalidated the right for municipalities to ban dispensaries.  While that did little to stop the city from threatening a closure which was set to take effect in days, apparently the ballot initiative from Americans for Safe Access did succeed.  Organizers submitted slightly over 49,000 votes with only 27,425 needed.  The signatures will be examined and validated which typically takes at least a few days.  If the signatures are approved then the Los Angeles City Council will have 30 days to either overturn the ban or put it a vote by residents.  Councilman Huizar still seemed determined to wipe any perceived egg off his face.  He said the city could still close shops that were in violation of state law and operating at a profit.  Of course searched extensively and could not find where ASA, or other organizers said any different.   However, eliminating all 700+ dispensaries, many of which are not making a profit is an altogether different story and may have been an overreach on the part of the City Council.

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Marijuana Decriminalization May Come to Springfield Missouri…

Many activists in Springfield Missouri have been seeking a new approach toward marijuana laws.  The goup Show Me Cannabis Regulation was successful in collecting enough signatures to get a ballot initiative to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana to the ballots.  The group was successful in collecting the required signatures.  As the case is in most areas, lawmakers can approve a ballot initiative or reject the issue and send it for residents to vote on.  While the City Council of Springfield voted 6-3 to approve the decriminalization effort, lawmakers now have 30 days to amend the bill.  The move appears to be a shrewd move aimed at keeping the issue away from a public vote.  As stated already, if the vote failed then voters would get a chance to approve the measure.  Now it seems several of the “yes” votes by the city council were simply to keep the issue in house.  Now they have 30 days to change and basically strip away the decriminalization law.  Councilman Jeff Seifried said of that he supported passing the legislation “then gutting, the entire ordinance.”  Unless our interpretation of this comment is incorrect, it sounds as if Councilman Tommy Bieker has similar plans.  He said “I will be voting in support with the intent of turning around and working out the amendment.”  Many residents may grow resentful that the City Council would take drastic measures to avoid having the people of Springfield ultimately decide the fate of the law.


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President Obama Participates in Reddit AMA Though Some were not Pleased…

As we close in on the 2012 presidential election, the candidates will try to utilize every way to connect with the people.  We are in the middle of the convention season as Mitt Romney concluded the Republican National Convention by making his speech and officially accepting the nomination.  On Tuesday the Democratic National Convention will get under way.  In the midst of high profile coverage it may be a surprise that the President decided to pursue a very new way of connecting with voters.  On Wednesday President Obama participated in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) where he encouraged voters to submit questions.  The president has also taken part in other online forums aimed at connecting with voters.  While we cannot say they have not been effective, he has dodged the issue of marijuana reform and the war on drugs now several times.  Yesterday many were upset that the president seemingly ignored the growing calls for marijuana reform.  However, we at would like to applaud him for taking part, even if his answers were not ideal.  The president seems to be more in tune with the growing online culture than other current and previous candidates.  While he may be avoiding the conversation to some extent, it is a unique situation that a president would directly converse with voters.  However, in the future a free pass may not be granted if he partakes in another online forum encouraging  questions on everything but simply handpicking his answers.


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Medical Marijuana Industry News August 24, 2012

case dismissed

Court Ruling Could Reverse Dispensary Bans in California…

The Los Angeles City Council has come under much scrutiny after its controversial decision to ban all medical marijuana dispensaries.  Many even wondered if they had the legal authority to even enact such a law with a decision by California’s 2nd District of Appeals stating that dispensaries could not banned.  The city decided to move forward with the ban even though it was clear they would have to spend considerable tax dollars defending their ill advised legal decision.  A lawsuit has already been filed by the “Patient Care Alliance” challenging the ban.  Additionally, Americans For Safe Access have been in the process of collecting the necessary signatures to get a ballot initiative off the ground that would present residents with a chance to overturn the ban themselves.  The lawsuit and the ballot initiative may not even be necessary in the end as we recently learned that the court case Pack V. Long Beach was thrown out by the California Supreme Court.  Previously, the decision in Pack V. Long Beach ruled that marijuana dispensaries could be banned on the basis that medical marijuana is not permitted by federal law.  As a result, municipalities such as L.A. and Long Beach used the decision to ban dispensaries.  The state supreme court ruled that since the municipalities have abandoned their federal argument in the recent bans, then everything pertaining to Pack V. Long Beach has been invalidated.  Joe Elford of Americans for Safe Access applauded the decision and said “The California Supreme Court has essentially pulled out the rug from under local officials who have used the Pack decision to deny access to medical marijuana for thousands of patients across the state.”


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NAACP Backs Marijuana Legalization Effort In Colorado…

A group familiar with social struggles announced its support for Amendment 64 and Colorado’s marijuana legalization efforts.  The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) was formed in 1909 setting out on a mission “to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.”  The oldest civil rights organization is now seeking passage of Amendment 64.  However, their support is not entirely linked to the right to smoke marijuana itself as the group is also very much concerned with the disproportionate numbers of African Americans being jailed for cannabis related convictions.  Rosemarie Harris Lytle, president of the NAACP’s Colorado branch said “Marijuana prohibition policy does more harm to our communities than good.  “That is why we have endorsed Amendment 64 which presents a more effective and socially responsible approach to how Colorado addresses the adult use of marijuana.”  Arrests numbers by race are discouraging across the country but Colorado seems to have an even greater racial disparity in marijuana arrests than other areas of the country.  In Colorado, African Americans make up 4% of population but make up 9% of marijuana possession arrests and 22% of sale and cultivation charges.  In Denver the numbers are even more alarming as 11% of Denver’s population is African American even as they represent 31.5% of marijuana possession arrests.


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Medical Marijuana Makes Arkansas Ballot for November Election…

Activists in Arkansas faced a major setback when they were unable to deliver enough votes to get medical marijuana to the ballot earlier this summer.  However, a renewed effort has been successful with 74,406 signatures being submitted this time.  The number is higher than the 62,507 needed.  However ballot initiatives often see a significant number of signatures disqualified.  This was not the case in Arkansas as the Arkansas Secretary of State said earlier this week that “Our office verified over 69,000 signatures for Arkansans for Compassionate Care. They will be certified to the ballot.”  If residents approve the measure Arkansas will join the 17 other states (and Washington D.C.) that permit medical marijuana.  They would, however, become the first southern state to start a medical marijuana program.


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Patient Care Alliance To Sue Los Angeles Over Dispensary Ban


It did not take long for activists to fight back against the recent ban on medical marijuana dispensaries by the City of Los Angeles.  The Los Angeles City Council made a very controversial decision to ban all of its medical marijuana collectives.  A decision so controversial, it may even be illegal when considering the recent ruling of California’s 2nd District of Appeals Court which said cities do not have the right to ban marijuana dispensaries.

Many analysts wondered exactly why the city when forward with the ban as many lawsuits were expected, especially as it seems activists have the upper hand legally. mentioned yesterday that letters were sent to marijuana dispensaries informing them that they have until September 6th to shut down, or face a fine of $2,500 per everyday they remain open.  We now have learned that the September 6th forced closure date may be in jeopardy.

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, the trade group named “Patient Care Alliance”, which represents 300 area dispensaries has filed a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles over the upcoming dispensary closures.  Marc O’Hara who is in charge of the group called the ban “heartless”.  The city of Los Angeles is also likely to have another legal headache as GLACA (The Greater Los Angeles Collectives Alliance) and ASA (Americans for Safe Access) are working on a ballot initiative to overturn the ban.  They have already began to collect signatures and if they are successful residents of Los Angeles may vote to repeal the ban.

Critics of the ban are concerned that patients will no longer have access to safe medicine and may even have to turn to illegal methods of obtaining cannabis.  The City Council claims that patients have not been left out in the cold because they are still allowed to grow their own cannabis and distribute it within groups of three.  This proposal seems unenforceable (how exactly will law enforcement prove patients are operating within their groups?) and seems to carry the potential for organized crime to regain their stronghold on the Los Angeles marijuana market.  However, growing quality and safe marijuana that is free of pesticides, mold, and other harmful agents can take years of practice, something many patients are unable to do.  Additionally there is considerable cost associated with starting a grow operation from scratch.  The need for safe access to medication is important, especially for a city that has had legalized medical marijuana for 16 years.  Check back with us soon as well will keep an eye on any new developments pertaining to the September 6th closures.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News August 17, 2012

dispensary closure

Los Angeles Marijuana Dispensaries Ordered To Close on Sept 6…

Several weeks ago the Los Angeles City Council decided to issue an order to ban all marijuana dispensaries within city limits.  The move has caused a fair amount of commotion and legal experts do not even know for sure if they city is operating within their rights.  A recent decision by California’s second District of Appeals ruled that local municipalities cannot outlaw marijuana dispensaries.  Earlier in the week, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office sent out 1,000 letters to buildings they believe are dispensaries informing them that they need to close their doors or face possible fines of $2,500 per day fine after September 6th.  There is a considerable amount of legal confusion in the air.  Besides the 2nd district decision, there are also referendums in the works with activists collecting signatures.  This could also delay or eliminate the city’s ban.  Kris Hermes of Americans for Safe Access said “We don’t have a clear-cut response for them on what’s going on.  It would be imprudent to tell them to stay open. But at the same time, there is all this other activity going on that could change the situation in a matter of weeks.”


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Colorado Legalization Initiative Could Mean Big Bucks for State…

Earlier in the week ran a story that described how much money could be made in the state of Washington should residents vote to legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis.  Colorado has also released a report that shows how much money could be generated if their similar law, amendment 64 is passed.  A report released by The Colorado Center on Law and Policy (CCLP) indicated that in the first year alone legalizing cannabis could generate $60 million in its first year and rise to $120 million by 2017.  Of the $120 million $80 million would go toward alleviating financial burdens of local and state government with the remaining $40 million being directed to a fund that would construct new schools.  Showing its potential for job creation the program would create 350 new construction jobs.  This is independent of the jobs created for medical personnel, dispensary workers, security companies and several other industries.


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New Jersey Off to Slow Start in Registering Patients…

Matching the snail’s pace of the launching the entire medical marijuana program in New Jersey, only 50 patients so far have been approved to be legal cannabis patients in the Garden State.  The good news is that the program is moving forward after almost no action for two years after it was approved by exiting former Governor Jim Corzine.  So far state lawmakers have delayed the program for as long as they can and the small patient registration numbers come as no surprise.  The point of the program is to prevent patients from having to secure their medication from illegal sources.  So far the program is doing the opposite.   Chris Goldstein, a spokesperson for The Coalition for Medical Marijuana in New Jersey said “Patients meanwhile are going on the underground market.  “It’s not like they’re not accessing medicine out there.”  New Jersey aimed to be a state with strict guidelines but has been outpaced by other known strict medical marijuana states such as Arizona.  However, there is reason to believe that patient registration will pick up as every aspect of the program has been hastened by the threat of lawsuits.  Expect more of the same as advocates will surely pursue the legal route if patients are not being accepted into the program.

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