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Alternatives to Bankruptcy for Cannabis Companies: Part 2

Part 1 of this series discussed the lack of bankruptcy protections for cannabis companies, since bankruptcy in the U.S. is an exclusively federal procedure and cannabis remains illegal under federal law and proposed a number of alternative options for businesses struggling in the current environment. Part 2 of this series focuses on one of these […]

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SC Labs Expands, Acquires C4 Laboratories

According to a press release published on Monday, SC Labs has acquired C4 Laboratories, a cannabis testing lab located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The acquisition means SC Labs has expanded their footprint into five states total. Originally based in California, the cannabis testing company now has locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan and Oregon. Ryan Tracy, […]

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Marijuana businesses in compliance with Colorado law could face federal charges under new enforcement strategy

The new approach could lead to federal charges being brought against marijuana businesses that are in full compliance with Colorado law and not selling pot on the black market, U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer acknowledged in an interview with The Denver Post this week.

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How many Coloradans are driving high? New report offers one answer

Four years after the legalization of recreational pot sales, state officials are another step closer to determining how the change is affecting the safety of Colorado’s roads — but many obstacles remain.

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Will Colorado Add PTSD to List of Qualifying Conditions?

Hoban Law Group Heads to Senate State Affairs Today Will Colorado Add PTSD to List of Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana Treatment? (Denver, CO) – Hoban Law Group is excited to announce that the SB17-17 Post-traumatic Stress Bill, to add Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Acute Stress Disorder to the list of qualifying conditions for […]

The post Will Colorado Add PTSD to List of Qualifying Conditions? appeared first on The Weed Blog.

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Iowa: Sen. Grassley Claims New JAMA Study Should Alter Administration’s Marijuana Policy

Ignoring today’s true menaces – alcohol, tobacco, and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals – Sen. Chuck Grassley thinks the feds have turned a blind eye to some of the more nuanced issues surrounding the enforcement of legal marijuana in the US. Like keeping pot from tiny inquisitive hands. Citing a recent pediatric study performed by JAMA (Journal of […] Thanks to

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No Debate Here: Colorado’s GOP Candidates for U.S. Senate Agree On Banking For Marijuana Industry

As Colorado’s GOP candidates race to distinguish themselves in an attempt to displace Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet on November 8, all seemingly agreed on one heady topic during Thursday night’s debate at the University of Denver … the state’s legal marijuana industry should be allowed access to traditional banking. @APkristenwyatt @estrerinco So, Republicans agree they […]

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420 Friendly Travel and Tours in the U.S.

420 Friendly Travel and Tours in the U.S. With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, a new market has emerged: marijuana tourism. Tourists are starting to arrive in these 420 friendly states, looking to score some legal weed, but many realize that smoking pot, even when it is legal, can be difficult. It […]

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The Favorite Marijuana Dispensary in Denver Colorado

Denver’s Favorite Marijuana Dispensary Herban Underground is a both A medical and recreational dispensary. Well positioned in the heart of Denver, Colorado in the basement of a historic, multi-use building, Herban Underground is A unique, one of a kind subterranean oasis. They feature plants grown in full-view of the retail area! Under new management, The […]

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Higher Learning: Pueblo County Pays For College Scholarships With New Marijuana Tax

Canada’s new Prime Minister has promised to legalize it; Mexico’s Supreme Court has just ruled their citizens have a constitutional right to smoke it; and starting in 2017, those college-bound from Pueblo County will be able to get their college degrees partially funded by it. – How sweet “It” is. Providing more positive results in the Petri dish of democracy, Colorado’s newest and greenest cash cow is about to help America’s next generation of critical thinkers pay for college.

That’s right; last Tuesday legalized pot vaporized another concern for some of Colorado’s high school graduates hoping to head off to college – we’re talking about cold hard cash. Thanks to Colorado’s early ascension up the Darwinian ladder of social evolution, students from Pueblo County hoping to become doctors, lawyers, MBAs, and politicians, will all have the ability to save a big chunk of green on their college degree. #ThanksAgainLegalMarijuana

college weed

According to CNN, “a resounding 60% of the voters in the tiny County of Pueblo Colorado passed a measure that will phase in an increase in taxes — 5% by 2020 — on marijuana growers to fund college scholarships and other community projects.

While Bernie and Hillary debate the abstract benefits of legalizing marijuana at the federal level, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC have been putting the theoretical Rubber to the Road. Providing valuable proof that legalized marijuana reduces crime, generates useful new tax revenue, and protects our kid’s intellectual potential from being flushed down the drain of bad policy gone predictably wrong.

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