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SC Labs Expands, Acquires C4 Laboratories

According to a press release published on Monday, SC Labs has acquired C4 Laboratories, a cannabis testing lab located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The acquisition means SC Labs has expanded their footprint into five states total. Originally based in California, the cannabis testing company now has locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan and Oregon. Ryan Tracy, […]

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Colorado’s psychedelic journey begins this week with first advisory board meeting

In mid-March, the state Senate confirmed Gov. Jared Polis’ 15 appointees to the Natural Medicine Advisory Board, a newly formed commission that will advise regulators on the rollout of psilocybin-assisted therapy.

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Marijuana-themed Cheba Hut opening more sub joints in Colorado, across the country

Marijuana-themed Cheba Hut Toasted Subs is opening more stores in Colorado and other states — and has the goal of doubling its number of shops to 50 by the end of 2021. The company says it’s making a push to go national.

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Colorado communities pocket big bucks from legal marijuana, but threats loom for some

The roll-out of recreational marijuana sales five years ago has raised tens of millions of dollars annually to tackle a litany of local concerns — from paying for main street makeovers in cash-strapped small towns to expanding programs to address Denver’s opioid crisis and housing affordability crunch.

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100 pound package of marijuana launched over Mexico border fence

Border Patrol agents in southern Arizona have seized a nearly 100-pound (45 kilogram) bundle of marijuana after spotting it flying over the border fence.

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Record Amount of States to Vote on Marijuana Reform

Back in June we covered which states were going to be voting on marijuana law reform in November 2016. We also listed each state and the initiatives that they were hoping to be voting on this November. Recently, I read a blog at Sensi Magazine with updates for the record amount of states that will be voting on marijuana […]

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Control your cannabis use, Cannitrol can be used to stop smoking pot, lower tolerance, pass drug tests and more

Control your cannabis use, Cannitrol can be used to stop smoking pot, lower tolerance, pass drug tests and more

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Register now for the Premier Cannabis Industry Conference With three incredible days of events scheduled, the SWCC Expo is set to be the most comprehensive and informative event the cannabis industry has seen.

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Sick Children Finding Relief with Marijuana

children marijuana

It’s been an eventful week for marijuana updates.  We already discovered another new study that highlights ale cannabis to battle cancer cells. There are also updates on child patients looking for medicinal marijuana.

In Arizona, you will find no age limitations in being approved for legal medicinal marijuana use.  However, you will find strict rules regarding the meaning of cannabis.  Under Arizona law, any combination of created using dried marijuana flowers is suitable.  Jacob and Jennifer Welton’s boy needs medical cannabis.  The boy’s parents crush marijuana into applesauce for him to consume.  Regrettably, after nuclear physics this past year, his capability to eat has bee reduced.  Consequently, the Welton’s are trying to find marijuana extract, which may be given far simpler, sometimes in droplet form.  However, extracts are illegal and Maricopa County attorney, Bill Montgomery has formerly stated patients could be criminally punished for implementing extracts as they do not satisfy the strict meaning of “cannabis” in Arizona.  The Welton’s don’t want to go to the underground community to be able to obtain relief for his or her boy.  “We’re not crooks,” Ms. Welton lately stated.  “We simply want what’s perfect for our boy.”  They are attempting to bring awareness for their situation to be able to alter the strict meaning of marijuana in Arizona.


The Welton’s might find inspiration in the Wilson family in Nj.  Following a lengthy and public fight, which incorporated a plea from John Wilson to Governor Christie in a diner to make certain his daughter didn’t die,  New Jersey congress removed the majority of the obstacles stopping children from being able to access medicinal marijuana. The Wilson’s daughter, Vivian, is affected with an uncommon and debilitating from of epilepsy known as dravet syndrome.  Her seizures are intense and many traditional medications have produced virtually no results.  Limits around the strains allowed available were removed, and today the Wilson’s can buy strains which are effective against epilepsy.  However, food items continue to be unavailable at shops, so Vivian’s parents need to prepare the cannabis and infuse it into food.  Now the Wilson’s were finally in a position to legally buy the medicinal marijuana they require from Compassionate Care Foundation.

The thought of children medicating was but still is taboo in lots of circles.  However, the thought of watching children suffer when treatments can be found has become the growing taboo.  Epilepsy can devastate a child’s quality of existence, and it’s important to supply kids with every opportunity to live a proper and normal existence.

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McCain’s Change on Marijuana Helps Him Cope With Otherwise Difficult Town Hall Meeting

Mccain town hall

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) established fact for a lot of reasons.  Besides his service throughout Vietnam and winning the Republican nomination for leader in 2008, town hall conferences will also be famous.  The very long time Senator continues to have conversations using the people directly.  This readiness to have interaction with voters inside a more intimate setting saved a presidential campaign which was basically dead and out if money in early stages from the 2008 election.

A current town hall session made more than ever before head lines.  Senator McCain received an earful from many attending for his support of military action on Syria.  The majority if People in america are against military action with Arizona citizens being exactly the same.  In the event, Mr. McCain guaranteed there’d be not a  “single American boot on the floor.”  Some attending strongly voiced their opinion the promise wasn’t enough to aid military action in Syria.  Senator McCain might have pleased individuals with his take on another problem.  While talking about marijuana he transformed his past tune and individuals in the town hall that “maybe marijuana needs to be legalized.”  Also, he continued to state he respects “the will of those.Inches

Arizona already supervises a medicinal marijuana program.  Despite efforts by Governor Jan Maker to obstruct and halt the Arizona medicinal marijuana program, citizens have supported a contemporary method of marijuana for several years.  Fortunately Senator McCain’s alternation in tone on marijuana might have assisted him pacify some.  The situation highlights how American’s sights have transformed significantly within the last couple of years.   Supporting marijuana legalisation appeared is the positive story from news reviews from the town hall.  The planet is really a different place when supporting marijuana legalisation may have the ability to have an chosen official off the new chair.

Megan McCain, daughter from the Senator has accepted smoking previously and it has voiced support for legalisation.  Perhaps Mr. McCain has gotten some insight from his daughter.  He happens to be referred to as a family guy.  It will likely be interesting to ascertain if the longtime Senator’s change of heart encourages more competitors to complete exactly the same.

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