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1,600 New Reasons to Celebrate Medical Marijuana in Italy

At long last, domestic Italian cannabis is here for the medical community; which is, as they say, fantastico! Colonel Antonio Medica completed the first portion of a very special mission: growing medical marijuana for the country. Army officials announced that the first shipment of 1,600 5-gram jars is ready for shipment to Italian hospitals and pharmacies in need. Italy passed […] Thanks to

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The Petition to Nix the Tax on Medical Pot in Canada

In the grand scheme that is marijuana legalization, there is a waterfall of red tape and bureaucracy that puts Niagara Falls to shame. This comes in the form of permits, tax reforms, amendments, and other items that would make any non-lawyer turn into a narcoleptic. Some of these reforms, however, are quite important as they […] Thanks to

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Our Interview with Toronto Police on “Project Claudia” Raids Interviews the Toronto Police Any decent journalist will tell you that when reporting on a story, it’s important to remain as unbiased as possible, even when writing about situations you may disagree with or interviewing people who have a vastly different viewpoint of the topic at hand. Nevertheless, a story is only complete when […] Thanks to

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Louisiana: Gov. Cultivates First Real Medical Marijuana Legislation

On Thursday morning Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards authorized a milestone bill – SB 271 – thereby cultivating Louisiana’s first fully functioning medical marijuana program; creating a system and establishing a pathway for medicinal cannabis to be made available to qualifying patients in the Bayou State. Cognizant of the importance of signing Louisiana’s first real […] Thanks to

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Canada’s Health Minister Will Not Appeal Homegrown Medicine Ruling

Sparking concerns this was only a temporary victory, Canada’s Health Minister Jane Philpott declared the federal government currently has no intention of appealing a 2016 federal court ruling, which declared patients have a right to cultivate their own medicinal cannabis. Informing, “The Federal Court’s concern was that under the current legislation … medical marijuana was […]

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World Cannabis Conference: Spannabis 2016 Cultivates Networking and Knowledge

Move over Cannabis Cup and, heads up Seattle Hempfest – Europe’s largest legal cannabis centric festival is about to light up Barcelona, Spain. Running March 11 through the 13th, Spain’s Spannabis (a.k.a. World Cannabis Conference) looks to cultivate a greater understanding of this valuable plant and its life-saving compounds. First germinated in 2002, this 13th offering […]

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Canadian Researchers Confirm Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Impedes Weight Gain

According to a recent study published in the PLOS ONE journal, small daily doses of THC prevents weight gain in lab mice fed a typical American diet – one that’s high in fat. Providing a sliver of hypothetical hope for the 78.6 million U.S. adults who suffer from obesity, a group of Canadian researchers looked […]

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New Study: Marijuana Use Reduces Likelihood Of Metabolic Syndrome

In the November issue of the American Journal of Medicine, scientists have revealed that marijuana consumption reduces the probability of individuals falling victim to metabolic syndrome.

What is Metabolic Syndrome?

As it’s currently understood, metabolic syndrome presents itself as a cluster of life-threatening health issues. Including elevated blood sugar levels, increased blood pressure, surplus abdominal fat, and higher than normal cholesterol levels. Ultimately increasing an individual’s risk of diabetes, stroke, heart disease and death.

According to the new study, also published on, “Current marijuana use is associated with lower odds of metabolic syndrome across emerging and middle-aged US adults.” Thereby reducing the likelihood of occurrence in marijuana consumers by nearly 50 percent when compared to those who have never ingested cannabis.

Scientists from Florida’s University of Miami School of Medicine investigated the link between marijuana consumption and metabolic syndrome. Re-examining a study of nearly 8,500 participants, ranging in age from 20 to 59, which was originally conducted between 2005-2010. During the initial survey, scientists classified the participants as suffering from metabolic syndrome if they were afflicted with more than three of the following indicators: “elevated fasting glucose levels, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol, elevated systolic/diastolic blood pressure, and increased waist circumference.”

Of those unfortunate participants with no history of cannabis use, 19.5 percent fit the criteria for metabolic syndrome. Meanwhile, only 17.5 percent of the ex-users fit the criteria, and only 13.8 percent of current pot smokers suffered from any of the debilitating conditions.

The study’s conclusions –“These findings have important implications for the nation as marijuana use becomes more accepted and we simultaneously face multiple epidemics of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Unwavering from previous studies that have shown an inverse relationship between marijuana consumption and diabetes, this new study provides further evidence that those who use cannabis generally enjoy a slimmer waistline and fewer incidence of type II diabetes.

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Over medicated America – a few figures to understand why cannabis is still illegal

Here’s a chart that puts into simple words and figures a system that shows no benefits:

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