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Nebraska medical marijuana backers file formal papers for campaign

Backers of an effort to legalize medical marijuana in Nebraska have filed formal paperwork for a statewide ballot campaign.

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Legal marijuana industry had banner year in 2018

The last year was a 12-month champagne toast for the legal marijuana industry as the global market exploded and cannabis pushed its way further into the financial and cultural mainstream.

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States’ fight against Colorado marijuana laws on tap in fed court

A Colorado marijuana lawsuit that includes a bid by Oklahoma and Nebraska to stamp out legalization is set to go before a federal appeals court Tuesday.

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Conservative Republican Pushes for Nebraska Medical Marijuana

A politician from the Cornhusker state of Nebraska is turning to the public in the hopes of building support for LB643, a bill specifically aimed at legalizing smokeless medical marijuana throughout the Great Plains. According to online reports, conservative republican and medical marijuana advocate, Sen. Tommy Garrett of Bellevue visited Dakota City and Norfolk on […]

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Medical Marijuana Industry News November 25, 2011

florida legislature

Proposed Medical Marijuana Legislation Sits in Both Chambers of Florida Government


Following up Jeff Clemens Florida House Resolution 353, Sen. Larcenia Bullard introduced Senate Joint Resolution 1028 several days ago.  The potential for legal medical marijuana in Florida is still low because three fifths approval of the Florida legislature is required for the issue to hit the ballots.  Passage of these laws would result in protection from prosecution for patients, caregivers, and physicians.  Patients with children would be protected and not risk custody loss unless their behavior creates “an unreasonable danger”.  The battle appears to be a tough one for advocates to win as they are currently 600,000 signatures short of getting it on the ballot, even if they were to survive the legislative process.


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Marijuana Vanity Plate Not  a Hit with Nebraska Government


A resident in Nebraska was trying to promote something a little different than what is usually on a vanity license plate.  Frank Shoemaker was not interested in a Cornhusker or other sports team vanity plate.  He requested “NE 420”.  Shoemaker is leading a petition drive toward a ballot measure that would legalize marijuana.  The director of the DMV, Beverly Neth, felt that it was promoting the use of a drug that is illegal in Nebraska and refused to issue the plate.  The ACLU threatened to sue Nebraska’s Department of Motor Vehicle on the grounds that Shoemaker’s free speech was being compromised.  Nebraska ACLU director Amy Miller stated “It’s purely political speech relating to a current ballot initiative. ”  The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has previously ruled that license plates are an appropriate place for personal expression.  The Nebraska DMV has since relented and granted Shoemaker the license plate.

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