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Department Stores for Cannabis: The CEOs of Remedy on Cannabis Retail

Remedy currently has two locations, one in Baltimore and one in Columbia, Maryland. The first thing you notice at these dispensaries are the large parking areas. When you step inside, you’re greeted by an entrance that is less like a waiting room and more like a lounge. Their massive open floor plans offer space for […]

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Catching up with Jushi Creativity: A Q&A with Dre Neumann

Jushi Holdings is a large multi-state operator with a massive national footprint and a presence in key markets, including Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia, Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio and California.  About a year and a half ago, Aaron Green interviewed Andreas “Dre” Neumann, Chief Creative Director of Jushi Holdings to learn about his journey to the cannabis industry, […]

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Medical pot laws no answer for U.S. opioid deaths, study says

A new study shoots down the notion that medical marijuana laws can prevent opioid overdose deaths, challenging a favorite talking point of legal pot advocates.

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Legal marijuana industry had banner year in 2018

The last year was a 12-month champagne toast for the legal marijuana industry as the global market exploded and cannabis pushed its way further into the financial and cultural mainstream.

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Marijuana-friendly states want meeting with Jeff Sessions

California, Oregon and other marijuana-friendly states are seeking a meeting with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in hopes of resolving the conflict between federal and state laws that has left the nation’s cannabis industry in legal limbo.

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Polls Show Strong Support for MMJ In Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania

As our motley crew of would-be presidential candidates reaches for the political brass ring, hoping to capture the ultimate prize in our quickly devolving 2016 race for the White House, two new polls are demonstrating that voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania may have something real to celebrate this November – legalized medicinal cannabis. Regardless […]

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Marijuana Industry News September 20, 2013


MPP Produces Listing of 50 Most Influential Marijuana People who smoke…

Hopefully the news reported here and using their company sources helps to erase the negative stereotypes connected with marijuana.  Marijuana Policy Project just launched a listing when the 50 most influential marijuana people who smoke.  The activist group continues to be highly effective in supplying the general public with true details on marijuana.  Their media campaigns are much talked about plus they have introduced some warmth around the big National football league empire to change marijuana testing and headgear for gamers.  MPP’s list has lots of expected names for example current Leader Obama.  Others out there has come about as more if your surprise for many.

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Support Growing for Medicinal Marijuana in Pennsylvania…

With many states within the northeast changing marijuana laws and regulations and starting medical cannabis programs, it might appear only dependent on time before Pennsylvania would join this mixture.  Previous attempts at passing a medicinal marijuana bill happen to be not successful.   Senate bill 770, however, is booming in recognition.  “It’s certainly being spoken about greater than it had, and i believe there’s some bipartisan support,” stated Senator Take advantage of Teplitz (D) of Dauphin County.  He also continued to state, “It might be a large step with this condition.  That’s why my position could be under tight supervision with a physician with controls to make certain that it is getting used for legitimate reasons, individuals would be the parameters which i would support.” The balance would permit using cannabis for several debilitating conditions.

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Town of Vegas Delays Dispensary Openings, Patients Feel Lives Might be in Jeopardy…

Like the lately fixed situation in Washington D.C., medicinal marijuana was approved more than about ten years ago in Vegas with no single dispensary being allowed to function legally.  Within the summer time, D.C. saw it’s first dispensary open only blocks from Capitol Hill.  Citizens in Vegas are wishing for the same effective outcome, though for many it might be not enough past too far.  The town of Vegas has transpired a six-month moratorium on marijuana shops, contributing to the already 13 year delay.  Meanwhile, the town patients should boost their own medication.  Regrettably, that needs time to work, money and understanding many people are not outfitted with.  Furthermore, it produces issues of safety as novice farmers can certainly produce tainted yields, that could increase their own health worries.  One patient, Jack, told media shops “I’d most likely be dead in six several weeks basically needed to begin with scratch and also be.”  He continued to state “Without cannabis I can’t eat whatsoever.  You will find occasions where I’m short on cannabis and unable to eat for a few days.  I did previously weigh 60 pounds greater than I actually do at this time.”  Jack’s situation highlights the issue with government bodies dragging their ft.  Frequently government authorities possess the smallest amount of understanding on medicinal marijuana, consequently, their delays and counter offers usually are unsuccessful of patient needs.  Just like many patients, Jack is confronted with either disobeying the law and looking access unlawfully, or possible dying.

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Pennsylvania Senator Wants State to Regulate and Sell Legal Marijuana

senator leach

Inaction by the federal government has been prompting states to alter their marijuana laws for over 15 years.  Until November, state government officials and activists have mostly been discussing medical marijuana and decriminalization laws.  With residents voting to legalize recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington, the discussion has widened its scope.

Pennsylvania State State Senator Daylin Leach is seeking to have the state government regulate marijuana in the same way as alcohol.  This would increase tax revenues and place a system of control that officials currently do not have in regards to regulating marijuana.  As the idea of respecting state rights, individual freedoms, reducing incarcerations rates for non violent acts, and saving tax payer dollars grows in popularity, these proposals no longer seem so far fetched.

His plan to drastically update marijuana laws has certainly gained momentum.  The voter initiated plans in Colorado and Washington seems to have prompted state lawmakers across the country to propose similar measures.  Rhode Island lawmakers are also discussing a similar bill.  Although a recent bill has stalled among lawmakers in Hawaii earlier this week, the momentum appears to be gaining.  In West Virginia, a recent Marijuana Policy Project poll show that 53% of West Virginia residents support legalizing medical marijuana.  An even greater number (63%) decided feel that marijuana was a safer choice than oxycontin for debilitating pain.

Senator Leach feels legalization is only a matter of time because the majority of younger Americans “have very little interest in continuing prohibition.”  He also said the legislation was important because “There are other intoxicants that are far worse that we do not treat the same way. We do not accuse people of criminal offenses for consuming.”  Senator Leach is hoping to save Pennsylvania over $500 million per year with a combination of law enforcement savings and tax revenue.

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