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Ringing in 2012


Everyone knows 2012 can represent intense as well as harmful frat boy like hanging out. It also signifies a new beginning and new hope. Usually at this time around of the year we at marijuana.internet are wishing individuals who require relief will find it which the legal landscape gets to be more friendly to patients. Patients continue to be battling, and there’s a lot of legal work left to become done, however, 2013 observed historic change.  Colorado and Washington organized their plans for leisure marijuana programs.  Other states (Illinois and Nh) passed laws and regulations enabling medicinal marijuana while Nj broadened it’s medicinal marijuana program.  The quantity of states which have passed medical cannabis laws and regulations can be twenty (+Washington D.C.). An area of interest this season was the look that Washington condition may abandon it’s medicinal marijuana program, potentially costing patients lots of money in taxes to gain access to relief.

We’re hopeful that 2014 is a landmark year for marijuana reform.  California, amongst others, could also join their email list of legal medical states in 2014 and also the Marijuana Policy Project is hopeful about their “28 by 2014” initiative. As this information is being written, farmers and shops are preparing for legal leisure marijuana sales that’ll be legal in only hrs once we welcome in 2012.   Voters both in Colorado and Washington legalized leisure marijuana in November of 2012 but establishing the regulating framework has taken considerable time, debate, and energy.

Colorado has emerged prepared to oversee legal non medicinal marijuana sales and can end up being the initial town on the planet to do this.  While Washington condition and Uruguay have legalized leisure cannabis as well, they’re much farther away from seeing shops open their doorways.  Amsterdam, while loving toward cannabis use, hasn’t really legalized it.  Ethan Nadelmann, from the Drug Policy Alliance was excited when it comes to Colorado blazing the legal trail.  “Colorado is basically the very first.  It is the very first by which this really is clearly legal where marijuana has been grown legally, offered wholesale legally, offered retail legally,” Nadelman stated lately.
This news is definitely an exciting method to introduce 2014.  We offer the individual protections of individuals who would like to enjoy marijuana recreationally, but we hope the requirements of patients isn’t lost within the excitement and also the drive to help make the industry lucrative and taxed.  We should also wish everybody a contented Year and hope you’ve got a wonderful 2014.

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Recalling Marijuana Supporter and Philanthropist Peter B. Lewis

peter b lewis

We reside in a society where financial wealth is often the way of measuring someone’s greatness.  There is definitely an incredible economic climate within the U . s . States that enables for a lot of to operate hard and get personal wealth.   Very frequently, however, individuals who find financial success don’t hand back and recognize individuals less fortunate.

It was not the situation with Peter B. Lewis.   The billionaire philanthropist was most widely known for his role as Chairman of Progressive Insurance Provider, however, many others will appreciate his charitable work.  Last year, Mr. Lewis guaranteed to give 1 / 2 of his wealth to charitable organisation.  He was noted for appreciating the humanities, culture, and human privileges.  Peter B. Lewis contributed large, very a large amount of cash to a lot of organizations such as the ACLU and The Guggenheim Museum.  We are sad to are convinced that he died a couple of days ago.

At any given time when giving and openly supporting marijuana reform was a little more risky for any guy of his stature, Peter B. Lewis wasn’t embarrassed to be among the wealthiest and profiles supporters of medicinal marijuana and leisure marijuana.  In 2007 he contributed $3,000,000 to MPP (Marijuana Policy Project).  The group has utilized the donations well and it is a number one organization in pushing marijuana reform forward.  He also supported Initiative 502, what the law states that made history by legalizing a leisure marijuana market that will provide new tax revenues within the condition of Washington.  In 1998, Mr. Lewis experienced from the medical problem that needed an incomplete amputation of 1 of his legs.  He stated that traditional medicines and pills were never competitive with marijuana was for his discomfort.  Mr. Lewis found idea the thought of criminalizing marijuana to become absurd and be probably the most influential figures for reform.

We’d much like to consider this time around to keep in mind this sort and caring guy.  Peter B. Lewis accomplished a lot of things and grew to become a  billionaire.  However, shown a level more rare trait, he never lost his empathy even while he acquired financial wealth.

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Marijuana Industry News October 4, 2013


Legalizing marijuana would finish underground community states Israeli Study…

Prohibition continues to be associated with stimulating organized crime on several occasion.  Our neighbors towards the south, Mexico have observed an excessive amount of top notch bloodshed as cartel energy continues to be in a position to flourish.  The calls to legalize and reduce cartel influence haven’t been more powerful.  Israel, such as the relaxation around the globe is attempting to develop a plans for additional revenue and fewer violence.  A recent study there came to the conclusion they might accomplish both through marijuana legalisation.  “Realizing the large financial gains that will originate from legalisation demands the government take serious consideration in the proposal to legalize cannabis use under specific recommendations,” stated Yarden Gazit, who co-written the research in Israel.

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Washington and Colorado with changes to marijuana banking…

As continues to be recommended formerly by marijuana.internet and lots of other sources, the greatest hurdles within the legal marijuana industry relates to banking.  Federal government bodies have compelled the banking institutions to prevent letting shops operate business accounts.  The outcome is marijuana, cash, with no recorded paper trail. Individuals in the market happen to be lobbying to alter this.  With Colorado and Washington continuing to move forward using their recently legalized leisure market, the requirement for modern banking us essential.  Washington Condition Gov. Jay Inslee and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper wrote instructions to federal government bodies, including Secretary of Treasury, Ben Bernanke.  In it they condition that banking is  a necessary aspect of ensure a correctly controlled system.

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Marijuana Policy Project’s effective advertising campaign strikes again…

Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has already established a string of much talked about and effective advertisements launched lately.  They have specific the National football league and Dale earnhardt jr ., getting contradictions to light how alcohol is treated versus. marijuana.  Sticking with similar theme, MPP has become setting up advertisements at bus animal shelters in Tigard Maine.  “I prefer marijuana over alcohol since it doesn’t cause me to feel rowdy or reckless,” among the advertisements reads. “Why must i be punished?”  On Election Day in November, citizens in Tigard they would like to legalize small quantities of leisure marijuana for grown ups.  Metro, Portland’s public bus service has gotten some complaints concerning the advertisements but stated the advertisements were considered political advertising, and turn into inside their advertising recommendations.


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Marijuana Industry News September 27, 2013


Poll: Majority of California Residents Support Legal Marijuana…

While many think that support for marijuana legalization in California is a foregone conclusion, that has not always been the case.  Residents have supported medical marijuana for years.  At times, residents against recreational legalization have seemed to outnumber those for it.  That trend is starting to change and recent polls show a majority of residents do support legal marijuana. With what happened last year in Colorado and Washington, and the DOJ’s recent admission that they will not prosecute those in accordance with state law, it may not be a surprise if the trend continues all over.  A recent poll conducted by Public Policy Institute of California, indicated that 52% of California residents would like to see marijuana legalized. Democrats favored legalization by a margin of 64-33 while Republicans favored keeping marijuana illegal by a margin of 53-45%.  The poll also found significantly more support for federal authorities to respect state laws,  68% of  likely voters said the federal government should not interfere with state marijuana laws.  California has encountered considerable financial and budgetary problems, perhaps making the idea of green lighting new tax revenues popular.

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NORML Makes Attempt at Getting Marijuana Ad to Air During Superbowl…

The NFL may not be able hide under its archaic marijuana policy for much longer.  Calls to reduce mandatory suspensions for marijuana violations
are coming from all over.  There is no mandatory suspension for Dui related arrests.  Marijuana  Policy Project recently put up a billboard outside of the Denver Broncos stadium that questioned the NFL’s pro alcohol and anti-marijuana policies.  The billboard received a great deal of press.  Now there may be a chance NORML takes the issue to even newer heights.  Intuit is running a contest where the organization that receives the most votes will have a Superbowl ad paid for.  NORML’s ad is currently the leader in votes.  It will be interesting to see if Intuit will award NORML or refuse to help the ad air.  Fox, the television host of the Superbowl may also elect not air the commercial.  Unfortunately for Intuit, they may find that you cannot send an open offer to the people if you are not prepared to discuss what is truly on their minds.

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High Profile Mexicans Urge Decriminalization In Newspaper Ad…

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox has been beating the marijuana legalization  drum for years.  The country is experiencing devastating cartel violence and the idea of legalizing marijuana to reduce cartel power is popular.  Earlier this week, a newspaper advertisement was printed with many highly successful Mexican residents including a Nobel prize scientist, businessmen, actors, and lawmakers coming together to call for marijuana decriminalization.  The ad had a caption that read :

“Mexico has paid a high cost for applying the punitive policy of prohibition.  We know well that neither decriminalization nor any other individual measure represents a panacea to end the violence, corruption and lawlessness in Mexico. But effective decriminalization of marijuana consumption by raising the dose permitted for personal use is a step in the right direction.”

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Marijuana Industry News September 20, 2013


MPP Produces Listing of 50 Most Influential Marijuana People who smoke…

Hopefully the news reported here and using their company sources helps to erase the negative stereotypes connected with marijuana.  Marijuana Policy Project just launched a listing when the 50 most influential marijuana people who smoke.  The activist group continues to be highly effective in supplying the general public with true details on marijuana.  Their media campaigns are much talked about plus they have introduced some warmth around the big National football league empire to change marijuana testing and headgear for gamers.  MPP’s list has lots of expected names for example current Leader Obama.  Others out there has come about as more if your surprise for many.

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Support Growing for Medicinal Marijuana in Pennsylvania…

With many states within the northeast changing marijuana laws and regulations and starting medical cannabis programs, it might appear only dependent on time before Pennsylvania would join this mixture.  Previous attempts at passing a medicinal marijuana bill happen to be not successful.   Senate bill 770, however, is booming in recognition.  “It’s certainly being spoken about greater than it had, and i believe there’s some bipartisan support,” stated Senator Take advantage of Teplitz (D) of Dauphin County.  He also continued to state, “It might be a large step with this condition.  That’s why my position could be under tight supervision with a physician with controls to make certain that it is getting used for legitimate reasons, individuals would be the parameters which i would support.” The balance would permit using cannabis for several debilitating conditions.

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Town of Vegas Delays Dispensary Openings, Patients Feel Lives Might be in Jeopardy…

Like the lately fixed situation in Washington D.C., medicinal marijuana was approved more than about ten years ago in Vegas with no single dispensary being allowed to function legally.  Within the summer time, D.C. saw it’s first dispensary open only blocks from Capitol Hill.  Citizens in Vegas are wishing for the same effective outcome, though for many it might be not enough past too far.  The town of Vegas has transpired a six-month moratorium on marijuana shops, contributing to the already 13 year delay.  Meanwhile, the town patients should boost their own medication.  Regrettably, that needs time to work, money and understanding many people are not outfitted with.  Furthermore, it produces issues of safety as novice farmers can certainly produce tainted yields, that could increase their own health worries.  One patient, Jack, told media shops “I’d most likely be dead in six several weeks basically needed to begin with scratch and also be.”  He continued to state “Without cannabis I can’t eat whatsoever.  You will find occasions where I’m short on cannabis and unable to eat for a few days.  I did previously weigh 60 pounds greater than I actually do at this time.”  Jack’s situation highlights the issue with government bodies dragging their ft.  Frequently government authorities possess the smallest amount of understanding on medicinal marijuana, consequently, their delays and counter offers usually are unsuccessful of patient needs.  Just like many patients, Jack is confronted with either disobeying the law and looking access unlawfully, or possible dying.

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Marijuana Industry News September 15, 2013

Senate Hearing Held This Week to Clarify Gap Between State and FederalMarijuana law… A lot was discussed at this week’s historic Senate marijuana forum.We broke it down into a few sections.  We will start with SenatorLeahy. – Sen. Patrick Leahy, (D-Vt) had been trying to schedule a forum tohelp reconcile the differences between state and …continue reading

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Marijuana industry news September 6, 2013

MPP Football

MPP places pro marijuana ad outside of NFL opener…

Marijuana Policy Project has proved to be invaluable in highlighting the truth about cannabis.  The group made headlines with their recent NASCAR ad and will not stop there. Their next target is the NFL and their policy on testing players for marijuana use.  An ad was placed outside of Denver’s Mile High Stadium that read ” Stop Driving Players to Drink.  A Safer Choice is Now Legal Here.”  NFL players have come under harsh criticism for the high number of DUI arrests among them.  The NFL permits drinking but comes down harsh on players testing positive for marijuana.  Players are suspended, for multiple games with former Miami Dolphin, Ricky Williams, being one if the most high profile examples of the policy.  Mason Tvert of MPP feels the NFL ‘s stance is contradictory and recently said “NFL players are being told that they can go out and get completely drunk, but face no punishment from the league, but if a player gets caught using marijuana, they could be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars, forced to sit out games and deemed a troublemaker.”

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Oregon Reveals Plans for Marijuana Dispensaries…

Earlier this year Oregon lawmakers passed House Bill 3460, legislation aimed at creating a registry for medical marijuana providers.  Medical marijuana is already thriving g in Oregon with law enforcement officials estimating that over 100 dispensaries are operating.  So far there is little to no oversight so the implementation of HB3460 is crucial.  A committee to oversee the caregivers has been formed and will convene, for the first time on September 20th.  The committee, formed by  Tom Burns who also oversees the pharmaceutical industry, is made up of police officers, prosecutors, marijuana lobbyists, lawyers, and dispensary operators.  The committee expects to implant their rules by January 31, 2014.

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Justice Department Statement Will Not Immediately Solve IRS Problems For Marijuana Industry…

The statements by the Justice Department, last week, indicating they would respect state laws certainly was a boost for many patients and caregivers.  However, this is only step one.  Another major obstacle  to overcome has to do with finance.  Because of federal pressure, banks will not allow collectives to set up business accounts.  The result, an untraceable cash business that helps neither the Feds (they can’t easily follow an electronic paper trail if a dispensary is operating illegally) or collective operators who have to keep cash and marijuana on hand.  Armed security at dispensaries is also illegal.  This forces collectives to have a bulls eye on their backs.  Another issue for dispensary operators is the fact that they cannot deduct normal business expenses that allow other small businesses to keep their doors open. None of this benefits the patient and since prohibition appears dead the IRS should move quickly.  Of course it is likely they will not.

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Federal Authorities Refuse to Admit Marijuana less Dangerous than Alcohol

federal government

Last week, we at were pleased to report on Attorney General Holder’s decision to alter the way federal minimum drug sentences would be handled.  This week we found out it may have been a case of the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away.

The momentum for marijuana reform has been rising steady so it was right on cue that federal authorities needed to fight back with false and ridiculous propaganda.  On Monday, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) released a statement that not only calls into question their grasp of the facts,  but also questions whether or not the agency is operating in 2013 and not 1933.  On Monday decision makers at the NIDA thought the following statement was a well thought out idea: “Claiming that marijuana is less toxic than alcohol cannot be substantiated since each possess their own unique set of risks and consequences for a given individual.”  The statement seems to be a response to the group Marijuana Policy Project’s (MPP) recent ads that describe marijuana as less dangerous than alcohol.

Mason Tvert of MPP commented on the odd NIDA statement by telling Huffington Post “Our federal government has been exaggerating the harms of marijuana for decades, but at this point it has gone off the deep end…NIDA’s statement that marijuana can be just as toxic as alcohol would be on par with the FDA announcing sushi is as fattening as fried chicken.”  The Huffington Post article also pointed out that PolitiFact was unable to identify a single marijuana related death in 2010 but found 41,682 linked to alcohol during the same year.

The public trust in federal drug policy has been declining for decades.  However, the feds have learned to smile, dress nice, and say little when questioned on these issues.  NIDA’s mission statement is “to lead the nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction .”  Their actions indicate that perhaps the NIDA does not hold its mission statement in any sort of high regard.  As we said last week with Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s reversal on medical marijuana, how do we trust those who have policy making influence when they are the last to be educated?

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Marijuana Industry News August 2,2012

Illinois governor

Illinois Becomes 20th Condition To Legalize Medicinal Marijuana…

The constantly growing listing of states enabling medicinal marijuana had recognized another participant.  This week, Illinois grew to become the twentieth condition to legalize medicinal marijuana.  The condition where Leader Obama made his political career, now formally is disregarding their own laws and regulations.  Underneath the new law, patients is going to be permitted to own as much as 2.5 oz . of marijuana per bi weekly period.  You will see 22 shops initially approved over the condition.  Surveillance may also be needed 24/7.  Karen O’ Keefe, from the Marijuana Policy Project claims the Illinois laws and regulations is going to be a few of the most stringent within the U . s . States.  Governor Pat Quinn stated after filling out the bill now “Personally i think this is one thing, whatever belief we practice, all of us think that helping individuals who’re sick, helping them recover as well as helping them cope with discomfort, this is a tenet in each and every belief and each religion.”


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First Marijuana dispensary finally opens D.C…

In an indication of altering occasions along with a fight lost by the us government, a medicinal marijuana dispensary is opening only blocks from Capitol Hill.  About miles from the same Congress that will not reform federal marijuana law, Capital Care opened up the 2009 week.  This uses about fifteen years of lawsuits.Wa D.C. citizens passed a ballot to permit medicinal marijuana (70%-30%) in the 90’s,  only to achieve the U.S. Congress intervene and stop implementation from the program.  The task of federal intervention is probably point of interest of patients and care providers in D.C.”We’ve not been told by them,” Scott Morgan, Capital Care’s communications director, stated from the Drug Enforcement Administration. “This is actually an exhibit in how you can do medicinal marijuana inside a focused and kind of clinical type of way. And for your reason, hopefully the final results we are achieving and individuals we are helping, it kind of means itself. When individuals take a look at what we have doing here, they’ll agree that we are doing the best factor.”


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Uruguay Makes Marijuana Legalisation Seem Like a Potential Reality…

The thought of legalizing Marijuana continues to be going swimming Uruguay for that this past year or two.  Legalization required a significant step now as Uruguay’s lower house of Congress approved an invoice to manage the purchase of marijuana. The low house was where experts thought there might be an problem obtaining the bill passed.  The bill is anticipated to pass through within the upper house and Uruguay Leader, Jose Mujica, has championed the reason,  making the bill’s approval basically assured.  Uruguay will be the first country in Guatemala to legalize marijuana.  While many people in Uruguay don’t offer the measure,  there is a lot of support in the area to reform marijuana laws and regulations and lower cartel violence.  Former Mexico leader, Vicente Fox has frequently openly mentioned his support for legalisation.


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California Court Decision Highlights Importance For LA to Election Yes on F


For several weeks, many happen to be eagerly anticipating an approaching decision in the California Top Court that lots of wished will bring clearness towards the state’s confusing medical cannabis laws and regulations.  Unfortunately the legal confusion appears prone to stay in spot for the expected future. The current decision within the Riverside situation to permit local cities to prohibit marijuana collectives is really a setback for individuals wishing to determine California adopt uniform state-wide rules.   You will find also concerns that safe access for a lot of patients might be jeopardized.  Local dispensary restrictions happen to be in position in a few areas.  Karen O’Keefe, of Marijuana Policy Project referred to the choice as“disappointing to individuals people who only desire to get access to improve the standard in our lives.” In the decision, Condition Top Court Justice Marvin Baxter pointed out that although some cities are outfitted to deal with marijuana collectives, others might not be.  However certainly one of individuals cities, The Town of La, ought to be a lot more than suitable for the requirements of the patients.  In under two days La citizens may have the chance to election on three ballot initiatives associated with the way the city will regulate medicinal marijuana collectives.  Last week,  in our Industry News entry,  we briefly referred to the variations between your suggested laws and regulations. Ordinance F may be the only comprehensive bill which will correctly regulate, tax, lab test, and safeguard minors. We’re encouraging citizens of los angeles to get out there and election yes on F. The election  is essential to ensure patients will keep having safe use of medicine. La has numerous financial worries that could be partly alleviated using the new tax revenue F would create.  Shops could be needed to to keep financial transparency, and would face regular audits.  The medical cannabis itself would need to be examined by labs for the utmost safety and minors wouldn’t be allowed within shops. These aren’t issues that might be worked within Ordinance E or Proposition D.  It’s been abundantly obvious for a long time that marijuana reform isn’t some passing fad and also the here we are at competent regulation is lengthy past due.

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