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Washington State

Medical Marijuana Patient Banned From Riding Bus Over Weed Odor

Told he “unreasonably disturbs others” due to his tenacious marijuana odor, Matthew Little of Kitsap, Washington has been banned from riding public transportation for the next six months. Saturated with the fragrance of his favorite medicinal plant, Mr. Little apparently upset those passengers who were a little more accustomed the aroma of the industrialized world […] Thanks to

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Washington: Marijuana Worker Protection Standards Released by Agriculture Department

As legal cannabis business grows larger, states are realizing standards need to be set. In the latest step toward standardizing cannabis cultivation, the Washington State Department of Agriculture released formal recommendations called the “Worker Protection Standards (WPS): Requirements for Marijuana Growers.” Standards in the regular world of agriculture are created by the United States Department […]

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Ringing in 2012


Everyone knows 2012 can represent intense as well as harmful frat boy like hanging out. It also signifies a new beginning and new hope. Usually at this time around of the year we at marijuana.internet are wishing individuals who require relief will find it which the legal landscape gets to be more friendly to patients. Patients continue to be battling, and there’s a lot of legal work left to become done, however, 2013 observed historic change.  Colorado and Washington organized their plans for leisure marijuana programs.  Other states (Illinois and Nh) passed laws and regulations enabling medicinal marijuana while Nj broadened it’s medicinal marijuana program.  The quantity of states which have passed medical cannabis laws and regulations can be twenty (+Washington D.C.). An area of interest this season was the look that Washington condition may abandon it’s medicinal marijuana program, potentially costing patients lots of money in taxes to gain access to relief.

We’re hopeful that 2014 is a landmark year for marijuana reform.  California, amongst others, could also join their email list of legal medical states in 2014 and also the Marijuana Policy Project is hopeful about their “28 by 2014” initiative. As this information is being written, farmers and shops are preparing for legal leisure marijuana sales that’ll be legal in only hrs once we welcome in 2012.   Voters both in Colorado and Washington legalized leisure marijuana in November of 2012 but establishing the regulating framework has taken considerable time, debate, and energy.

Colorado has emerged prepared to oversee legal non medicinal marijuana sales and can end up being the initial town on the planet to do this.  While Washington condition and Uruguay have legalized leisure cannabis as well, they’re much farther away from seeing shops open their doorways.  Amsterdam, while loving toward cannabis use, hasn’t really legalized it.  Ethan Nadelmann, from the Drug Policy Alliance was excited when it comes to Colorado blazing the legal trail.  “Colorado is basically the very first.  It is the very first by which this really is clearly legal where marijuana has been grown legally, offered wholesale legally, offered retail legally,” Nadelman stated lately.
This news is definitely an exciting method to introduce 2014.  We offer the individual protections of individuals who would like to enjoy marijuana recreationally, but we hope the requirements of patients isn’t lost within the excitement and also the drive to help make the industry lucrative and taxed.  We should also wish everybody a contented Year and hope you’ve got a wonderful 2014.

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Marijuana Industry News October 25, 2013

breath test

Marijuana Breathalyzer May Come to California with Legalization…

One of the largest obstacles in governing the legal recreational marijuana industries is being able to assess a driver’s impairment.  Tests for alcohol and drunk driving have become reliable and acceptable.  Setting a blood alcohol limit of .1 or .08 is straight forward.  Determining acceptable marijuana levels has not been as easy.  California authorities and law makers are looking into having a similar test put into place.  However deciding on where to set the legal levels may prove difficult.  When asked about hard limits set in Washington state, Gabriel Reeves, the executive Chef at the Elemental Wellness Center in San Jose recently told NBC don’t feel that that sort of a limit has been established as scientifically accurate or something that would able to be standardized across the medical cannabis industry for each patient. Because each patient, each patient’s needs, vary with the amount of milligrams of THC that they need to alleviate their symptoms.”

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Support for Legalizing Marijuana Rising Quickly to all Time High…

American’s support for legalizing marijuana has been rising steadily over the past few years.  Washington and Colorado provided evidence if this, but until recently, most polls showed just over 50% of Americans were in support with higher numbers backing decriminalization and medical use.  A recent Gallop poll indicates that even the idea if legalizing  for marijuana for recreational use is gaining support.  In the poll 58% supported legalization, an all time high.  The news came at a time when federal authorities have signaled a softer stance on marijuana.  Marijuana enjoys a much higher approval rating than congress and may even offer a better chance at helping the economy.

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D.C. Mayor Seeks to Decriminalize Marijuana…

It has taken federal authorities years to even signal the possibility of bringing common sense to marijuana policy.  However, right under their noses, in Washington D.C., the city has moved forward with major marijuana reforms.  Medical marijuana has already been legalized, giving patients the chance at a better quality if life.  Now there is a bill sitting with the D.C. Council that, if passed, would decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.  D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray has now signaled his support for the bill making passage more likely.  Possession of less than one ounce would no longer accompany a six month jail sentence and $1,000 fine, rather, the penalty would be a civil citation ticket for $100 and no jail time.  Like many other municipalities, D.C. has financial and correction center overcrowding issues to deal with.


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Washington State Looking to Keep Tight Legal Marijuana Regulations


The demographics of the United States are changing everyday.  The newer generation of Americans no longer wish to see their peers treated unfairly because of who they wish to spend the night with.  Even the Boy Scouts of America, an organization that has traditionally banned any gay members, is now reconsidering their position.  Last November’s election showed that the country is heading in a new direction as states enacted marriage equality acts, and two states (Colorado, Washington) legalized recreational marijuana use.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson met with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder last week.  The meeting was aimed at striking a balance between federal and state regulations.  Washington state is moving forward with what their people want, a taxed and regulated marijuana market.  However, Washington officials are not abandoning caution, and understand the concerns that opponents have about marijuana leaving state lines.  The state is seeking the help of marijuana experts to help ensure that the proper regulations are set in place.

Washington and Colorado are hoping to create the model for how this can be done.  Polling and recent voting shows a surge in support for drastic marijuana reform and there are no signs of this trend slowing.  Washington’s Liquor Control Board has posted ads that indicates they seeking individuals with  “at least three years of consulting experience relating to the knowledge of the cannabis industry, including but not limited to product growth, harvesting, packaging, product infusion and product safety.” Medical marijuana employees will likely be the target employees.  The state is looking to determine safety and testing regulations, the proper amount of storefronts.  There is time to work this out but the regulations are expected to be in place sooner than later as legal sales are expected to begin in December.

It may be about time for the federal government to start posting their own job advertisements.  We are supposed to look to the federal government for guidance and should not have to enact common sense law ourselves years before they will even consider discussion.  It is a fast paced, internet and technologically driven world that will soon not tolerate snail paced governing.   Tough talk, failed policy, one liners, and bitter partisan politics are no longer in step with what most Americans want.  If Washington state can demonstrate a connection to what the people want, we hope that Washington D.C. follows suit.

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Election Momentum and Hurricane Sandy Damage Could Propel Medical Marijuana in NY

new york city

Activists in New York state are demonstrating that timing truly is everything.  New York residents have indicated that they support decriminalization measures. Reforming marijuana law also has the support of popular/powerful Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has informed New York legislators that they will receive no raise in pay until they fix the devastating “Stop and Frisk” laws.

There has already been considerable momentum across the country to drastically reform marijuana laws following huge victories in Michigan, Colorado, and Washington state.  Albany lawmakers stuck in the previous century have mocked such changes, but may finally see the light.  The entire 2012 election was an eye opener to those who have been unable to notice a changing electorate.  The new voting public no longer wants to waste their money on restricting civil rights and wasting money on the failed War on Drugs.  If New York lawmakers wish to avoid filing for unemployment, they too may want to take note of what direction the country is going.

Besides the election momentum, another high profile event may also force New York to consider cost savings measures.  Hurricane Sandy has devastated the New York City, Westchester, and Long Island areas.  Residents are still trying to recover and it will be along time before places like the Rockaways, Staten Island, Long Beach, Fire Island, or Red Hook will be back to normal.  Governor Cuomo has already requested $30 billion from the federal government, but that may not be enough to entirely rebuild the area.  New York Senator, Diane Savino, of Staten Island (one of the hardest hit areas in NYC) is pushing to make New York the 19th state to legalize medical marijuana.  The Senator recently told the NY Daily News that “There is a huge amount of revenue here.”  The Senator was referring to the many jobs and tax dollars that could be generated from medical marijuana in the Empire State.

They say it’s important to strike while the iron is hot.  There is no better example than New York as reforming marijuana laws are crucial to rebuilding the area.  The public wants change, and the finances need change.  New York is known for setting trends and it could impact the entire country if the state legalized medical marijuana.  The call for reform was growing before well before Sandy as New York has long had budget concerns.  No matter what happens New York will have to take extraordinary steps in order to balance their budget, it may be the perfect time for lawmakers to just listen to the people.

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Washington State Dismissing Small Possession Cases


Last week Americans in several states signaled their desire to abandon the government’s failed approach toward marijuana regulation.  However, instituting the programs in Washington and Colorado that will tax, regulate, and distribute marijuana will take some time as many details will still have to be worked out.

There have been reports in Michigan of authorities already making contingency plans to fight against the will of the people.  As we already stated, it may be unwise to contest election results and ignore the wishes of voters.  Fortunately, in Seattle, officials seem more likely to act as government and elected officials are expected to.  Although the legalization laws will not take effect until December 6th in Washington, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg recently said “I think when the people voted to change the policy, they weren’t focused on when the effective date of the new policy would be. They spoke loudly and clearly that we should not treat small amounts of marijuana as an offense.”

We applaud Mr. Satterberg for using common sense.  Many officials will likely cling to their “good ol’ days” mindset until the very last possible moment.  This flawed thinking will only result in unnecessary arrests, wasted taxpayer dollars, and the eventual dropping of the charges.  While Satterberg may be the first, the Seattle Times is reporting that other prosecutors are now considering following suit.

The relationship between lawmakers/police and residents seems to be an issue all over the country.  This may be for good reason as the blatant disregard for what the people want was a bubble bound to burst.  We are happy at, but we also need to remain stern.  It should not be such a happy and isolated moment when officials decide to put their own selfish politics aside and listen to those hired them.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News

red cross

East Coast Still Recovering from Hurricane Sandy…


Sandy is perhaps the worst storm to hit the Northeast in modern history.  The region is still trying to recover from the incident as many are still without power.  Entire homes and lives have been lost and continues to extend our wishes out to those impacted.  We are donating water and food to collection centers in the New York area.  We hope everyone comes together and rebuilds the east coast better than ever.  We were pleased to see Governor Chris Christie and President Obama work together in what is becoming a rare bi-partisan moment.  Many are unable to help, but many can.  Below you can click on a link to the Red Cross with instructions on how you can help.

Click here if you are interested in Contributing to the Red Cross


Legalized Marijuana Likely To Pass In Washington State…


Marijuana reform has been gaining momentum for years now.  The conversation is usually centered around decriminalization and medical marijuana legislation.  However, as citizens demand more personal freedom and science highlights the benign nature of marijuana, recreation legalization has gained momentum.  Colorado, Washington, and Oregon will all  be voting on legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana.  The situation looks good for advocates in Washington State as many politicians and members of law enforcement have supported initiative 502 for quite some time. However, residents who will be voting seem to be demonstrating overwhelming support for the bill.  In a recent poll of likely voters Washington residents indicated by a margin of 55.4-37.6.  Check out for our election coverage next week as we discuss the presidency as well as the outcome of many bills that pertain to marijuana reform.  Residents also seem likely to pass a bill that will legalize same sex marriage.

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Arkansas Sees Big Dollars Spent For and Against Medical Marijuana Bill…


Above we mentioned the bill in Washington State that seems likely to pass on Tuesday.  In Arkansas the fate of their medical marijuana initiative may be less certain.  There is considerable support for the bill but also many who oppose the idea.  Arkansas has the chance to become the first state in the deep south to have a medical marijuana program.  In the true spirit of the political season, a great deal of money has been spent on trying to get initiative passed.  Arkansans for Compassionate Care has raised $419,000 and spent $406,000 with almost all of the money going toward television ads. will report on whether or not the initiative passes next week.


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Medical Marijuana Industry News October 5, 2012

city council

Los Angeles Patients and Activists Score Huge Victory as they Force City Council To Repeal Dispensary Ban…

The decision by the Los Angeles City Council to drop their current efforts in banning marijuana dispensaries is a huge lift for many concerned patients.  While we at have posted the story already on our page, we thought it was important to bring more focus to the issue.  The city wanted the ban as they have proved unable to come up with an adequate system of regulation.  Instead of rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty, they decided the work would be too difficult and tried to brush the issue under the rug.  A dispensary ban would have likely lead to a resurgence of unregulated gang related marijuana sales on the street level.  This week’s victory shows how the voice of the people still matters and how great things can be accomplished.  Americans for Safe Access was able to collect the over 27,000 signatures needed to block the ban.  After the signatures were collected the City Council had the option of repealing the ban themselves or putting the vote to the people.  Many analysts expected the issue to go to a vote.  While we have been hard on how the City Council has handled the situation, we would like to applaud them in this decision.  As it was becoming more clear that there was enough voter support to repeal the ban in the City Council decided not to drag out the inevitable.


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Synthetic Marijuana Linked to Kidney Failure in Oregon Residents…

Over the course of the past year fears have grown over synthetic marijuana use.  Most state governments and the federal government have outlawed its production.  Many health complications have been linked to synthetic cannabis use with kidney failure now emerging as the newest problem.  In Oregon, 6 cases of kidney failure have been linked to use of popular products such as “Spice” and “K2”. 
State Public Health Division Director Mel Kohn, M.D., M.P.H, said “People need to know that synthetic or designer drugs like ‘spice’ or ‘synthetic amphetamines’ are chemicals that are not safe, can contain dangerous contaminants, and may cause serious harm to users – even death, If you become ill after taking a designer drug, seek medical attention immediately and bring the drug in so it can be tested.”

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Republican Senate Candidate in Washington State Endorses Marijuana Legalization Initiative…

Bi-partisan has become a dirty word in Washington D.C. as neither party seems willing to give the other credit.  Hopefully in Washington State this can be corrected.  Many people may associate marijuana reform with Democrats, but many Republicans, especially those who favor state rights seem to moving toward supporting marijuana.  This is the case in Washington State as Republican Senate hopeful, Michael Baumgartner, has endorsed Initiative-502.  This ballot initiative will be voted on by residents of the state and would create a system of regulating, taxing, and distributing marijuana in a similar way that alcohol is handled.  In actuality, the marijuana industry will be handled by the states Liquor Control Board.  Mr. Baumgartner explained his support of Initiative 502 by saying “It’s taking a different approach to a very expensive drug war, and potentially a better approach.  They’ve checked all the boxes as far as what you would want to see happen in terms of provisions to keep it away from children and limiting access in the public space. I’ve just been impressed with the initiative and the people running it.”  While he may be a longshot to unseat U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell, he may be successful in motivating the already high support for the bill.


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Newest Marijuana Initiative Polls

states medical marijuana

Political junkies or those working in campaigns have been spending a considerable amount of time analyzing polls recently.  Even those who are not as enthusiastic about the election probably cannot escape the constant updates on polling.  Yesterday spoke about a polls showing that Colorado voters seem to be heavily leaning toward enacting a measure that would legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana.

Today, we thought maybe we would talk about some polls on marijuana initiatives in other states.  Colorado is not the only state with a major marijuana legislative overhaul law that will be voted on by the people in November.  Arkansas, Montana, Massachusetts, Washington State and Oregon will leave the future of marijuana reform in the hands of voters in November.  These polls are gauging the public’s interest in bills they will be voting on.  However, there is also pending legislation in other states to legalize medical marijuana or decriminalize.

The news for activists has been in mostly in their favor.  As mentioned yesterday, polls showed a strong majority of Colorado residents favoring the legalization of marijuana.  Similar results were found in Washington State as 57% supported legalization with 34% opposed.  In Massachusetts 58% of those polled signaled their support to legalize medical marijuana with only 27% opposing the measure.    Additionally, a majority of Montana voters do not support the state setting up additional limits on the state’s medical marijuana program.  Oregon voters were much more on the fence when it comes to legalizing marijuana with a slight majority disapproving of the measure (46%-43%).  There has not been polling data on residents of Arkansas, where they will vote on bring medical marijuana to the south.

The likelihood of at least one state passing a legalized marijuana bill seems extremely high.  Additionally it seems at one or more states may soon be joining the growing list of 17 states (and Washington D.C.) that have medical marijuana programs.  While many of us have grown weary from polling and statistics being directed our way, we thought many marijuana activists would be pleased to see their efforts are winning over the people.

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