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Marijuana Industry News October 25, 2013

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Marijuana Breathalyzer May Come to California with Legalization…

One of the largest obstacles in governing the legal recreational marijuana industries is being able to assess a driver’s impairment.  Tests for alcohol and drunk driving have become reliable and acceptable.  Setting a blood alcohol limit of .1 or .08 is straight forward.  Determining acceptable marijuana levels has not been as easy.  California authorities and law makers are looking into having a similar test put into place.  However deciding on where to set the legal levels may prove difficult.  When asked about hard limits set in Washington state, Gabriel Reeves, the executive Chef at the Elemental Wellness Center in San Jose recently told NBC don’t feel that that sort of a limit has been established as scientifically accurate or something that would able to be standardized across the medical cannabis industry for each patient. Because each patient, each patient’s needs, vary with the amount of milligrams of THC that they need to alleviate their symptoms.”

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Support for Legalizing Marijuana Rising Quickly to all Time High…

American’s support for legalizing marijuana has been rising steadily over the past few years.  Washington and Colorado provided evidence if this, but until recently, most polls showed just over 50% of Americans were in support with higher numbers backing decriminalization and medical use.  A recent Gallop poll indicates that even the idea if legalizing  for marijuana for recreational use is gaining support.  In the poll 58% supported legalization, an all time high.  The news came at a time when federal authorities have signaled a softer stance on marijuana.  Marijuana enjoys a much higher approval rating than congress and may even offer a better chance at helping the economy.

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D.C. Mayor Seeks to Decriminalize Marijuana…

It has taken federal authorities years to even signal the possibility of bringing common sense to marijuana policy.  However, right under their noses, in Washington D.C., the city has moved forward with major marijuana reforms.  Medical marijuana has already been legalized, giving patients the chance at a better quality if life.  Now there is a bill sitting with the D.C. Council that, if passed, would decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.  D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray has now signaled his support for the bill making passage more likely.  Possession of less than one ounce would no longer accompany a six month jail sentence and $1,000 fine, rather, the penalty would be a civil citation ticket for $100 and no jail time.  Like many other municipalities, D.C. has financial and correction center overcrowding issues to deal with.


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