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Pittsburgh City Council Passes Marijuana Decriminalization

Creating a little more elbowroom for The Steel City’s real criminals, the Pittsburgh City Council decisively approved legislation on Monday that will decriminalize the possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana. Whether it was the Holiday sprit or fiscal concerns, Council members closed out the 2015 legislative session on an elevated note, also approving […]

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Delaware Receives Early Christmas Present: Marijuana Is Officially Decriminalized

Merry Christmas Delaware! Congratulations on your newest gift of marijuana decriminalization. As of 12 AM this morning, the personal possession of up to an ounce of pot will no longer be considered a criminal offense for those adults 21 or over in the Blue Diamond State – thanks to today’s implementation of House Bill 39. […]

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Canna Pro Expo Flordia

The event you don’t want to miss is just days away. We don’t want you to miss the most important Cannabis event of the season. You can still reserve your space now.

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Our kids have to be the guinea pigs because the government won’t legalize it

Our kids have to be the guinea pigs because the government won’t legalize it

Marijuana in the United States has been federally illegal since the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.  The substance was made illegal for a number of reasons, most of which would be questioned by today’s generation. Lawmakers made allegations such as the use of marijuana leading to rape or murder, reckless eloping, and made the racist […]

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Insufficient Banking Remains Challenge for Legal Marijuana Industry

empty bank vault

A week ago we spoke concerning the fact our Commander in Chief looks like it’s unaware of the separation of forces.  President Obama attempted to assert that he’s powerless to assist reschedule marijuana laws and regulations.  He obviously was remedied through the reporter performing the job interview and informed the Department of Justice works best for the Leader.  Mr.  Obama is extremely wise and it is an old leader from the Harvard Law Review.  This would lead someone to think that his outward naive behavior was intentional, something that’s simply not likely to sit well with reformers and medicinal marijuana patients.

The Justice Department is shedding the ball again.  They launched a vague statement implying that marijuana collectives will get access to banking.  This has produced confusion among collective operators and it has not alleviated the worries of the bankers.  No one will risk a federal crime within the banking industry (avoid marijuana anyway).  It appears no government agency or official can simply grant us our deserved and needed privileges, father, everything appears to need to be completed in small steps.  Common sense reform only works through itching and moving for each inch, possibly as a means of letting us realize that our privileges can’t ever be easily restored.
U . s . States Attorney General, Eric Holder, lately stated recommendations instructing the banking industry regarding how to handle the accounts of marijuana collectives could be launched “soon.Inch  Unfortunately, with no occur stone law, U.S. prosecutors can ignore a memo from Mr. Holder.  Similar situations have come to light in N.Y. when former NYPD Commissioner, Ray Kelly, sent a memo out for officials to abandon “Stop and Frisk.”  Not every officer was willing to accept advice.  A memo may also be totally irrelevant to another presidential administration.
Take advantage of Rowe, a senior official using the American Bankers Association was wary the DOJ memo might have much impact.  He lately stated “From my conversations with bankers, I do not observe that there’s what you can perform that will provide a bank enhanced comfort they require until Congress changes what the law states.Inch  If the Department of Justice rescheduled marijuana, we’d be prepared to wager that might be an excellent start.  Mr. Obama has lately made head lines by his aggressive risks to make use of executive energy at the appropriate interval.  With a dysfunctional congress, he might need to determine his scope of energy, and make a move to help keep teens from jail and also to allow patients to medicate without anxiety about prosecution.

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People in america Like Marijuana Greater than Congress and Leader Obama


Leader Barack Obama’s recent approval rankings are at 42%. Congress is affected with a level worse approval rating of 13%.  We can’t just blame a moody American public because you will find some approval amounts increasing.  The thought of legalizing leisure marijuana is greatly accepted individuals two battling branches of presidency.

Inside a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 55% of participants supported the thought of legalizing marijuana and controlling it in an identical fashion to Colorado and Washington Condition.  Another 24% of the nation didn’t support legalisation but didn’t feels laws and regulations went by condition congress and voters ought to be repealed.  The amounts are shifting rapidly toward a huge most of People in america searching to repair a nearly century old damaged system.  The support isn’t unanimous and could be divided by groups.  For example, as NBC NEWS stated, People in america aged 18-34 favor legalisation with a massive 49 point margin.  Individuals over the age of 65 are against 59-38, though that’s considerably less resistance than a couple of years back for your age group.  Older People in america tend to be more split lower the center.  The amounts also break lower along party lines as Dems largely favor the concept (34 point margin) with Republicans opposing (By 23 points).  Independents support legalizing 60-39%.

This signifies that it’s likely support is only going to grow.  Recent claims may accelerate the support as Leader Obama lately established that marijuana wasn’t any more harmful than alcohol.  U.S. Senator, Charles Schumer (D-NY)  publically stated that the testing out new strategies in Colorado and Washington would be a “good idea.”  Even among the champions of contemporary conservatism, Texas Governor Ron Perry, recommended he may aim to decriminalize marijuana.

The thought of legalisation, decriminalization, taxation, and also the growth of medicinal marijuana aren’t new.  Most are able to see the possibility economic benefits.  It leads someone to think that our chosen leaders simply love disorder and drama.  When they legalized marijuana, are they going to fight less as tasks are produced and much more tax revenues are available in?  What can they argue about when less teens are jailed, or our edges are safer having a less strong Mexican cartel?  The thought of legalisation isn’t solely Republican or Democrat there might not be your final push until one for reds from the aisle understands a method to steal the loan.  Meanwhile, People in america will still be awaiting our government to trap as much as the relaxation people.

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Leader Obama’s Recent Marijuana Claims Still Leave Air Hazy


Following Leader Obama’s shifting tone on marijuana continues to be difficult.  The Leader has accepted to smoking marijuana like a teen and authored about  it at length in the 1995 book, “Hopes for My Dad.Inch  While becoming a U.S. Senator he notoriously stated “I breathed in frequently, which was the purposeInch after being questioned in a job interview.  After recommending marijuana enforcement wouldn’t be important from the Justice Department, the Federal Government shocked many because they continued to conduct more raids on shops than previous presidents Clinton and Rose bush combined.

Because the Fight against Drugs has fatigued America. Parents have finished watching their teens be jailed for non-violent crimes, (“crimes” their very own leader has accepted to doing) and lots of happen to be demanding action from Leader Obama.  Regrettably, even while the outdated guidelines ongoing to consider a toll around the economy and families, the leader continued to be quiet around the problem during the last couple of years.  Inside a Reddit session, participants extremely attempted to interact the leader on marijuana reform, simply to be overlooked.  Exactly the same happened having a Whitened House initiative where they guaranteed any subject could be addressed if received enough online votes.  Again there is only crickets.

It seems being more than a year taken off re-election has reminded the leader that we’re awaiting him to repair this problem.  Finally, in The month of january of 2014, Leader Obama’s finally saying what most People in america are planning.  Within an interview with David Remnick from the New Yorker, the leader was requested about his sights on marijuana.  He responded by saying “I don’t believe it is more harmful than alcohol.”  When requested if marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol he stated “in relation to its effect on the person consumer.”  Also, he continued to state “We shouldn’t be securing up kids or individual customers for lengthy stretches of incarceration when a few of the people that are writing individuals laws and regulations have most likely done exactly the same factor.”  That’s a place that people from the marijuana community happen to be losing sleep over for many years.

It is not easy of what to model of the President’s statements.  Colorado and Washington have approved leisure marijuana sales and also the listing of medicinal marijuana states is continuously growing.  The federal government has clearly lost the propaganda war as most People in america want leisure marijuana legalized along with a huge majority want medical and decriminalization laws and regulations.  It’s also interesting to notice the claims through the Department of Justice last August, where they indicated they’d respect condition marijuana laws and regulations. We’ve been misled through the President  before, but with no pending election, we’re hopeful he can uphold his word this time around.

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Is Marijuana the following Large Industry?


Marijuana has clearly joined a brand new age. Legal sales have began in Colorado and really should be around the means by Washington condition. The popularity isn’t just a U.S. phenomenon. Uruguay can also be planning for leisure marijuana sales.

You will find still major hurdles within the U.S. which include marijuana’s illegal federal status and the possible lack of banking access for collective operators.  However, despite individuals repairable situations, it’s obvious that marijuana may be the next large industry within the U . s . States and possibly around the globe.  The images being released of Colorado reveal that this really is greater than a passing fad.

A lot of the financial conversation revolves simply around taxes collected through legal sales of marijuana.  While these amounts are essential, it might be a shortsighted method of viewing the industry’s impact.  Marijuana shops also equal jobs for security, plant/grow providers, lawyers, doctors/medical centers, companies, local plumbers, electrical engineers and anybody associated with building maintenance and construction, realtors, land lords and also the list can carry on.  As we still watch Republicans and Dems recycle exactly the same speaking points within their debates, legal marijuana satisfies both platforms. New Revenues is going to be produced (what Dems seek) and taxes don’t need to rise (what Republicans want) because new jobs people these days working translates to more taxes being collected. Innovation and industry will offer you more solutions budget squabbles.

A current article by Heesun Wee of CNBC highlights the present condition from the growing marijuana industry.  The article describes the innovation and creativeness industry people are employing to pay the bills legally without use of modern banking.  It also describes new states thinking about legalisation and just how the push has become originating from both political right and left and just what seems to become a vibrant future for that industry.  We at marijuana.internet are looking forward to what is the news and just hope that patient’s needs are thought later on.

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Marijuana Industry News The month of january 10, 2014


Alaska Can Become Third Condition to Legalize Leisure Marijuana…
With what has become a well known trend, there’s now discussion of legalizing leisure marijuana in Alaska.  Public support for legal marijuana appears to become growing because the group Campaign to manage Marijuana could collect 45,000 signatures, 15,000 greater than the needed 30,000 to obtain a legalisation initiative towards the ballot for August.  Some signatures might be considered invalid, out of the box the situation with many signature drives, however the prospects of getting Alaska citizens voting around the measure appears most likely now.  Among the initiative’s sponsors, Tim Hintenberger, stated “The suggested initiative will require marijuana sales from the subterranean market and them in legitimate, taxpaying companies.”
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National football league Commissioner Indicates Chance of Permitting Medicinal Marijuana for Patients…

The National football league has had a lot of critique because of its tolerance of binge consuming and lightweight punitive measures for gamers charged with DUIs because they concurrently lower the hammer on the least heavy marijuana infringements.  Using its macho alpha male attitude, the National football league hasn’t exactly been considered to be a progressive organization.  This is actually the same league that will not make significant equipment changes to be able to improve safety because of its gamers. Fortunately, Commissioner Roger Goodell,leaves the doorway available to possibly permitting gamers received medicinal marijuana in states where it’s legal.  He lately stated “I have no idea what’s likely to develop so far as the following chance for medicine to evolve and also to help either cope with discomfort or help cope with injuries, but we continuously offer the evolution of drugs.Inches
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Many Demand Governor Cuomo to complete more in New You are able to…
Once we pointed out yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo includes a practice of trying out the political waters before fully taking any plunge.  Although he signed off with an executive order that will restore legislation from 1980 enabling a number of hospitals in New You are able to condition to problem medicinal marijuana to patients, the machine may likely not serve many patients.  Many activists are upset and therefore are accusing the Governor of not doing enough.  Many ill patients won’t be eligible for a relief and also the Governor didn’t address getting an finish to “Stop and Frisk”.  The Governor did try to address the problem this past year, but was met with considerable resistance from Albany congress.  Gabriel Singh, from the New You are able to chapter from the Drug Policy Alliance was critical of Mr. Cuomo shedding the push to repair “Stop and Frisk”.  He lately stated “For Cuomo to retreat from that problem, it’s disgusting, frankly.”  Governor Cuomo has shown to be a really calculated politician which is unlikely that this is actually the final stage from the marijuana reform, but he’ll risk upsetting many until he will get more reform measures passed.

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Marijuana Industry News December 20, 2013


Colorado might have fundamental banking system setup for Shops at the begining of 2014…


The legal medical and leisure marijuana industries have battled to function their companies since initially opening their doorways within the U . s . States.  Without accessibility banking system, simple tasks other companies ignore are impossible.  Deposits, transparent documentation, and business breaks happen to be extremely difficult for shops.  Furthermore, this leaves two combustible products discussing close quarters, cash and marijuana.  For employees and patients, there’s a substantial and unnecessary risk for shops being criminal targets, because they cannot have armed security on premises, with crooks knowing just as much.  Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s chief counsel, Jack Finlaw lately stated that “probably within the first quarter of 2014 you will see some guidance released that’s similar to the Cole memo in the Department of Justice which will give, not a eco-friendly light, but a yellow light to banks to enable them to conduct business [with marijuana companies] — to consider deposits, to setup checking accounts, to setup small company financial loans, to permit these companies to simply accept purchases through an atm card or charge cards, to permit what normal companies are permitted to complete.Inch


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Drive Through Medicinal Marijuana Approved in Illinois City…

As the easy joke is marijuana patients visit the drive through after smoking, within the Illinois town of Naperville, they might be going in advance.  On The month of january 1st the medicinal marijuana program will start in Illinois, and possibly being an early holiday present, the Naperville City Council has approved drive through marijuana shops.  The Town Council appears seriously interested in patient concerns as Councilman Steve Chirico lately stated,  “These facilities, the things they sell apart from medicinal marijuana oftentimes are health-related, natural, organic kinds of items … and that i just have no idea that … you want to be in the industry of restricting it.”


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Wyoming Lawmaker Seeks Decriminalization of Marijuana for Sake of Patients…


In another sign that marijuana goes beyond political obstacles, another condition formerly considered to unfriendly territory for marijuana reform might be presenting new legislation to decriminalize.  NORML intentions of starting a petition drive to obtain a ballot to voters in 2016 that will legalize medical and leisure marijuana use.  Condition Repetition. Sue Wallis, (R-Recluse) is wishing to obtain a jumpstart and also have some reforms in position before that.  She intentions of presenting a decriminalization bill at the begining of 2014 that will a minimum of make penalties on suffering patients much less harsh.  The problem hits home for that Wallis as her husband experienced relief in Colorado through medical cannabis in the final days.  She referred to the problem by saying ” Consequently of this experience, and also the research that I have done since that time, I’ve become absolutely believing that essentially what wiped out him was prescription pain relievers consequently of the old equine wreck that split his pelvis and messed up his back rather than cured properly.”


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