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Charles Schumer

People in america Like Marijuana Greater than Congress and Leader Obama


Leader Barack Obama’s recent approval rankings are at 42%. Congress is affected with a level worse approval rating of 13%.  We can’t just blame a moody American public because you will find some approval amounts increasing.  The thought of legalizing leisure marijuana is greatly accepted individuals two battling branches of presidency.

Inside a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 55% of participants supported the thought of legalizing marijuana and controlling it in an identical fashion to Colorado and Washington Condition.  Another 24% of the nation didn’t support legalisation but didn’t feels laws and regulations went by condition congress and voters ought to be repealed.  The amounts are shifting rapidly toward a huge most of People in america searching to repair a nearly century old damaged system.  The support isn’t unanimous and could be divided by groups.  For example, as NBC NEWS stated, People in america aged 18-34 favor legalisation with a massive 49 point margin.  Individuals over the age of 65 are against 59-38, though that’s considerably less resistance than a couple of years back for your age group.  Older People in america tend to be more split lower the center.  The amounts also break lower along party lines as Dems largely favor the concept (34 point margin) with Republicans opposing (By 23 points).  Independents support legalizing 60-39%.

This signifies that it’s likely support is only going to grow.  Recent claims may accelerate the support as Leader Obama lately established that marijuana wasn’t any more harmful than alcohol.  U.S. Senator, Charles Schumer (D-NY)  publically stated that the testing out new strategies in Colorado and Washington would be a “good idea.”  Even among the champions of contemporary conservatism, Texas Governor Ron Perry, recommended he may aim to decriminalize marijuana.

The thought of legalisation, decriminalization, taxation, and also the growth of medicinal marijuana aren’t new.  Most are able to see the possibility economic benefits.  It leads someone to think that our chosen leaders simply love disorder and drama.  When they legalized marijuana, are they going to fight less as tasks are produced and much more tax revenues are available in?  What can they argue about when less teens are jailed, or our edges are safer having a less strong Mexican cartel?  The thought of legalisation isn’t solely Republican or Democrat there might not be your final push until one for reds from the aisle understands a method to steal the loan.  Meanwhile, People in america will still be awaiting our government to trap as much as the relaxation people.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News June 29, 2012

regulate marijuana like alcohol

New Billboard Featuring Father and Son for Marijuana Regulation put up in Colorado…

Supporters of Colorado’s Amendment 64 are starting to add up.  Amendment 64 will be voted on by the people of Colorado in November and would see marijuana regulated and taxed.  The group Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol was instrumental in getting the signatures required to get the issue to the ballots.  A new campaign that focuses on families was recently launched.  The group has placed a billboard close to the stadium that is home to the Denver Broncos.  Opponents were predictably critical and asserted that legalized marijuana will find its way into the hands of children.  Recent studies have shown this not to be the case in Sacramento for medical marijuana.  The group feels this is not the case and their billboard actually depicts a father and a son with the slogan “Please, Card My Son.”  Under that it says “Regulate the sale of marijuana and keep it out of his hands.”


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Chicago Passes Law to Ticket Small Level Marijuana Offenders…

Media outlets have been reporting on a plan to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana in the city of Chicago.  Aldermen (term used for Chicago City Legislators) had a long debate on the issue the other day but in the end overwhelmingly approved the measure, 43-3.  The law was supported by President Obama’s former Chief of Staff, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  In response to dissenters who claimed the law sent a poor message to children, the Mayor actually stated that no action would send a far more devastating signal.  Chicago has seen a tremendous rise in homicides, up 38% from this time last year.  Many are concerned with police resources being tied up combating low level marijuana cases instead of more serious crimes.  Alderman Will Burns said “The calls I get at 2 o’clock in the morning are not about marijuana possession, they’re about someone who’s been shot in my ward, I want those calls to cease and the way we do that is to make sure our police are fighting violent crime.”  Residents of Chicago are also concerned, like New York City, about the disproportionate amount of marijuana arrests for Black and Hispanics, compared with Whites who actually smoke more marijuana.


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New Jersey Assembly Approves Marijuana Decriminalization Bill…

New Jersey Lawmakers have been discussing a bill that would decriminalize marijuana for about a month.  Earlier this week they passed it as many residents feel their tax dollars are being wasted on low level marijuana possession arrests.  The New Jersey State Assembly passed measure A1465 by a margin of 44-30.  Unfortunately for marijuana advocates, New Jersey Mayor Chris Christie has already indicated that he will veto the measure.  Judging by the governor’s opposition to a medical marijuana program that was already passed before he came to office, New Jersey residents may be in store for a bitter battle over a sensible decriminalization debate.  Check back with us as we will be covering the Governor’s response and possible veto in further detail to the decriminalization bill.


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President Obama to Sign Bill Banning Synthetic Marijuana…

Momentum for outlawing synthetic marijuana has been building for over a year.  Many states have their own laws against products such as “K2” and “Spice” but now it appears a federal ban will be signed by President Barack Obama soon.  Recently a bill (led by NY Senator Charles Schumer) passed in the United States Senate and will make its way to the president’s desk soon.  Dangerous side effects, especially for teens have been reported.  Many feel a tightly regulated marijuana industry would have prevented the synthetic black market.  The bill comes at a time when advocates are desperate for the White House to engage in a serious marijuana reform conversation.  Many were offended when DEA officials refused to acknowledge that heroin and crack were more harmful than marijuana.


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Medical Marijuana Industry News May 25, 2012

andy caffrey

Andy Caffrey Plans to Smoke Marijuana in front of U.S. Capitol if he wins election…

A marijuana patient and activist is seeking to win the congressional seat for California’s 2nd district which includes much of the northern region of the state.  Andy Caffrey has been known to light up a joint during his campaign stops.  If elected he has vowed to continue the tradition on the steps of the United States Capitol building.  The district has been occupied by long time law maker Wally Herger (R-CA) since 1987.  Earlier this year, Mr. Herger announced that he would not be seeking re-election in November.  Caffrey is hoping that he can win the soon to be vacant seat by advocating for major changes in marijuana law and voiced his frustration with both Republicans and Democrats.  The race will be interesting as many hats have been thrown into the race with almost all of them supporting legalized or medical marijuana.  Caffrey has spent previous time working with the environmental group Earth First.


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Appeals Court Rejects Medical Marijuana Suit by Disabled Plaintiffs…

Struggling patients were not granted the compassion they were seeking by federal courts.  A lawsuit was filed against California (Marla James vs. the City of Costa Mesa) cities for cracking down on marijuana dispensaries.  The plaintiffs claimed the actions of city municipalities were in direct violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The plaintiffs who are legal marijuana card holders say that other treatments have failed to reduce pain.  The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination in providing public services.  The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals seemed to sympathize with the plaintiffs but felt they could not offer protection because the Americans with Disabilities Act recognizes federal law instead of state legislation.


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US Judge says GPS Use in Marijuana Bust Illegal…

The Drug Enforcement Agency followed Robert Dale Lee by installing a GPS device on his truck.  In September of last year, Kentucky State Troopers pulled over Lee already having vital info provided by the GPS.  Lee arrived in Kentucky with over 150 pounds of marijuana in his truck from Chicago.  A US judge is throwing out the case because the DEA failed to get a warrant before installing the GPS.  In January, the United States Supreme court ruled against the DEA having permission to use GPS locators without a warrant.


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United States Senate Officially Outlaws Synthetic Cannabis…

While the outlawing of synthetic cannabis pretty much was handled several months ago by the US Senate, it is now official.  Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) previously objected to the legislation but now the Senate is finally able to move forward.  A bill was also passed by the house toward the end of 2011.  Both bills will likely be combined and then be presented to the president for his signature.   Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) has led the federal charge against synthetic cannabis.  Synthetic marijuana products such as “K2” and “Spice” have come under fire as they have been linked with serious side effects and emergency room visits, especially by teenagers.


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Medical Marijuana Industry News March 30, 2012


Rhode Island Lawmakers Consider Legalizing Marijuana For Recreational Use…


Rhode Island has been full of marijuana updates lately.  Earlier in the week it was reported that RI is considering three new medical marijuana facilities.  Currently, medical marijuana is permitted if patients meet certain criteria.  They are allowed to possess 2.5 ounces and 12 plants but there are no dispensaries.  In a newer development, it was revealed that legislators in Rhode Island are now even considering legalizing marijuana for recreational use.  The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear both sides of the debate on Tuesday.  Decriminalizing cannabis will also be discussed at Tuesday’s hearing.

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Initiatives to Make Marijuana Enforcement Lowest Priority are Underway in 6 Washington State Cities…

Washington State has already considered serious marijuana reform by the actions of New Approach Washington.  The group was able to collect enough signatures for marijuana legalization (Initiative 502) to make it to the ballot and face a vote by the people.  In the meantime however, it looks as if residents in Washington will attempt other ways in which to reform marijuana law.  Sensible Washington is making a huge effort to push the decriminalization initiatives in Spokane, Olympia, Kent, Bellingham, Everett, and Bremerton.  Seattle and Tacoma have already passed similar legislation making marijuana enforcement for personal adult use the lowest priority by authorities.


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New York State Bans the Sale of Synthetic Marijuana…

Lawmakers in New York State have been pushing for a ban on synthetic marijuana for the past several months.  They have finalized the ban preventing convenience store and tobacco shops from selling the popular products such as “K2” and “Spice”.  Many have been concerned with recent health reports on the products.  Teenagers seem especially vulnerable as there have been many emergency room visits reported that have been linked to use of synthetic marijuana.  Many of these instances involve teens not being able to speak or acknowledge their surroundings.  The National Poison Control Center has received 8,000 calls involving synthetic cannabis since 2011.  The rise in the numbers is staggering as New York had 4 such instances in 2009 and 2010.  New York State Senator Charles Schumer has led the charge for both a national ban and New York’s ban on synthetic cannabis.  He has met opposition on a federal by those who feel any ban should be left up to individual states.  Most states have already enacted similar bans.


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Medicinal Marijuana Industry News Feb 24, 2012


La Moves Nearer to Dispensary Prohibit



The controversy in La regarding marijuana dispensary closings continues to be happening for several weeks.  City Councilman Jose Huizar is leading your time and effort to shut lower the collectives.  He’s mentioned that crime comes with the collectives which he’s worried about the content legal marijuana transmits to children.  Advocates have accused him of attempting to look tough on crime on his method to run for Da.  The storyline from the potential prohibit isn’t new however it seems a election from the la City Council will occur soon.  If council votes from the collectives there’s certain to be legal challenges.  Many citizens have taken care of marijuana prescription cards and California condition law (propsosition 215) guarantees “Safe Access” for patients.  La isn’t the only town thinking about a prohibit that will not in favor of condition law.  The California Condition Top Court may ultimately define how California’s medicinal marijuana system progresses.  Lengthy Beach chosen to enact an identical prohibit, but has permitted people of the  Lengthy Beach Collective Association to stay open for many several weeks pending the greater courts decision.


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New You are able to Senator Chuck Schumer Joins individuals Seeking Synthetic Marijuana Prohibit


Synthetic marijuana is really a growing concern for a lot of over the U . s . States.  Many states have passed laws and regulations targeted at making synthetic cannabis illegal.  The authorities made the component JWH-018  illegal for just one year pending further review.  JWH-018 was formerly (and sure is still incorporated sometimes) the primary element of synthetic marijuana.  Many reviews have appeared of teens being rushed towards the er after utilization of items like “K2” and “Spice”.   New You are able to Condition Senator Charles Schumer has became a member of your time and effort to prohibit the harmful items.  Senator Schumer is trying to rally support for Harmful Synthetic Drug Control Act of 2011 and was cited as saying “Synthetic marijuana shouldn’t be legal simply because it masquerades as potpourri.”


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Vallejo Collective Raided By Government bodies


A marijuana collective in Vallejo was raided the 2009 week.  Matthew Shotwell, the operator of Greenwell Cooperative, was arrested .  Government bodies on federal, condition, and native levels matched within the raid.  The California condition Franchise Tax Board and California Condition Board of Equalization also appear to possess performed a substantial role the problem too.  Within the summer time the Condition Board of Equalization visited several companies such as the Greenwell Cooperative to evaluate whether proper tax codes appeared to be adopted.  While there’s been no official word that tax infractions were the reason for the raid, it appears likely.  The Federal Government has mentioned that they’re not focusing on shops who’re following condition law.  It was why many shops were shut lower within the summer time and fall.


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