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Denver, Thornton mayors join with other U.S. city leaders to call for federal marijuana policy reforms

The Denver and Thornton mayors have joined a new coalition of U.S. city leaders that will lobby Congress and the Trump administration to increase local control over marijuana policy.

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Seattle clears marijuana convictions, following San Francisco lead

Five years after Washington legalized marijuana, Seattle officials say they’re moving to automatically clear past misdemeanor cannabis convictions.

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Printabowl: Bringing Water-Pipes into the 21st Century

The art of glass pipes dates as early as 3000 B.C. The first glass pipes originated in Egypt and Mesopotamia through a process that used molten sand to mold glass. These early glass pieces took such unprecedented skill to make that they were considered as valuable as jewels. Thousands of years later, around 30 B.C., […]

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Washington State: GOP Chairwoman Claims Increase in Black Market Since Legalization

In an interview with Roll Call, a new Power Brokers news series, House Republican Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers expresses her opinion on a variety of topics – one being marijuana legalization in WA State. The Chairwoman’s home state, Washington, legalized marijuana for adult consumption in 2012. The interviewer, Melinda Henneberger, asked Chairwoman McMorris Rodgers […]

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If Marijuana is Legal, Why is Growing Your Own A Felony?

Washington may have legalized marijuana in 2012, but that doesn’t mean it’s legal for you to grow your own ‘dro. Washington is the only state that has legalized marijuana for recreational use but has banned its adult citizens over 21 from cultivating their own extra-special houseplants. Supporters of home-grow argue that if citizens over 21 years […]

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Medical Marijuana Industry News September 14, 2012


New Bills In Congress Would Allow States to Decide Medical Marijuana…

As detailed often on, one of the biggest concerns for the medical marijuana industry is that is in a state of legislative limbo.  Patients are often left to wonder if they will have access to their medication.  Additionally, dispensaries face many difficulties operating in under the current system.  For the most part they are prevented from utilizing bank accounts or credit unions.  This results in high levels of marijuana and cash on premises, and dramatically increases the likelihood of being robbed.  Additionally, these businesses cannot benefit from the tax code or deduct expenses, making their survival challenging.  Several new laws in Congress have been introduced that would actually address these concerns.  Three different bills, HB 1983, HB1984, and HB1985, would allow dispensaries to take advantage of electronic banking, tax deductions, and would allow states to decide if they wish to permit medical marijuana by re-scheduling marijuana.  While similar bills have failed previously, there seems to be more bi-partisan support than ever for re-hauling the government’s approach toward medical marijuana.  While support was previously higher from Democrats, they have now been joined by fiscally conservatives who no longer want to see funds wasted on DEA raids.  Additionally, there is a growing call for returning many rights back to the states.


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Two Marijuana Dispensaries to Open in Vermont…

The federal crackdown and raids on marijuana dispensaries may not be producing the intended outcomes, especially in the Northeast.  In recent months, Connecticut has approved a measure to permit medical marijuana and even under the well known Republican Governor, Chris Christie (who does not support the program) New Jersey is close to dispensing marijuana to patients.  There is momentum across the country as Detroit, the state of Washington, Colorado, and Oregon will see their residents vote to regulate and legalize even recreation marijuana use.  A successful ballot initiative has also given residents of Arkansas the opportunity to vote on enacting a medical marijuana program.  In Vermont, two marijuana dispensaries have been given the green light to open.  One of the dispensaries will be located in Burlington while another will open its doors in Waterbury.  Vermont legalized medical marijuana in 2004 but patients are responsible for growing and cultivating their own medicine.  Patients in Vermont can possess up to 2 ounces and own 3 plants.  Last year Vermont lawmakers passed a new law that would allow up to 4 dispensaries to open.  The two dispensaries are expected to open in 6 months with additional applications to fill the other 2 openings under review.


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Seattle’s Children’s Alliance Supports Marijuana Legalization Initiative…

Supporting marijuana reform was previously career suicide in the public arena. Over the past few years there have been surprising supporters of marijuana reform including televangelist Pat Robertson and Progressive Insurance Chairman Peter B. Lewis.  However, an even more surprising group of supporters have revealed themselves.  A Seattle based non-profit group named The Children’s Alliance has come out in support of Initiative 502, which if passed by Washington State residents, would legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana in a way that is similar to how alcohol is handled.  The group’s main focus is on protecting children’s futures.  Although whites and African Americans consume marijuana at similar rates, non whites are significantly more at risk for being arrested for it.  Often these arrests are of teens and having a criminal record can seriously jeopardize their ability to get a job, housing, or gain college acceptance.  Jon Gould, Deputy Director of The Children’s Alliance said “The status quo is not working for children, particularly children of color. Public policy ought to move us further toward racial equity and justice, and Initiative 502 is one step forward to that.”


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Feds May Not Be Able to Flex Muscles After New State Laws

juice head

Similar to an annoying gym rat who screams as he exhales while hogging up any full body mirrors, our federal government acts like a “juicehead”, usually eager to show off and flex any chance it gets.  We witnessed this during the medical marijuana raids of the Clinton and G.W. Bush presidencies but in 2008 we were then promised newer and smarter ideas.  We were promised a fully body approach complete with calisthenics and nutritional eating.  However, despite such claims we find ourselves back to square one, paying taxes to a government that is more concerned with feeding its inflating ego and only working out its upper body.  Last fall, dispensary raids conducted a rate previously unseen.

Recently, 23 medical marijuana businesses in Washington were sent threatening letters from the DEA, informing them they would have to shut down or face prosecution.  The letters were sent out to dispensaries that are in violation of Washington state law as they are operating within school zones.  Matthew G. Barnes, of Seattle’s DEA sent the letters which asked dispensaries to “Please take the necessary steps to discontinue the sale and/or distribution of marijuana…within 30 days.”

While the federal government has made it clear they would like to dismantle the entire medical marijuana program, they have chosen a careful route in doing so.  Because they do not want to be accused of interfering with state laws, they so far claim to only target dispensaries that are in violation of state law.  Many feel that threats to Harborside Health and other high profile California collectives had nothing to do with state law.  In addition to the comments included above, Mr. Barnes made statements that did not seem to be concerned with upholding Washington State law as he said “The DEA will not turn a blind eye to criminal organizations that attempt to use state or local law as a shield for their illicit drug trafficking activities.”

The statement actually seems to insinuate that these collectives were attempting to “traffic drugs” at a profit and that respecting state laws had little to do with the decision.  Of course anytime the White House is challenged on the issue they still maintain that they only get involved once state laws are broken.  This is a statement that could soon backfire as three states will allow its residents to vote on totally legalizing marijuana, even for recreational use.  How sacred will state law be to the feds if Washington, Oregon, or Colorado or all three legalize marijuana?  Will the feds continue to flex their muscle and admit their disregard for state laws after using it as their defense for so long?  Will they try to be more subtle, or will they walk away from the mirror and try to use all of their resources and strength to help instead of harm?

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Medical Marijuana Industry News March 30, 2012


Rhode Island Lawmakers Consider Legalizing Marijuana For Recreational Use…


Rhode Island has been full of marijuana updates lately.  Earlier in the week it was reported that RI is considering three new medical marijuana facilities.  Currently, medical marijuana is permitted if patients meet certain criteria.  They are allowed to possess 2.5 ounces and 12 plants but there are no dispensaries.  In a newer development, it was revealed that legislators in Rhode Island are now even considering legalizing marijuana for recreational use.  The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear both sides of the debate on Tuesday.  Decriminalizing cannabis will also be discussed at Tuesday’s hearing.

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Initiatives to Make Marijuana Enforcement Lowest Priority are Underway in 6 Washington State Cities…

Washington State has already considered serious marijuana reform by the actions of New Approach Washington.  The group was able to collect enough signatures for marijuana legalization (Initiative 502) to make it to the ballot and face a vote by the people.  In the meantime however, it looks as if residents in Washington will attempt other ways in which to reform marijuana law.  Sensible Washington is making a huge effort to push the decriminalization initiatives in Spokane, Olympia, Kent, Bellingham, Everett, and Bremerton.  Seattle and Tacoma have already passed similar legislation making marijuana enforcement for personal adult use the lowest priority by authorities.


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New York State Bans the Sale of Synthetic Marijuana…

Lawmakers in New York State have been pushing for a ban on synthetic marijuana for the past several months.  They have finalized the ban preventing convenience store and tobacco shops from selling the popular products such as “K2” and “Spice”.  Many have been concerned with recent health reports on the products.  Teenagers seem especially vulnerable as there have been many emergency room visits reported that have been linked to use of synthetic marijuana.  Many of these instances involve teens not being able to speak or acknowledge their surroundings.  The National Poison Control Center has received 8,000 calls involving synthetic cannabis since 2011.  The rise in the numbers is staggering as New York had 4 such instances in 2009 and 2010.  New York State Senator Charles Schumer has led the charge for both a national ban and New York’s ban on synthetic cannabis.  He has met opposition on a federal by those who feel any ban should be left up to individual states.  Most states have already enacted similar bans.


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Momentum in Washington Condition for Marijuana Legalisation


When ordering in almost any restaurant, if your server has strategies for or against a specific dish, it is almost always smart to heed their warning.  Regrettably, consumers are usually far too busy to analyze everything themselves, therefore we finish up granting moral deference to individuals knowledgable.  When confronted with medicinal marijuana laws and regulations, sometimes this really is the same as ordering within the restaurant.  When top congress make claims promoting marijuana legalisation, there has to be grounds with this,also it most likely runs much deeper than the typical American might be likely to know.

The New Approach Washington Campaign (Will describe as NAWC) is attaining tremendous momentum lately within their push to determine marijuana legalized and controlled.  There happen to be laws and regulations that permit medical having marijuana in Washington, however the campaign is pushing for any new approach altogether.  The goals from the NAWC will be to save wasted money and wasted lives wronged by current marijuana policy.  The audience want to see marijuana controlled similarly to alcohol.  Prospects are searching great for the NAWC to obtain the problem before condition legislators this year.

The NAWC holds several picture cards in the hands. With large donations including $250,000 from Progressive Insurance Chairman Peter Lewis, the NAWC will probably have the ability to obtain message aloud and obvious.  Additionally to being well funded, they’re also taking pleasure in the support of numerous much talked about people involved with police force.  The large choice of heavy players who’ve on the sides using the NAWC is former Illinois U.S. Attorney Thomas Sullivan, the previous mind from the FBI’s The city of jacksonville, Fla., office, Mike Kahoe, senior, federal judge John L. Kane of Colorado, former U.S. Attorney for Dallas, Kate Pflaumer, Anne Levinson, an old Dallas Municipal Court judge, former U.S. Attorney John McKay, and  King County Judge Robert Alsdorf.

This looks to become probably the most effective legal coalitions seeking marijuana reform.  As the us government will not mention the pink elephant within the room, the brand new Approach Washington Campaign is bolstered by most of the fed’s peers who’ve came to the conclusion our current course is among failure.  If the many servers met up to recommend crème brûlée, I would need to you should consider breaking my diet, and you will find no busts or tax dollars at risk for your.

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Medicinal Marijuana Industry News Week of August 15th, 2011 Logo for 260x120 Ad Space

Greater than 150,000 people attended the 20th annual Hempfest in Dallas.   The mission statement from the event reads:  “To educate the general public around the numerous potential benefits provided by the Cannabis plant, such as the medicinal, industrial, farming, economic, environment, along with other benefits and programs.”  The big event featured symposiums around the many purposes of medicinal marijuana, suppliers selling paraphernalia, speeches, and live music.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) spoke towards the audience on Saturday.  Kucinich’s 8 minute speech discussed a number of his favorite subjects:  peace, fair trade, equal privileges and also the legalisation of marijuana. * * * Medicinal Genomics lately reported it has completed the DNA sequencing of Cannabis sativa.  The biotech firm thinks which will soon be easy to develop drugs which contain the 80 plus advantageous compounds in marijuana with no THC.  Pharmaceutical companies have lengthy searched for medicines that will provide advantages to their stockholders, and never customers of medicinal marijuana. &nbsp Note for Nerds. You will find 131 billion base pairs of genetic data within Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica.  Inside the various strains there’s greater than a 1% variation. Browse the strain library for a listing of strains available as well as their characteristics. * * * Lawyers, doctors, and patient advocates within the condition of Maryland will work introducing legislation to legalize marijuana for “seriously ill patients.”   The legislation is slated for any election through the condition set up this year and could be implemented as soon as The month of january of 2013.  Medical utilization of marijuana is legal in 16 states and Washington, D.C. * * * Congress in Massachusetts are thinking about legalizing marijuana for medical reasons.  The law allows patients to posses 24 plants or four oz . of Marijuana.  More information in regards to this can be obtained from world wide &nbsp

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