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Medicinal Marijuana Industry News Week of August 15th, 2011 Logo for 260x120 Ad Space

Greater than 150,000 people attended the 20th annual Hempfest in Dallas.   The mission statement from the event reads:  “To educate the general public around the numerous potential benefits provided by the Cannabis plant, such as the medicinal, industrial, farming, economic, environment, along with other benefits and programs.”  The big event featured symposiums around the many purposes of medicinal marijuana, suppliers selling paraphernalia, speeches, and live music.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) spoke towards the audience on Saturday.  Kucinich’s 8 minute speech discussed a number of his favorite subjects:  peace, fair trade, equal privileges and also the legalisation of marijuana. * * * Medicinal Genomics lately reported it has completed the DNA sequencing of Cannabis sativa.  The biotech firm thinks which will soon be easy to develop drugs which contain the 80 plus advantageous compounds in marijuana with no THC.  Pharmaceutical companies have lengthy searched for medicines that will provide advantages to their stockholders, and never customers of medicinal marijuana. &nbsp Note for Nerds. You will find 131 billion base pairs of genetic data within Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica.  Inside the various strains there’s greater than a 1% variation. Browse the strain library for a listing of strains available as well as their characteristics. * * * Lawyers, doctors, and patient advocates within the condition of Maryland will work introducing legislation to legalize marijuana for “seriously ill patients.”   The legislation is slated for any election through the condition set up this year and could be implemented as soon as The month of january of 2013.  Medical utilization of marijuana is legal in 16 states and Washington, D.C. * * * Congress in Massachusetts are thinking about legalizing marijuana for medical reasons.  The law allows patients to posses 24 plants or four oz . of Marijuana.  More information in regards to this can be obtained from world wide &nbsp

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