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Trump tells Gardner he’ll protect legal marijuana: Politicians, cannabis industry react

Politicians and cannabis industry insiders, alike, were surprised Monday morning by Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner’s announcement that he has struck a deal with President Donald J. Trump that would protect states’ marijuana laws from federal interference.

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Maryland patients’ long wait finally over as medical marijuana dispensaries open for business

Maryland medical marijuana patients lined up as dispensaries opened in a state that has some of the nation’s most liberal qualification policies.

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Maryland lawmakers to push for recreational marijuana

A group of Democratic lawmakers in Maryland want the state to join a growing number of others that have legalized marijuana for recreational use, taxing and regulating sales of the drug similar to the way the state deals with alcohol.

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Maryland Continues to Make Mistakes with Marijuana Legalization

Though Maryland became the 21st state to legalize medical marijuana more than two years ago, patients in the mid-Atlantic state have no lawful way to access their meds. Unfortunately for those in need, it’s not a problem with a speedy solution. Before the issue of distribution can be tackled by opening physical dispensaries, the state […] Thanks to

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Is Marijuana the brand new Winning Political Problem?

election victory

In America’s polarized political landscape, most issues divide us right lower the center.  Oddly enough, one problem accustomed to sink candidates before becoming polarizing, and it is now being a political slam dunk.  In many states, medical, leisure, or decriminalization appear to become dictating large areas of campaigns.

The latest example originates from Maryland, where citizens have supported medicinal marijuana for a long time.   Now Louise Mizeur, a County delegate for Montgomery want to see marijuana legalized. Ms. Mizeur intentions of attempting to end up being the next governor and could have lots of competition to secure the Democratic nomination for next years election.

The program allows citizens 21 years old and also over could possess as much as one ounce of marijuana.  Smoking in public places and drugged driving would remain illegal.  Mizeur thinks a legitimate marijuana model could yield 157.5 million in new tax revenues every year.  She thinks the cash could be employed to help fund teaching programs for youthful children.

Louise was very direct inside a recent statement regarding hr take on marijuana.”Marijuana’s time like a controlled, illegal substance has run its course.  Marijuana laws and regulations ruin lives, are enforced with racial prejudice and draw attention away from police force from serious and violent crimes. … A Maryland with legalized, controlled and taxed marijuana means safer towns, universal early childhood education and less people unnecessarily uncovered to the criminal justice system.” The statement helps guide you far marijuana’s perception originates as candidates want their encouraging sights within the problem known prior to an election.

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Marijuan Industry News May 3, 2013

Vote F

Way forward for La Marijuana Industry Might be Made the decision by Voters inside a Couple of Days…

La has observed quite the cleaning soap opera if this involves marijuana law.  City Council authorities have experienced a range of ineffective ideas through the years inside a desperate make an effort to provide some semblance of regulation.  However safe access for patients is frequently an after thought when these politically motivated ideas are created.  There are three ballots that’ll be chosen on by La citizens on May 21st.  You will see three measures relating to medicinal marijuana regulation that La Voters will select from.  Ordinance E has lost support and it is basically glitch, as congress and U . s . Food and Commercial Employees union leaped ship after initially supporting the measure.  Although abandoned, Ordinance E can’t be removed the ballot.  Proposition D may also be around the ballot and can require a tax increase on medicinal marijuana transactions.  However, the measures would also neglect to correctly address safety, lab testing, marijuana worker background inspections, and barring minors from entering shops.  This really is the key reason why Marijuana.internet is promoting Ordiance F.  If passed,  Ordiance F provides probably the most comprehensive method of modern medicinal marijuana law.  Taxes would be employed to supplement costs connected with education, police, and also the fire department.  It might also require detailed financial records and transparency from dispensary operators.   The goup Angelenos for Safe Access is attempting to boost awareness and be sure that patient’s safety factors are the main priority of Los Angeles’ efforts to manage medicinal marijuana.


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Federal Suit Accuses Police of Distorting Marijuana Accusations to produce Busts…

New York’s questionable “Stop and Frisk” tactic has brought to a lot of unnecessary busts and it has snapped up many head lines.  Many New You are able to citizens have desired to visit a change in the manner police make use of a loophole to bypass the state’s decriminalized marijuana possession laws and regulations.  Having under 25 grams of marijuana in New You are able to is really a civil infraction, unless of course the marijuana is within plain view, which could then be a misdemeanor charge.  When officials utilize “Stop and Frisk” they frequently arrest individuals  The NYPD has defended the practice which appears to focus on mainly non whites.  From the 50 plus,000 1000 busts for marijuana this year, 84% were Hispanic or Black.  The space is much more pronounced within the Bronx and five citizens within the northern borough have filed a federal civil privileges suit from the NYPD.  The suit accuses Police of distorting what the law states to conduct searches of Black and Hispanic people without cause.  What The Law States Department of recent You are able to City has yet to said around the situation and states haven’t yet been offered using the suit.


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Ohio Lawmaker Introduces Marijuana Legalisation Bills…


As the conversation regarding marijuana reform has increased within the Northeast, and try to appears to become thriving out west, it is vital that we don’t neglect what’s going on in the center of the nation.  Michigan is a Area trailblazer for a long time if this involves progressive marijuana law.  Ohio has become also joining the conversation as Condition Democratic Repetition. Robert Hagan features two bills that will drastically reform Ohio’s marijuana law.  House Bill 153 would permit using medicinal marijuana for individuals with chronic conditions.  This could make Ohio the twentieth condition to legalize medicinal marijuana with Maryland becoming the 19th now.  House Joint Resolution 6 would put a choice of a tax and regulation system of leisure marijuana towards the Ohio voters.  Repetition. Hagan has in comparison Resolution 6 towards the lately passed legalisation enter in Colorado.  Hagan lately stated “With invested allocated to the fight against drugs with little progress to exhibit for this, the time is right for additional sensible drug policy within this country…This problem warrants a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ election through the people.”

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Marijuana Industry News April 12, 2013

martin o malley

Maryland Senate Passes Medicinal Marijuana Bill, Fate As much as Governor….


Maryland has among the oddest medicinal marijuana laws and regulations within the U . s . States. It’s not outright allowed, however, an affirmative defense is permitted. People can avoid conviction of the possession charge should they have a debilitating condition for example MS or cancer. Furthermore, if someone doesn’t have a “debilitating” condition, but could still prove medical necessity the sentence could be reduced to $100 fine. There’s been serious discussion to completely legalize medicinal marijuana during the last many years in Maryland, however, Governor Martin O’ Malley continues to be up against the idea, particularly stating fears of federal government bodies defending Maryland condition employees. The Maryland Condition Senate has passed another bill that legalize medicinal marijuana and also the Governor has had a rather much softer stance. It’s not known without a doubt if he’ll sign the balance now that it’s on his desk however, many expect the governor to enact what the law states. The Governor lately known as the balance a yellow light. It might signal an enormous victory for activists as Mr. O’Malley is really a close connect of Leader Obama.

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Federal Government Grows Prohibit on Chemicals to produce Synthetic Marijuana…


Synthetic marijuana has turned into a problem that nearly appeared to increase from nowhere. Items for example “K2” and “Spice” made an appearance in supermarkets and increased in recognition rapidly. This Year there have been over 11,000 er visits credited to synthetic marijuana. Of individuals accepted in to the er 75% were age range 12-29. The items are frequently offered at supermarkets and don’t have age limitations. Developing teen metabolisms appear to become influenced probably the most seriously. Congress already outlawed certain compounds accustomed to create synthetic cannabis, including jwh-018. However, it is extremely hard for what the law states to maintain synthetic makers, as they possibly can use a variety of compounds to produce new items. The Whitened Home is thinking about trying to outlaw a couple of new substances including UR-144, AKB48,and XLR11. Many experts have credited the increase in market interest in synthetics as a result of the marijuana prohibition.

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Marijuana Policy Project Replaces Vandalized Billboard…


Vandals happen to be focusing on advertisements for any very long time, however, it is just lately where they’ve had the opportunity to target marijuana ads. In Tigard Or a commercial that implied marijuana was safer than alcohol appeared to upset a minumum of one person. For only being up for 2 days it had been torn lower. A brand new sign is rising, due mainly towards the group Marijuana Policy Project. This time around, in mention of first billboard, the saying “The Truth can’t be destroyed” continues to be added. Marijuana Policy Project is certainly the most effective and common marijuana reform organizations across the nation.

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Hawaii Senate Votes to Decriminalize Marijuana


New states seem to be joining the marijuana reform movement on a regular basis.  Last week we discussed that several states, including Maine and Maryland, are considering drastic changes to their marijuana laws.  This week another state joined the conversation.

The Hawaii Senate has voted in favor of decriminalizing marijuana.  The bill will now have to go before Hawaii House members.  If passed by the House, the bill will decriminalize possession marijuana up to one ounce.  For those charged with possession of less than one ounce, they will receive a civil citation and a $1,000 fine.  The fine was included in the bill because lawmakers wanted to stress that marijuana is still illegal.  A bill to legalize recreational marijuana was rejected several weeks ago by Hawaii lawmakers.

Hawaii state Senator, Clayton Hee, stated that the change in the law was not to legalize marijuana, but rather, an attempt to reduce the backlog of marijuana cases awaiting trial.  If the bill passes it is expected to save Hawaii taxpayers money that would normally be allocated toward arrest, incarcerations, and trials.  New Mexico lawmakers have also passed a similar bill, but former prosecutor and current Governor, Susana Martinez, has indicated that she is against relaxing any drug laws.

As economic struggles continue in America, there may be many other states that decide to re-consider how they allocate tax dollars.  This week we are starting to feel the effects of sequestration.  Unless Congress comes to an agreement soon, the sequestration cuts will have an even greater impact on our economy.  There may be no better time for activists to make the financial case for marijuana reform.

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Game Changers After Historic Election


There were many highlights from Tuesday’s election.  Obviously the headlines are focusing on President Barack Obama’s re-election which came by dominating the electoral college.  However the President won a much slimmer popular vote victory.  There were also tremendous victories for the LGBT community and anyone who supports equal protection.  Minnesota residents voted against outlawing same sex marriage Maine and Maryland passed legislation allowing the unions.  Other stories include the fact that the majorities in the House (Republican controlled) and the Senate (Democratically controlled) stayed the same, with the exception of a few seats shifting.  Another victory for the people was the apparent failure of the Super PACS(outside political groups with no limits to how much they can spend) to impact the election.  Perhaps there will be a few less advertisements in 2016 or for the 2014 midterm elections, though that is likely wishful thinking.

In the world of marijuana reform, America saw a true game changing events.  Massachusetts has now become the 18th state to pass medical marijuana legislation.  The list almost grew to 19 but the ballot initiative narrowly failed(51-49%).  However, activists should be pleased as a narrow defeat shows even the deep south is changing and is receptive to marijuana reform.  What is even more striking is that Colorado and Washington State voters have passed an initiative that will regulate, tax, and distribute recreational marijuana.

Although the legalization in Colorado and Washington State does not end the conflict with the federal government, it does provide even more legitimacy for legalized marijuana.  Now there will be tighter regulation and greater tax revenues collected from marijuana sales.  If federal agents intervene, they now will have to compromise local economies and infringe on state laws.  They will have to take marijuana from safe and regulated environments and return it to street dealers.  Additionally, we are fresh off of a major statement by the people and while the feds have not respected our will previously, the writing on the wall is becoming more and more apparent.  All over this country the people want to see a different approach toward regulating marijuana, and the old system is simply obsolete.

Thankfully the election cycle is finally over.  It may be instinctive and easy to take a cynical outlook on what occurred but we should all be encouraged by the fact that the biggest changes in this country came directly from the hard work of the people and groups such as Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol and New Approach Washington .  Ballot initiatives have produced same sex marriage equality and common sense marijuana reform.  The 2012 election was historic and will set the stage for even more states to return rights back to the people.

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Romney Victories and Oaksterdam Raid May Motivate Marijuana Activists


This week did not provide medical marijuana patients with the news they were hoping for.  Mitt Romney picked up precious delegates in the Republican primaries and has all but assured his position in general election. Unfortunately for patients, this means that the two main candidates campaigning for president of the United States do not seem willing to discuss sensible marijuana reform.  Advocates and patients were also disappointed to learn that the iconic Oaksterdam University was raided by federal agents.

Marijuana advocates have always had to assume a glass half full position and as always, there were some developments to rise out of the ashes of disheartening news.  On Tuesday Mitt Romney won the primaries in Wisconsin, Washington D.C. and Maryland.  The victories separate him from the rest of the pack and has produced an almost insurmountable lead for the former Massachusetts Governor.  Unless a political catastrophe occurs for team Romney, his lead in the delegate count (658 to Santorum’s 281), 1,144 needed in total) should be enough to secure the nomination. The election is now likely to shift from Republican infighting to the inevitable battle between President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney.

Unfortunately for medical marijuana patients these are two candidates who do not appear ready to address the issue of reform with the American public.  President Obama has sidestepped the issue several times over the past few months and Mitt Romney has repeatedly made it clear that he does not support medical marijuana.  The good news is that another major political figure has reignited the issue of medical marijuana.  Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson appeared on “The Colbert Report” earlier this week and was more than willing to engage in many social issues such as gay marriage and marijuana legalization.  Johnson may not have a particularly great chance at capturing the presidency, but he may offer a third party option that can generate more excitement than we have seen in recent years.  Any exposure the former New Mexico governor gets could put pressure on both Barack Obama and  Mitt Romney to explain why they are not supportive of compassionate relief.

Another blow to the medical marijuana community came in the form of a federal raid of Oaksterdam.  Federal authorities have not disclosed the exact reasons as to why they raided the university.  Reports do indicate that the IRS was involved, so the potential for profiting or tax issues could have caused the raid.  The university was set up to try and help legitimize marijuana and to promote education and safety.  There is still hope for a future University as supporters have vowed to reopen “The Princeton of Pot.” Supporters also suggested the federal government would be better off allocating resources toward the horrific shooting on the Oikos University campus.

The medical marijuana community has endured much more than a raid and presidential candidates ignoring them.  Many are forced to illegally acquire medicine and deal with the risk of being arrested if they seek relief.  The resiliency that the community has shown for decades is not easily shaken and will certainly not be deterred by stubborn political candidates or a building being closed.  Education is more than lectures in a brick and mortar building, and it cannot be suppressed.

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