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Social equity in marijuana industry still largely pipe dream

Terrence Hewing was working for a package delivery company in 2007 when police approached his cargo van in suburban Denver. He was early for a pick up, and someone out for a walk called authorities after seeing him napping in the driver’s seat.

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Denver’s first-of-its-kind social marijuana use program for businesses is mostly a bust. Can it be fixed?

Denver’s voter-approved law that legalized marijuana consumption areas in some businesses has been hindered by the city’s extensive restrictions on potential licenses, City Council members and other critics say.

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New monthly high for Nevada pot sales; top projections again

Nevada marijuana sales continue to outpace projections, reaching the highest monthly total in March since recreational sales became legal last July.

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Nevada regulators seek state AG’s opinion on social marijuana use

Nevada’s marijuana regulators have asked the state Attorney General for a formal opinion on whether pot use at special events and in smoking lounges is legal.

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Nevada reaps $3.7M in tax revenue in first month of recreational marijuana sales

State tax officials say the first month of legal sales of recreational marijuana in Nevada brought in more than $3.5 million in tax revenue.

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Social marijuana use in Nevada gets thumbs up, will be left to local govs

A Nevada state senator is optimistic residents and tourists will be able to consume marijuana in lounges and other public places next year.

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Nevada opens pot distribution to non-liquor wholesalers

“Without the ability to license marijuana distributors to continue the flow of product to the retail store, a high likelihood exists that consumers will revert to the black market.” That’s what a state regulator argued to expand Nevada’s marijuana distributor licensing pool.

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Gorilla Glue lawsuit: Marijuana biz stuck in the middle of branding battle over popular weed strain’s name

When you think of Gorilla Glue, is what comes to mind an adhesive or a weed strain? A lawsuit against GG Strains could shake up marijuana industry branding.

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Nevada adopts emergency rules to meet huge demand for weed

Nevada moved Thursday to reduce supply problems at recreational marijuana stores that have faced overwhelming demand for newly legal pot and the possibility of their shelves going empty.

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Nevada’s rollicking marijuana rollout still going strong

Nevada marijuana shops stay busy after weekend debut. A Las Vegas police official says, “Everything went smooth as far as we can tell.”

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