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Catching up with Jushi Creativity: A Q&A with Dre Neumann

Jushi Holdings is a large multi-state operator with a massive national footprint and a presence in key markets, including Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia, Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio and California.  About a year and a half ago, Aaron Green interviewed Andreas “Dre” Neumann, Chief Creative Director of Jushi Holdings to learn about his journey to the cannabis industry, […]

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Higher education: Colleges add cannabis to the curriculum

As a green gold rush in legal marijuana and its non-drug cousin hemp spreads across North America, a growing number of colleges are adding cannabis to the curriculum to prepare graduates for careers cultivating, researching, analyzing and marketing the herb.

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Marijuana banking proposal gets first-ever hearing in U.S. House committee

A proposal to open banking and financial services to marijuana businesses in states that have legalized marijuana has had its first-ever hearing in a U.S.House committee, making Colorado Rep. Ed Perlmutter , one of the authors, optimistic about its chances.

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Michigan becomes 10th state to legalize recreational marijuana; other measures pass in Missouri and Utah

In midterm elections that saw Democrats gain control of the House and reaffirmed Republican control of the Senate, more states also voted to legalize marijuana.

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Cannabis company eyes massive expansion, adding 50 Colorado locations within the next 3 years

The founder expects to have 50 locations across Colorado within the next three years, including possible locations in Aspen, Vail and Steamboat Springs.

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Why Ohio growers may have to break the law to start medical marijuana crops

Ohio will be authorizing 24 companies to grow medical marijuana soon, but how can they legally import the seeds to begin sowing their crops?

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Polls Show Strong Support for MMJ In Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania

As our motley crew of would-be presidential candidates reaches for the political brass ring, hoping to capture the ultimate prize in our quickly devolving 2016 race for the White House, two new polls are demonstrating that voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania may have something real to celebrate this November – legalized medicinal cannabis. Regardless […]

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Ohio Voters Snuff Out Issue 3

Seemingly more fearful of the proposed marijuana monopoly than of being arrested for pot – Ohio’s voters have snuffed out Issue 3, putting down like a rabid animal the ballot measure that would have legalized both recreational and medical marijuana for adults over the age of 21.

Trounced by a resounding 34.8% to 65.1%, the unofficial election results clearly demonstrated Ohio’s rejection of the proposed legalization framework. Comprised of a network of 10 cultivation facilities, many feel the proposed monopoly killed the optimistic polling numbers heading into the election.

Despite an October Quinnipiac poll that had shown 53% of Ohio’s voters were down with legalizing marijuana, the majority ultimately decided that Issue 3 was an ugly initiative that needed to be put out of its misery. Blaming the painful loss on the initiative’s proposed monopoly, voters like Katie Kauffeld told USA Today:

I don’t have a problem with the legalization of marijuana, I have a problem with the monopoly and the way this particular amendment was written up

While the rejection of Issue 3 smells like failure from a distance – it actually represents a thoughtful step forward. Rather than accepting legalization at any cost, Ohio’s voters have instead opted to wait for the right ballot initiative; hopefully putting the hot topic high on the To Do List for the Ohio state legislature going forward.

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Ohio Votes To Legalize Recreational Pot Today: Will Nick Lachey Become A Marijuana Kingpin?

As one of the backers of marijuana legalization in The Buckeye State, Nick Lachey could go from ex-boy-bander to marijuana kingpin in just 24 hours– provided Ohio’s Issue 3 passes.

Nick Lachey wants recreational marijuana legalized in Ohio

Nick Lachey wants recreational marijuana legalized in Ohio

That’s right it’s Election Day – Tuesday, November 3rd – and in Ohio, supporters and opponents alike will have the opportunity to vote on the highly volatile topic of marijuana legalization. If passed, Ohio would be the fifth state to legalize the consumption, cultivation and distribution of recreational marijuana in the United States.

Unfortunately, the wait for a final tally on today’s vote might be an agonizing one for Ohio’s constituents. Despite working towards this critical moment for years, the vote still remains too close to call. In other words, the voting public could be kept in the dark until well-after the polls close tonight at 8:00 pm Eastern time.

Learn more about marijuana legalization in Ohio

If passed by Ohio’s constituents, Issue 3 would legalize the personal possession of up to an ounce of marijuana for those over the age of 21, and up to 8 Oz’s for those licensed by the state. As to the fortunate few who are granted an Ohio cultivation license, they’ll be able to germinate an unlimited number of marijuana seedlings, and cultivate up to four mature females.

Brick-and-mortar marijuana shops will also be permitted under Issue 3, which is where the ex-boybander comes in. Provided Issue 3 passes, Nick and his new group of friendly investors will be supplying Ohio pot smokers their freshly legalized marijuana, as promised by the controversial initiative.

While there’s little doubt this contentious and highly debated stipulation represents a serious sticking point for Issue 3, its passage would clearly represent a breathtaking conquest for those hard fighting marijuana reformers and fans of civil liberty.

(Photo Courtesy of WKBN)

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Marijuan Industry News May 3, 2013

Vote F

Way forward for La Marijuana Industry Might be Made the decision by Voters inside a Couple of Days…

La has observed quite the cleaning soap opera if this involves marijuana law.  City Council authorities have experienced a range of ineffective ideas through the years inside a desperate make an effort to provide some semblance of regulation.  However safe access for patients is frequently an after thought when these politically motivated ideas are created.  There are three ballots that’ll be chosen on by La citizens on May 21st.  You will see three measures relating to medicinal marijuana regulation that La Voters will select from.  Ordinance E has lost support and it is basically glitch, as congress and U . s . Food and Commercial Employees union leaped ship after initially supporting the measure.  Although abandoned, Ordinance E can’t be removed the ballot.  Proposition D may also be around the ballot and can require a tax increase on medicinal marijuana transactions.  However, the measures would also neglect to correctly address safety, lab testing, marijuana worker background inspections, and barring minors from entering shops.  This really is the key reason why Marijuana.internet is promoting Ordiance F.  If passed,  Ordiance F provides probably the most comprehensive method of modern medicinal marijuana law.  Taxes would be employed to supplement costs connected with education, police, and also the fire department.  It might also require detailed financial records and transparency from dispensary operators.   The goup Angelenos for Safe Access is attempting to boost awareness and be sure that patient’s safety factors are the main priority of Los Angeles’ efforts to manage medicinal marijuana.


For additional on Angelenos for Safe Access and Ordinance F click the link


Federal Suit Accuses Police of Distorting Marijuana Accusations to produce Busts…

New York’s questionable “Stop and Frisk” tactic has brought to a lot of unnecessary busts and it has snapped up many head lines.  Many New You are able to citizens have desired to visit a change in the manner police make use of a loophole to bypass the state’s decriminalized marijuana possession laws and regulations.  Having under 25 grams of marijuana in New You are able to is really a civil infraction, unless of course the marijuana is within plain view, which could then be a misdemeanor charge.  When officials utilize “Stop and Frisk” they frequently arrest individuals  The NYPD has defended the practice which appears to focus on mainly non whites.  From the 50 plus,000 1000 busts for marijuana this year, 84% were Hispanic or Black.  The space is much more pronounced within the Bronx and five citizens within the northern borough have filed a federal civil privileges suit from the NYPD.  The suit accuses Police of distorting what the law states to conduct searches of Black and Hispanic people without cause.  What The Law States Department of recent You are able to City has yet to said around the situation and states haven’t yet been offered using the suit.


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Ohio Lawmaker Introduces Marijuana Legalisation Bills…


As the conversation regarding marijuana reform has increased within the Northeast, and try to appears to become thriving out west, it is vital that we don’t neglect what’s going on in the center of the nation.  Michigan is a Area trailblazer for a long time if this involves progressive marijuana law.  Ohio has become also joining the conversation as Condition Democratic Repetition. Robert Hagan features two bills that will drastically reform Ohio’s marijuana law.  House Bill 153 would permit using medicinal marijuana for individuals with chronic conditions.  This could make Ohio the twentieth condition to legalize medicinal marijuana with Maryland becoming the 19th now.  House Joint Resolution 6 would put a choice of a tax and regulation system of leisure marijuana towards the Ohio voters.  Repetition. Hagan has in comparison Resolution 6 towards the lately passed legalisation enter in Colorado.  Hagan lately stated “With invested allocated to the fight against drugs with little progress to exhibit for this, the time is right for additional sensible drug policy within this country…This problem warrants a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ election through the people.”

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