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Veritas Farms makes more inroads with its CBD products, launches skin-care line

Veritas Farms has added Southeastern Grocers to the chains now selling its full-spectrum CBD products.

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Democratic state gains may mean tighter gun, looser pot laws

From New York to New Mexico, residents in a number of states can expect a leftward push for expanded health care coverage, gun control, education funding and legalized recreational marijuana as Democrats who gained new or stronger powers in the midterm elections seek to put their stamp on public policy.

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New federal bill would reschedule marijuana as Schedule III

The latest marijuana-centric bill before Congress would place cannabis as a Schedule III substance, a classification shared by Tylenol with codeine.

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Record Amount of States to Vote on Marijuana Reform

Back in June we covered which states were going to be voting on marijuana law reform in November 2016. We also listed each state and the initiatives that they were hoping to be voting on this November. Recently, I read a blog at Sensi Magazine with updates for the record amount of states that will be voting on marijuana […]

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Florida: Opponents Offer Fear and Loathing Over Amendment 2

Pandering to fear and ignorance rather than facts and science, opponents of Florida’s medical marijuana ballot initiative – Amendment 2 – have taken to deceit and misrepresentation as a means of demonizing Florida’s 2016 MMJ question. After barely missing the legal threshold of 60% for passage in 2014, the good people at United for Care […] Thanks to

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Plenty of 420: Enjoy Your Smoke Sesh with Johnny Tsunami, Gucci Mane, and Wifisfuneral

Disney-induced Couch Lock If you’ve ventured onto social media on a #ThrowbackThursday (can’t forget #WaybackWednesday or #FlashbackFriday) you know just how nostalgic millennials can be. For the most part, our infatuation with the past gets us beach photos with captions like, “TAKE ME BACK” but this Memorial Day weekend the ThrowWayFlashBack craze finally pays off. […] Thanks to

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Polls Show Strong Support for MMJ In Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania

As our motley crew of would-be presidential candidates reaches for the political brass ring, hoping to capture the ultimate prize in our quickly devolving 2016 race for the White House, two new polls are demonstrating that voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania may have something real to celebrate this November – legalized medicinal cannabis. Regardless […]

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Head of DNC Takes Cash From Booze PACs, Calls Weed Gateway Drug

Demonstrating that she’s beholden to the deep pockets of the alcohol industry, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz conveyed her frenzied opposition over the idea of legalizing marijuana last week to the New York Times — as the industry’s political action committee (PAC) continued to stuff some serious cash into her campaign coffers. Ignoring the pro-pot logic of […]

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Florida Sprouts 5 Medical Marijuana Cultivation Sites

Medical marijuana is beginning to take root in Central Florida –– and it’s about time.

After nearly a year of compromise and much legal wrangling in the Sunshine State, the Department of Health has finally designated the five nurseries allowed to produce and dispense a non-psychoactive form of medical marijuana. The long-overdue decision has finally pushed Florida’s reluctant politicians into implementing the 2014 voter approved legislation. Allowing for the cultivation, extraction, and distribution of low THC marijuana concentrates that are high in cannabidiol, or CBD.

Florida’s 2014 medical marijuana law initially passed as a means of helping patients suffering with epilepsy and life-threatening cases of advanced cancer. To qualify for the high-CBD marijuana recommendation, patients should apply to the Compassionate Use Registry once evaluated and diagnosed by a board-certified doctor.

Florida’s 5 New Medical Marijuana Cultivators

  • Costa Nursery Farms – Southeast Region.
  • Alpha Foliage – Southwest Region.
  • Knox Nursery – Central Region.
  • Hackney Nursery – Northwest Region.
  • Chestnut Hill Tree Farm – Northeast Region.

Florida’s sick and suffering were theoretically to already have access to the high-CBD strains beginning Jan. 1, when physicians that participated in special training were anticipated to start ordering their low-THC marijuana. Unfortunately, that timeline was pushed back due to complicated lawsuits and a judge’s assessment that rejected the Department of Health’s first attempt at fulfilling the will of the people… and the law.

Moving forward, new medical marijuana legislation is slowly making its way through the political process. Provided Florida’s House and Senate wake up and smell the cannabinoids, the passage of Florida’s newest legislation would expand the patient base by allowing for more medical conditions to be covered under the “right to try” state law.

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Marijuana Industry News


Feds Raid Colorado area dispensaries…

Only some time ago, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder indicated the us government wouldn’t stand when it comes to legal condition run marijuana programs. We learned now that federal government bodies were matching with local police in Colorado and Boulder to conduct raids.  While the instinct for a lot of would be to think that federal government bodies go back on their own word, that won’t be.  So far, the Department of Justice has stored the majority of the particulars secret for the time being, but spokesperson Shaun Dorschner has stated the actions from the DOJ are in conjuction with the previous claims that they’ll respect condition law. Mr. Dorschner established that individuals being raided were in breach from the concepts the DOJ mentioned formerly which incorporated efforts to avoid supplying minors and supplying criminal businesses among other focal points.  There are certain to be many watching to ascertain if the us government has stored their word and when the recommendations they’ve recommended are obvious and understandable.

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80 2 % of Florida Citizens Support Medical Marijuana…

Elections in Florida receive major attention.  The high electoral election swing condition is coveted by presidential candidates called the core wild Rose bush v. Gore 2000 election.  Marijuana activists are searching toward what may another historic Election Day the coming year.  There are efforts to obtain a medicinal marijuana law around the ballot for 2014.  A recent poll indicates the initiative may pass easily if offer a election through the people.   The Quinnipiac College poll found citizens supporting medicinal marijuana with a margin if 82-16.  Affordable health care is really a major problem in Florida is really a major problem because the state’s human population is seniors.  Florida has lengthy held the title for that biggest illegal producer of marijuana, showing the demand is clearly there.

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Parents 4 Pot Turn to Eliminate Stigma Connected with Marijuana…

Even while increasingly more People in america accept using medical and leisure marijuana, there’s frequently still a stigma mounted on it for moms and dads.  There has been most cases where government bodies have a parent’s child over marijuana possession.  Picture this scenario if your parent lost a young child over alcohol possession.  In reaction, Mickey Martin has assisted created the audience Parents 4 Pot.  He lately referred to the mission from the northern California organization by saying “What we desire to do would be to alter the way people understand and discuss cannabis within our community.”  Parents 4 Pot can also be attempting to bring awareness to situations where children require medicinal marijuana.  There has been many recent legal changes, such as with Nj, in which the laws and regulations happen to be changed to permit sick children to get medical cannabis.  Martin also spoke about families being damaged by outdated marijuana laws and regulations.  “There are lots of parents who lose their freedom, or whose children lose their freedom, every single day to those guidelines and laws and regulations, so that as a society we sit by watching. It’s not okay any longer.”  He stated.


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