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Massachusetts men sentenced for home invasion and attempted pot heist

Two Massachusetts men were sentenced on Tuesday for trying to hold up a person selling marijuana in Maine, authorities said. Chief U.S. District Judge Jon D. Levy sentenced Eric Mercardo, 33, of Lowell, to 16 years in prison and four years of supervised release and Steven Hardy, 33, of Maynard, to 15½ years in prison […]

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In newly-legalized states, marijuana is the “it” gift of the season

Gift-giving has long been a part of marijuana culture, and the drug’s newly legal status is a source of Yuletide celebration in four states.

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Future of Maine marijuana sales up in air as lawmakers fail to override gov’s veto

Lawmakers failed Monday to override Republican Gov. Paul LePage’s veto of a bill to regulate marijuana sales and taxes.

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Maine gov vetoes marijuana implementation, citing Hickenlooper’s advice

Republican Gov. Paul LePage has vetoed a bill passed by the Maine legislature 11 days ago to regulate the retail sale of marijuana.

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Record Amount of States to Vote on Marijuana Reform

Back in June we covered which states were going to be voting on marijuana law reform in November 2016. We also listed each state and the initiatives that they were hoping to be voting on this November. Recently, I read a blog at Sensi Magazine with updates for the record amount of states that will be voting on marijuana […]

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Bangor, Maine City Officials Look to Other Legalized States for Guidance on Marijuana Policy

Though Maine isn’t set to vote on recreational marijuana legalization until November, city officials in the state’s capital want to hit the ground running logistically. Bangor leadership is studying best practices from legalized states around the country to hammer out any restrictions or guidelines that would need to be put in place come November; the […] Thanks to

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Connecticut’s New Medical Marijuana Program

On May 17th, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed a new bill into law addressing previous concerns about minors not having access to medical marijuana should they need it. Before the bill, Connecticut was the only state with a legalized medical marijuana program that excluded patients under the age of 18. House Bill 5450 calls for […]

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Maine School Board OKs Medical Marijuana For Students

And … about-face After 40+ years of promoting a world-class disaster via the War on Drugs, and brainwashing school-aged kids into believing that marijuana use leads to a life of impending doom, educators in Auburn, Maine, will now be allowed to provide access to marijuana’s beneficial cannabinoids for students who have obtained a doctor’s recommendation. Absolved and […]

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Marijuana Industry News May, 31 2013

brain scan

Study: Medicinal Marijuana Prevents Brain Damage…

Medicinal marijuana had certainly made the situation by itself like a great discomfort, anxiety,  and stress reliever.  Preventing brain damage can also be put into the constantly growing listing of conditions medicinal marijuana  can help with.  In research on rodents, marijuana was proven to safeguard the mind from damage connected with seizures, toxic drug exposure, and deficiencies in oxygen.  Josef Sarne, of Tel Aviv College, made the findings.  Many are looking forward to the potential for these studies.  It may even become for marijuana to become given before dangerous surgical procedures in an effort to offer greater protection for that brain.  Mr.  Sarne also feels marijuana is an efficient tool in testing epileptic seizures.

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Activists Pushing for Legal Marijuana in Tigard Maine…

There already have been substantial conversations regarding legal and controlled marijuana within the condition of Maine.  Portland citizens might not wait for a condition to come to a decision and it is thinking about legalizing small quantities of marijuana.  The activist group,  People for any Safer Tigard,  are leading the charge to gather enough signatures to obtain the problem towards the ballot.  Over 3,200 signatures happen to be posted while 1,500 are essential.  Assuming the condition validates an adequate amount of the signatures, voters will ultimately determine if marijuana becomes legal.  Tom Macmillan belongs to the coalition and lately stated “The citizens of Maine’s biggest city strongly offer the finish of marijuana prohibition for grown ups, just like alcohol prohibition ended decades ago.”

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NY Congress Approve Law to repair Stop and Frisk and Truly Decriminalize…

New York’s lengthy running Stop and Frisk cleaning soap opera might be visiting and finish.  The condition set up has approved legislation,  by a margin of 80-59, that will close the plain sight loophole frequently utilized by cops.  Only hidden marijuana is decriminalized in New You are able to Condition.  Officers frequently demand that people (who’re extremely Black and Hispanic) empty their pockets simply to arrest them marijuana in public places view.  The bill will go prior to the condition senate.  That might be probably the most challenging political hurdle as New You are able to Governor,  Andrew Cuomo, has openly supported closing the loophole.

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Marijuana Industry News March 29, 2013


Portugal Decriminalization Yielding Positive Results…

The idea of decriminalizing marijuana has become increasingly popular over the years.  At times, it seems only elected officials are seeking to maintain the failed approach.  The idea of decriminalization and re diverting money while keeping teens out of jail is winning the argument.  Those who support outdated drug laws never seem to take Portugal into consideration.  Twelve years ago, Portugal underwent a major overhaul of their approach to controlled substance regulation.  Even in the midst of many critics, they decided to pass decriminalization laws.  The results are not shocking to activists as Portugal has seen the new laws produce results.  Doctor João Goulão, a former family physician, has contributed a great deal to the new policies.  He recently said that decriminalized laws needed to be considered because “We figured perhaps this way we would be better able get things under control.  Criminalization certainly wasn’t working all that well.”  While the idea enjoys more acceptance today, Dr. Goulão explained that Portugal was a pioneer in their approach over a decade ago.  He said “At the point when we designed the law, we had hardly any data to draw on.  We weren’t the least bit certain this would work.”  The bill passed is referred to as “Law 30/2000” and Dr. Goulão explains that it has been successful.  Specifically he said “This is working. Drug consumption has not increased severely. There is no mass chaos. For me as an evaluator, that’s a very good outcome.”

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Bill to Legalize and Tax Marijuana In Maine receives Support From Many Lawmakers…

With Colorado and Washington’s historic laws to legalize marijuana, it is not surprising that many other states are following their lead.  We at have been pleased to report about all the new states considering decriminalization, legalization, and medical marijuana laws.  Maine has recently introduced a bill that would legalize and tax marijuana.  While it is unclear if the bill will pass, it is making sizable waves in the state government.  There are already 35 co-sponsors for the bill and now it will move to a legislative committee hearing.  If passed, there would be a $50 tax per ounce, with individuals being permitted to posses 2.5 ounces.  Earlier this week, Maine’s political director for the Marijuana Policy Project, David Boyer said Maine can and should take a more sensible approach to marijuana policy and we are glad to see so many legislators agree.”  Another interesting element of the Maine legalization bill is that is was lawmaker initiated.  The legalization laws in Washington and Colorado were voter driven, as activists collected enough signatures to get the laws on the ballot and by a vote of the people.  Maine appears to highlight a turning point, where introducing a marijuana legalization bill no longer hurts and perhaps even enhances their standing with voters.

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Dispensaries May Open this Year in Massachusetts…


It is clear that he northeast region of the United States is becoming a hotbed for marijuana reform.  We have spoken at great length about New Jersey finally getting its medical program off the ground.  Additionally, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo has been fighting hard to reform “stop and frisk” in order for decriminalization laws function as they were intended.  Connecticut has also legalized medical marijuana and just above this story we spoke about Maine considering legalization.  Massachusetts may see the doors open to dispensaries before 2013 is over.  The Massachusetts Department of Health has now filed draft regulations on medical marijuana use and expects to have a finalized version by May.  The Department of Health is expected to start accepting applications for dispensaries over the summer.  Last November, 63% of Massachusetts voters elected to legalize medical marijuana.

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