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Children and Cannabis Medicine

Alaskan School Wrongly Urges Parents to Fight Dispensaries

An elementary school in Anchorage, Alaska had to apologize to residents on Tuesday after an inappropriate automated phone message was sent out to parents of the student body. The voicemail, ordered by Campbell Elementary School Principal Michelle Johansen and issued by an unnamed female staff member, pleaded with parents to attend a City Assembly meeting […] Thanks to

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Connecticut’s New Medical Marijuana Program

On May 17th, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed a new bill into law addressing previous concerns about minors not having access to medical marijuana should they need it. Before the bill, Connecticut was the only state with a legalized medical marijuana program that excluded patients under the age of 18. House Bill 5450 calls for […]

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Reaching Out When Your World is Rocked by Tay-Sachs: An Interview with Lorelei Sandoval

Lorelei Sandoval is a 36 year old Registered Nurse living in San Diego with her husband and five year old son, Isaac in San Diego county. I met Lorelei at a women’s cannabis community meeting last month and was eager to share her story. We spoke by phone as she readied Isaac for a day […]

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The Literal Beating Heart

I’m leaning over Sophie as she shakes in her bed. It’s about 3:00 in the morning. I’m loathe to turn on the light, but I do, and I lean over her and say the same words that I’ve said, over and over and over, for the last twenty-one years. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. […]

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Pediatric Epilepsy: Young Life Interrupted

Imagine being flush with the glow of new parenthood when suddenly your perfect 3-month old lapses into a convulsive seizure that lasts half an hour. For parents of children with pediatric epilepsy, the joy of having a child can quickly turn dark with fear and uncertainty about quality of life, and life itself. But once […]

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Cannabis as Totem and Connector: An Interview with Allison Ray Benavides

Allison Ray Benavides is a forty-year old mother of two little boys and lives with her husband Rob in San Diego County. Robbie is their oldest son, now aged six, and Oscar their youngest at three years old. Rob is a renowned tattoo artist, and Allison wears his art all over her body. Tall and graceful, she […]

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