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The Libertarian Party, born in Colorado 50 years ago, still seeks elusive mainstream acceptance

The United States’ third-largest political party — what its main founder considered “the last, best hope for freedom in America” — took root a half-century ago in a living room in Westminster. The TV flickered on, David Nolan would later recall, as the then-28-year-old advertising executive and his wife gathered in their duplex with three friends […]

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More edible pot among Colorado teen users, study says

Some teenagers in Colorado, where marijuana is legal for adults, are shifting away from smoking in favor of edible cannabis products, a medical study released Monday shows.

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In one record-breaking month, Alaska sold more weed than 3 month average

Alaska made nearly $600,000 in July on marijuana tax, which is equal to about 33 percent of the total marijuana tax revenue brought in last fiscal year.

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The Sessions Letters: Read the U.S. attorney general’s missives to the first four states to legalize marijuana

In April, the governors of the first four states to legalize recreational marijuana asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to “engage with us before embarking on any changes to regulatory and enforcement systems.” Sessions responded at the end of July with four separate letters.

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Alaskan School Wrongly Urges Parents to Fight Dispensaries

An elementary school in Anchorage, Alaska had to apologize to residents on Tuesday after an inappropriate automated phone message was sent out to parents of the student body. The voicemail, ordered by Campbell Elementary School Principal Michelle Johansen and issued by an unnamed female staff member, pleaded with parents to attend a City Assembly meeting […] Thanks to

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Army Bans Alaska-Based Soldiers from Attending Marijuana Events

Alaska has had legal marijuana for almost two years, but the seriously flawed program just took another major hit on Thursday. In a statement addressed to the roughly 11,000 Alaska-based members of the U.S. Army, Major General Bryan Owens made the Army’s stance on marijuana very clear, and even issued a freedom-stifling new mandate to […] Thanks to

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Marijuana Industry News The month of january 10, 2014


Alaska Can Become Third Condition to Legalize Leisure Marijuana…
With what has become a well known trend, there’s now discussion of legalizing leisure marijuana in Alaska.  Public support for legal marijuana appears to become growing because the group Campaign to manage Marijuana could collect 45,000 signatures, 15,000 greater than the needed 30,000 to obtain a legalisation initiative towards the ballot for August.  Some signatures might be considered invalid, out of the box the situation with many signature drives, however the prospects of getting Alaska citizens voting around the measure appears most likely now.  Among the initiative’s sponsors, Tim Hintenberger, stated “The suggested initiative will require marijuana sales from the subterranean market and them in legitimate, taxpaying companies.”
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National football league Commissioner Indicates Chance of Permitting Medicinal Marijuana for Patients…

The National football league has had a lot of critique because of its tolerance of binge consuming and lightweight punitive measures for gamers charged with DUIs because they concurrently lower the hammer on the least heavy marijuana infringements.  Using its macho alpha male attitude, the National football league hasn’t exactly been considered to be a progressive organization.  This is actually the same league that will not make significant equipment changes to be able to improve safety because of its gamers. Fortunately, Commissioner Roger Goodell,leaves the doorway available to possibly permitting gamers received medicinal marijuana in states where it’s legal.  He lately stated “I have no idea what’s likely to develop so far as the following chance for medicine to evolve and also to help either cope with discomfort or help cope with injuries, but we continuously offer the evolution of drugs.Inches
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Many Demand Governor Cuomo to complete more in New You are able to…
Once we pointed out yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo includes a practice of trying out the political waters before fully taking any plunge.  Although he signed off with an executive order that will restore legislation from 1980 enabling a number of hospitals in New You are able to condition to problem medicinal marijuana to patients, the machine may likely not serve many patients.  Many activists are upset and therefore are accusing the Governor of not doing enough.  Many ill patients won’t be eligible for a relief and also the Governor didn’t address getting an finish to “Stop and Frisk”.  The Governor did try to address the problem this past year, but was met with considerable resistance from Albany congress.  Gabriel Singh, from the New You are able to chapter from the Drug Policy Alliance was critical of Mr. Cuomo shedding the push to repair “Stop and Frisk”.  He lately stated “For Cuomo to retreat from that problem, it’s disgusting, frankly.”  Governor Cuomo has shown to be a really calculated politician which is unlikely that this is actually the final stage from the marijuana reform, but he’ll risk upsetting many until he will get more reform measures passed.

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Marijuana Gets Political As GOP Convention Gets Underway

Republican National Convention

This week the Republican National Convention has commenced.  The goal of the convention will be to officially nominate former Governor Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate for president of the United States.  The convention has been forced to do a balancing act because Hurricane Isaac has been looming.  The guest speakers, which included Ann Romney, Rick Santorum and Chris Christie, were tasked with the goal of painting Mitt Romney as the man who can turn our country around.  Absent from any of the speeches was marijuana reform, even as it is becoming a large concern for many Americans.  The convention will continue throughout the week, however, since mainstream coverage will ignore the issue, would like to take this time to discuss some political updates that will not make it to the airwaves this week.

The two party system in the United States has disenfranchised many and created a sentiment that we have very limited choices.  This could explain why the United States Medical Marijuana Chamber of Commerce has now officially endorsed a president that has overseen the largest attack on medical marijuana patients in 16 years.  Fear of Mitt Romney seems to have prompted the endorsement.  Thomas L. Leto III, President and Founder of the group said in a statement this week “The Economic Potential of the Cannabis Business in the U.S. is Limitless and President Obama understands this, It is our impression that Mr. Romney just doesn’t get it.  Mitt Romney is known for his business success and would probably be able to forecast how large the legalized marijuana is set to grow in the coming years.  However, his campaign has been forced to embrace far right wing ideals which would likely prevent him from enacting reform measures.  Many are confident that an Obama second term would see a less toxic atmosphere for marijuana, while many fear the unknown with a Romney presidency.

We would also like to touch on another political issue that will likely fly under the radar this week.  The NAACP has announced their endorsement of Washington States Initiative 502.  New Approach Washington has been instrumental in collecting enough signatures from residents in order to get the issue of marijuana legalization and regulation in front of voters this November.  As reported by last week, the group also backed Colorado’s Ammendment 64, a ballot initiative that will also face a vote by residents and is similar to Washington’s Initiative 502.  NAACP President of the Alaska, Washington State, and Oregon chapter, Oscar Eason, Jr. said “Treating marijuana use as a crime has not only failed, it has perpetuated racial inequities through unequal enforcement.”  He also went on to say “African Americans are no more likely than whites to use marijuana, but we are much more likely to be arrested for it.”  This sentiment also matches the rationale for the NAACP backing of the Colorado legalization efforts.

As the road to the White House unfolds we will continue to provide updates.  Next week is the Democratic National Convention to be held in North Carolina.  While we expect a dodging of the marijuana issue there, we would like to remind the president that he could truly galvanize a large voting base by demonstrating some concern for reform and medical patients.  We would also hope that Hurricane Isaac passes through with minimal damage.  Our hearts, once again, are with the Gulf region.

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