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4/20 festival garners tens of thousands of attendees, few citations

Denver’s annual 4/20 festival this year seemed to have the perfect conditions: warm weather and the holiday fell on a Saturday.

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420 in Denver: 5 things to know about smoking weed in Colorado

A lot of people will be smoking marijuana at this weekend’s 420 events, but these are the things to consider before lighting up.

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Army Bans Alaska-Based Soldiers from Attending Marijuana Events

Alaska has had legal marijuana for almost two years, but the seriously flawed program just took another major hit on Thursday. In a statement addressed to the roughly 11,000 Alaska-based members of the U.S. Army, Major General Bryan Owens made the Army’s stance on marijuana very clear, and even issued a freedom-stifling new mandate to […] Thanks to

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Cannabis “Potluck” After New Regulations in Toronto

August 24th will mark the first day that new marijuana regulations in Canada will come into play. These regulations are an extension of the existing medical marijuana system that has been in existence since the former Conservative government held power. A federal judge determined the current scenario to be unconstitutional. With that decision earlier this year, Trudeau […] Thanks to


Explore PRIDE Event Launches Foria x Weedmaps at SF Pride

If you’re in the San Francisco area today, you can catch Foria and Weedmaps celebrating the official launch of FORIA Explore. Foria’s “Explore PRIDE” celebration will be taking place from 4-7 p.m. at Sparc, a nonprofit medical cannabis collective in San Francisco.     The in-store event will consist of Foria’s street team discussing the benefits […] Thanks to

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The Future of Medical Marijuana in Latin America

It’s a beautiful place for marijuana. Costa Rica has an established history as a haven for liberal ideas, happy people, and gorgeous scenery. The country is one of the most environmentally friendly places in the world with 25% of the nation’s acreage protected from industrial development of any kind. It also disbanded its armed forced […] Thanks to

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Canada: The World’s Next Marijuana Marketplace

Australia does not exist at the forefront Canada’s collective mindset. For Canadians who haven’t traveled to the land down under, knowledge of this part of the world is limited to a few antiquated stereotypes like boxing kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee. What Canadians and the rest of the planet may not realize is that Australia is […] Thanks to

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The Marijuana Industry Thrives in Lansing, Michigan

Our industry’s green-minded elite have come together in Lansing, Michigan for the first ever Extreme Cannquest & Expo. Ganjapreneurs from across North America will be flocking to this event for the opportunity to gain tens of thousands of dollars in investment funding on The Marijuana Show, the show that has ABC, CBS, CNN, Forbes, Fortune, and […]

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Spark Up Your High Holiday Shopping List, We Have A Lot To Celebrate On This 420

It’s almost 4/20! That’s right. The adult version of Christmas for our demographic is just a few short days away. Making at least one hump day a little more irie this year, 4/20 falls squarely in the middle of the workweek, turning an average Wednesday into the potential beginning of a five-day celebration of all things cannabis. After all, […]

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Time To Stop Complaining and Get Involved

We receive a lot of inquiries (and some complaints) at NORML from those who favor legalization and wonder why we continue to focus on a state-based strategy instead of focusing on Congress. The belief is that Congress could legalize marijuana in one fell swoop if they wanted to do so. It’s a reasonable question, but […]

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