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20 things to do in Denver during All-Star weekend

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Northside Market brings fashion, flavor and aguas frescas to Sunnyside

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10 ways to celebrate 4/20 in Colorado, including free food, virtual events and more

Get lit this April 20th with virtual smoke parties, cannabis recipes, dispensary deals, free food truck meals for your munchies and more.

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Western fashion, cannabis and plant love: Colorado trends that went big in 2020

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Three houses on Tennyson Street were turned into immersive, colorful and temporary art

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How a Colorado hotel owner got Ice-T to produce his documentary

Chris Chiari is a character. As owner of the Patterson Inn in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, he runs one of the city’s most recognizable historic buildings (also known as the Croke-Patterson Mansion) and recently welcomed Travel Channel crews from the “Portals to Hell” series to document its haunted mythology. Before becoming a hotelier, the 46-year-old cancer survivor (diagnosed […]

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Top 20 stoner movies that will keep you couch-locked

Calling something a “stoner movie” raises the question of definition: Is it a flick whose plot or characters are based primarily on cannabis consumption? Or simply a movie that’s best watched while high? For the purposes of this list we’re choosing both: movies with themes, scenes or subject matter centrally related to weed, as well […]


Calls for social distancing spark demand for online cannabis sales

Americans can purchase pet supplies, medication and even alcohol online, so why not marijuana? That thought is crossing many Coloradans’ minds as calls for the general public to practice social distancing have spurred a trend in online shopping for cannabis products. On March 16, Terrapin Care Station, which operates six dispensaries throughout the Front Range, […]

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More than 80% of Denver teens say they don’t use marijuana

The majority of teenagers living in Denver are not using marijuana, according to new survey data compiled by the city. Of the teens who do, the number of daily users has increased slightly. City officials surveyed 537 teens in Denver in 2019 to assess the effectiveness of the High Costs youth marijuana prevention program and […]

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What is social equity in Colorado’s cannabis industry? Regulators look to level the playing field for marginalized communities

Regulators at the state level and in Denver are tackling new initiatives to improve social equity in Colorado’s cannabis industry — even if they’re still figuring out exactly what that looks like.

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