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Pot “legalization 2.0”: Social equity becomes a key question

Complicating the law-making process, sometimes even among supporters, are questions about how best to erase marijuana convictions and ensure that people who were arrested for pot benefit from legal marijuana markets.

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Marijuana Industry News November 15, 2013


NAACP Encourages Marijuana Legalisation…

Captured we at marijuana.internet referred to an invoice in congress that will go a lengthy way toward correcting unsuccessful marijuana laws and regulations.  The  Respect Condition Marijuana Laws and regulations Act of 2013 has acquired support by many people in congress because it would safeguard patients and steer clear of ongoing showdowns between federal government bodies.  The bill got a brand new major endorsement.  The NAACP has managed to get obvious they would like to see an finish towards the unnecessary incarcerations associated with low-level marijuana crimes.   Research conducted recently carried out through the ACLU demonstrated that although whitened and black People in america consume marijuana in a similar rate, shades of black are four occasions as apt to be arrested for this.   Tom Angell of Marijuana Majority stated the NAACP  endorsement helps “political figures and prominent people who wish to see prohibition finish but who’re just a little skittish about states getting too much in front of the feds about this problem.”

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Support For Medicinal Marijuana Growing in Massachusetts…

Medicinal marijuana shops are enroute to Massachusetts after citizens chosen to approve a stride in November if 2012 with a margin of 67-29%.  It appears there’s no purchasers remorse like a recent poll found much more citizens supporting the concept.  According to some survey carried out by Western Colonial College, citizens favor the shops with a margin of 74-21%.  Perhaps more surprising was the truth that 61% stated they’d not mind getting a dispensary within their community.  The survey data indicate that Massachusetts citizens have accepted the idea of medicinal marijuana in growing amounts,” stated Tim Vercellotti, director from the Polling Institute along with a professor of political science at Western Colonial College.

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Major Proponent of I-502 Argues to permit Home Growing for Patients…

The continuing saga of Washington’s legal marijuana industry continues.  There is a lot concern within the medicinal marijuana program and up to date changes that may basically avoid it.  The Washington Condition Liquor Control Board appears to become putting a much greater focus on the leisure sales.  One from the primary backers of I-502, Alison Holcomb, is attempting to prevent a few of the overreach by condition authorities.  Previously, patients could boost their own medication.  This achieves several goals.  It cost less for patients who might not have the cash to pay for the hefty costs and taxes which will accompany leisure sales, as well as certain medically customized strains might not be as available.

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Marijuana Gets Political As GOP Convention Gets Underway

Republican National Convention

This week the Republican National Convention has commenced.  The goal of the convention will be to officially nominate former Governor Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate for president of the United States.  The convention has been forced to do a balancing act because Hurricane Isaac has been looming.  The guest speakers, which included Ann Romney, Rick Santorum and Chris Christie, were tasked with the goal of painting Mitt Romney as the man who can turn our country around.  Absent from any of the speeches was marijuana reform, even as it is becoming a large concern for many Americans.  The convention will continue throughout the week, however, since mainstream coverage will ignore the issue, would like to take this time to discuss some political updates that will not make it to the airwaves this week.

The two party system in the United States has disenfranchised many and created a sentiment that we have very limited choices.  This could explain why the United States Medical Marijuana Chamber of Commerce has now officially endorsed a president that has overseen the largest attack on medical marijuana patients in 16 years.  Fear of Mitt Romney seems to have prompted the endorsement.  Thomas L. Leto III, President and Founder of the group said in a statement this week “The Economic Potential of the Cannabis Business in the U.S. is Limitless and President Obama understands this, It is our impression that Mr. Romney just doesn’t get it.  Mitt Romney is known for his business success and would probably be able to forecast how large the legalized marijuana is set to grow in the coming years.  However, his campaign has been forced to embrace far right wing ideals which would likely prevent him from enacting reform measures.  Many are confident that an Obama second term would see a less toxic atmosphere for marijuana, while many fear the unknown with a Romney presidency.

We would also like to touch on another political issue that will likely fly under the radar this week.  The NAACP has announced their endorsement of Washington States Initiative 502.  New Approach Washington has been instrumental in collecting enough signatures from residents in order to get the issue of marijuana legalization and regulation in front of voters this November.  As reported by last week, the group also backed Colorado’s Ammendment 64, a ballot initiative that will also face a vote by residents and is similar to Washington’s Initiative 502.  NAACP President of the Alaska, Washington State, and Oregon chapter, Oscar Eason, Jr. said “Treating marijuana use as a crime has not only failed, it has perpetuated racial inequities through unequal enforcement.”  He also went on to say “African Americans are no more likely than whites to use marijuana, but we are much more likely to be arrested for it.”  This sentiment also matches the rationale for the NAACP backing of the Colorado legalization efforts.

As the road to the White House unfolds we will continue to provide updates.  Next week is the Democratic National Convention to be held in North Carolina.  While we expect a dodging of the marijuana issue there, we would like to remind the president that he could truly galvanize a large voting base by demonstrating some concern for reform and medical patients.  We would also hope that Hurricane Isaac passes through with minimal damage.  Our hearts, once again, are with the Gulf region.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News August 24, 2012

case dismissed

Court Ruling Could Reverse Dispensary Bans in California…

The Los Angeles City Council has come under much scrutiny after its controversial decision to ban all medical marijuana dispensaries.  Many even wondered if they had the legal authority to even enact such a law with a decision by California’s 2nd District of Appeals stating that dispensaries could not banned.  The city decided to move forward with the ban even though it was clear they would have to spend considerable tax dollars defending their ill advised legal decision.  A lawsuit has already been filed by the “Patient Care Alliance” challenging the ban.  Additionally, Americans For Safe Access have been in the process of collecting the necessary signatures to get a ballot initiative off the ground that would present residents with a chance to overturn the ban themselves.  The lawsuit and the ballot initiative may not even be necessary in the end as we recently learned that the court case Pack V. Long Beach was thrown out by the California Supreme Court.  Previously, the decision in Pack V. Long Beach ruled that marijuana dispensaries could be banned on the basis that medical marijuana is not permitted by federal law.  As a result, municipalities such as L.A. and Long Beach used the decision to ban dispensaries.  The state supreme court ruled that since the municipalities have abandoned their federal argument in the recent bans, then everything pertaining to Pack V. Long Beach has been invalidated.  Joe Elford of Americans for Safe Access applauded the decision and said “The California Supreme Court has essentially pulled out the rug from under local officials who have used the Pack decision to deny access to medical marijuana for thousands of patients across the state.”


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NAACP Backs Marijuana Legalization Effort In Colorado…

A group familiar with social struggles announced its support for Amendment 64 and Colorado’s marijuana legalization efforts.  The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) was formed in 1909 setting out on a mission “to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.”  The oldest civil rights organization is now seeking passage of Amendment 64.  However, their support is not entirely linked to the right to smoke marijuana itself as the group is also very much concerned with the disproportionate numbers of African Americans being jailed for cannabis related convictions.  Rosemarie Harris Lytle, president of the NAACP’s Colorado branch said “Marijuana prohibition policy does more harm to our communities than good.  “That is why we have endorsed Amendment 64 which presents a more effective and socially responsible approach to how Colorado addresses the adult use of marijuana.”  Arrests numbers by race are discouraging across the country but Colorado seems to have an even greater racial disparity in marijuana arrests than other areas of the country.  In Colorado, African Americans make up 4% of population but make up 9% of marijuana possession arrests and 22% of sale and cultivation charges.  In Denver the numbers are even more alarming as 11% of Denver’s population is African American even as they represent 31.5% of marijuana possession arrests.


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Medical Marijuana Makes Arkansas Ballot for November Election…

Activists in Arkansas faced a major setback when they were unable to deliver enough votes to get medical marijuana to the ballot earlier this summer.  However, a renewed effort has been successful with 74,406 signatures being submitted this time.  The number is higher than the 62,507 needed.  However ballot initiatives often see a significant number of signatures disqualified.  This was not the case in Arkansas as the Arkansas Secretary of State said earlier this week that “Our office verified over 69,000 signatures for Arkansans for Compassionate Care. They will be certified to the ballot.”  If residents approve the measure Arkansas will join the 17 other states (and Washington D.C.) that permit medical marijuana.  They would, however, become the first southern state to start a medical marijuana program.


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