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Under pressure, Justice Department creates internal watchdog for asset forfeiture program

A unit will be set up in the Justice Department to oversee a policy that allows police to take cash and property from people suspected of a crime, even if they have not been charged.

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Battling the racial roadblocks to joining the legalized marijuana trade

States generally do not track the race and ethnicity of license applicants, but industry analysts and researchers say that dispensaries and the more-profitable growing operations across the country are overwhelmingly dominated by white men.

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Recalling Marijuana Supporter and Philanthropist Peter B. Lewis

peter b lewis

We reside in a society where financial wealth is often the way of measuring someone’s greatness.  There is definitely an incredible economic climate within the U . s . States that enables for a lot of to operate hard and get personal wealth.   Very frequently, however, individuals who find financial success don’t hand back and recognize individuals less fortunate.

It was not the situation with Peter B. Lewis.   The billionaire philanthropist was most widely known for his role as Chairman of Progressive Insurance Provider, however, many others will appreciate his charitable work.  Last year, Mr. Lewis guaranteed to give 1 / 2 of his wealth to charitable organisation.  He was noted for appreciating the humanities, culture, and human privileges.  Peter B. Lewis contributed large, very a large amount of cash to a lot of organizations such as the ACLU and The Guggenheim Museum.  We are sad to are convinced that he died a couple of days ago.

At any given time when giving and openly supporting marijuana reform was a little more risky for any guy of his stature, Peter B. Lewis wasn’t embarrassed to be among the wealthiest and profiles supporters of medicinal marijuana and leisure marijuana.  In 2007 he contributed $3,000,000 to MPP (Marijuana Policy Project).  The group has utilized the donations well and it is a number one organization in pushing marijuana reform forward.  He also supported Initiative 502, what the law states that made history by legalizing a leisure marijuana market that will provide new tax revenues within the condition of Washington.  In 1998, Mr. Lewis experienced from the medical problem that needed an incomplete amputation of 1 of his legs.  He stated that traditional medicines and pills were never competitive with marijuana was for his discomfort.  Mr. Lewis found idea the thought of criminalizing marijuana to become absurd and be probably the most influential figures for reform.

We’d much like to consider this time around to keep in mind this sort and caring guy.  Peter B. Lewis accomplished a lot of things and grew to become a  billionaire.  However, shown a level more rare trait, he never lost his empathy even while he acquired financial wealth.

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Marijuana Industry News November 15, 2013


NAACP Encourages Marijuana Legalisation…

Captured we at marijuana.internet referred to an invoice in congress that will go a lengthy way toward correcting unsuccessful marijuana laws and regulations.  The  Respect Condition Marijuana Laws and regulations Act of 2013 has acquired support by many people in congress because it would safeguard patients and steer clear of ongoing showdowns between federal government bodies.  The bill got a brand new major endorsement.  The NAACP has managed to get obvious they would like to see an finish towards the unnecessary incarcerations associated with low-level marijuana crimes.   Research conducted recently carried out through the ACLU demonstrated that although whitened and black People in america consume marijuana in a similar rate, shades of black are four occasions as apt to be arrested for this.   Tom Angell of Marijuana Majority stated the NAACP  endorsement helps “political figures and prominent people who wish to see prohibition finish but who’re just a little skittish about states getting too much in front of the feds about this problem.”

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Support For Medicinal Marijuana Growing in Massachusetts…

Medicinal marijuana shops are enroute to Massachusetts after citizens chosen to approve a stride in November if 2012 with a margin of 67-29%.  It appears there’s no purchasers remorse like a recent poll found much more citizens supporting the concept.  According to some survey carried out by Western Colonial College, citizens favor the shops with a margin of 74-21%.  Perhaps more surprising was the truth that 61% stated they’d not mind getting a dispensary within their community.  The survey data indicate that Massachusetts citizens have accepted the idea of medicinal marijuana in growing amounts,” stated Tim Vercellotti, director from the Polling Institute along with a professor of political science at Western Colonial College.

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Major Proponent of I-502 Argues to permit Home Growing for Patients…

The continuing saga of Washington’s legal marijuana industry continues.  There is a lot concern within the medicinal marijuana program and up to date changes that may basically avoid it.  The Washington Condition Liquor Control Board appears to become putting a much greater focus on the leisure sales.  One from the primary backers of I-502, Alison Holcomb, is attempting to prevent a few of the overreach by condition authorities.  Previously, patients could boost their own medication.  This achieves several goals.  It cost less for patients who might not have the cash to pay for the hefty costs and taxes which will accompany leisure sales, as well as certain medically customized strains might not be as available.

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Busy ACLU Makes Time For Medical Marijuana Rights



The ACLU almost always has a lot on their plate as they regularly step up to defend those who without a voice.  They are known for shedding light on issues that often involve racial, gender, financial inequalities.  They have also been a friend to the medical marijuana movement and this month alone have really expanded their efforts.

Several weeks ago the ACLU announced it would be filing a lawsuit against the Rhode Island Department of Health.  The suit was filed because the department has stopped accepting medical marijuana applications that have signed by nurse practitioners and physician assistants.  For many sick patients, getting an appointment and traveling to see the doctor can be difficult.  The move by the Department of Health may severely restrict access for vulnerable patients.  JoAnne Leppanen of The Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition agreed and said ‘‘What the health department has done is put up another barrier, basically pulling the rug out from under the patients.’’

Moving over to the other side of the country, the ACLU is also trying to bring awareness to medical marijuana in Montana.  Last night they screened the documentary “The Code of the West” which highlights the political debates regarding marijuana in Montana.  The film deals with a host of issues including medical marijuana’s benefits, the division among Montana residents on the issue and the upcoming vote on IR 124.  If Montana residents vote to pass IR 124, then they would see the 2004 medical marijuana law repealed.

The ACLU is urging Montana residents to vote “no” on IR 124.  In the height of political season, the ACLU has many important issues to deal with.  The group is also busy trying to fight efforts to suppress the vote.  However, as stated on Monday, it is encouraging to see that major news outlets (60 Minutes ran a story on Colorado’s medical marijuana program on Sunday Night) and activists groups are still fighting for marijuana reform even many other issues grabbing the headlines.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News October 19, 2012

35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Press Room

Montel Williams Calls Anti-Medical Marijuana Ads Racist in Arkansas…

Before it was cool for celebrities to come out and support marijuana reform, patients and activists always knew they could count on Montel Williams.  The former talk show host suffers from MS and has been very vocal about marijuana providing him with relief and has done a great deal of work to highlight marijuana’s medicinal benefits.  Now that medical marijuana is gaining acceptance, opposing groups are ratcheting up their efforts to promote propaganda.  Montel Williams is coming out against an ad that opposes the proposed medical marijuana program in Arkansas that will be voted on by residents in three weeks.  In the ad promoted by the Family Council Action Committee, a black man is shown dealing drugs as the narrator says “dope dealers” will be able to take advantage of legalized medical marijuana.  Yesterday Mr. Williams told a crowd in Little Rock that the ad was “the most egregiously false, racist statement you’ve ever seen in your life.”   Montel Williams said of his medical marijuana use that “For me, cannabis became a choice that my doctor and I had to make.”  Arkansas can become the first southern state to pass medical marijuana legislation.


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New Jersey Dispensary Receives Go Ahead to Start Selling Medical Marijuana…

For those who appreciate a good legal drama, New Jersey has provided a great deal of material.  New Jersey passed a bill permitting medical marijuana several years ago and has seen progress come in small intervals due to bureaucratic delays and challenges from Governor Chris Christie. No patients have been served in the years since the program received its initial approval.  However, that all appears ready to change as Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair has received a permit to distribute marijuana.  New Jersey Health Commissioner Mary O’Dowd said “This permit marks a significant step forward in the implementation of New Jersey’s medicinal marijuana program.”  Patients who have been approved are expected to be receiving their medical marijuana cards any day.  Analysts are still unsure as to exactly when Greenleaf Compassion will open its doors but most feel it will be operation before the end of the year.


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Arizona Officials Keep Up Battle with Residents and Medical Marijuana….

Arizona has some of the strangest and maybe even most unfair laws on record.  However, officials only seem to be able to focus on two issues, immigration and marijuana.  Earlier this week reported on a story where Arizona police officers raided a patient’s home and arrested her on felony narcotic possession, seemingly because they were not familiar with what a marijuana tincture is.  Now, Maricopa County will be making its case in court as they refuse to provide zoning permits for medical marijuana dispensaries, despite a state law passed by residents that has legalize medical cannabis.  Officials in Maricopa County claim that the law is in violation of Federal law.  Ironically, many critics have made a similar accusation in regards to how Arizona handles immigration law.  The Arizona “show me your papers” and other parts of the state’s immigration laws seem to be at odds with Federal laws, though state lawmakers do not seem to mind.  Today a judge in Maricopa County will hear the opening arguments in a case filed by the ACLU.


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Medical Marijuana Industry News August 3, 2012

federal raids

Federal Crackdown on Dispensaries Continues in San Francisco…

There does not appear to be any end in sight for federal raids targeting marijuana dispensaries.  Attorney General Eric Holder has reiterated that they will not use federal resources to go after law abiding collectives, however that statement no longer appears true.  Without any evidence of wrongdoing, federal authorities announced their intention to shut down the iconic and world’s largest marijuana dispensary, Harborside Health Center.  This week we learned that two prominent San Francisco collectives, Vapor Room and Hope Net would also be forced to shut their doors.  HopeNet Co-founder Catherine Smith said, “The Justice Department sent our landlord one of those nasty letters.  So this is our D-Day, we have to leave.”  Ray Chico who operates the popular jar company Doob Tubes, said the dispensary closings are hurting more than just patients and collective employees.  He noticed his business also take a turn for the worse and has been forced to let go of staff.


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Michigan Court of Appeals Rules Cities Cannot Ban Marijuana Dispensaries…

Recently California’s 2nd Circuit of Appeals ruled that cities cannot outlaw marijuana dispensaries.  The Los Angeles City Council seemed undeterred by this and went forward with what may be considered an illegal ban on dispensaries.  Michigan courts have now issued a similar ruling.  In the city of Wyoming Michigan an ordinance was passed that outlawed collectives.   John Ter Beek of Wyoming Michigan filed a suit in 2010 challenging the ban, and the ACLU also joined the suit. Michigan’s appellate court ruled that a local ordinace does not overrule a state law.  In this case since medical marijuana is protected on a state level, local municipalities cannot enact laws that conflict with state laws and outlaw dispensaries.  Dan Korobkin of the ACLU was pleased with the ruling and said “In 2008, people across the state overwhelmingly voted to protect patients who use marijuana to treat their medical conditions from punishment and penalty.”


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Arizona Asked to Expand Medical Marijuana Program…

Arizona’s medical marijuana program got off to a rocky start and was delayed by two years after being passed by a vote of the people.  There are still calls by opponents of medical marijuana for Governor Jan Brewer to end the program.  Ms. Brewer did not have her most triumphant political moment in court and was chided by a federal judge for the way they handled the situation.  However, as the Governor has received a great deal of criticism by marijuana advocates, they may be praising her today.  Thirteen county attorney’s in Arizona drafted a letter formally requesting that Governor Brewer halt the medical marijuana program.  She has rejected the request and wrote a response letter where she said “I am duty-bound to implement the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, and my agency will do so unless and until I am instructed otherwise.”  Patients will be pleased to hear this as the it ultimately is the responsibility of elected officials to carry out the will of the people, even if they do not agree with a situation on a personal level.


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Activists Urging Costa Mesa Voters to Lift Medical Marijuana Ban…

Advocates of medical marijuana submitted close to 6,800 signatures in an effort to get an initiative on the ballot to legalize non-profit medical marijuana collectives.  Dispensary owner Robert Martinez said “It’s imperative to provide safe access for veterans and cancer patients.  I’m super stoked to bring these signatures.”  The number of signatures is 1,000 more than the 5,812 required signatures which represents 10% of the Costa Mesa population.  However, often many signatures are invalidated during ballot initiatives and if the effort requires more signatures activists will only have until August 10 if they wish to have the issue placed before voters this November.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News May 18, 2012

oregon ag

Retired Judge in Oregon Defeats Anti-Marijuana U.S. Attorney in AG Primary…

With the help of passionate marijuana activists, Former Oregon Court of Appeals judge Ellen Rosenblum won the Democratic primary for Attorney General in Oregon by defeating U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton.  So far the Republicans have not put forth a candidate so it very possible that Rosenblum has all but won the position of Attorney General and will run uncontested in November.  Marijuana reform took on a very important role in the race.  Judge Rosenblum is a supporter of marijuana reform efforts while Attorney Holton has taken a very rigid stance on the issue.  He has been a supporter of federal raids on dispensaries.  Supporters of marijuana reform (55,000 registered patients in Oregon) were thought to have been a major reason for Rosenblum’s victory.  Advocates in Oregon are hoping the sweeping victory by Ellen Rosenblum will send a message to federal authorities. will be following up on this story .


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New Poll: About Three Quarters of Americans want to see an end to Marijuana Raids… has cited polls that indicate that the vast majority of Americans support a physician’s right to prescribe medical marijuana.  This sentiment was further confirmed as new polls asked respondents about their views on the recent federal crackdown and raids of marijuana dispensaries.  The poll showed that 74% of Americans are hoping to see an end to the raids.  Larry Harris, a principal with Mason-Dixon Polling & Research said “These results are consistent with the clear and growing body of evidence that documents substantial voter support for the legalization of medical marijuana.”  Steve Fox of the Marijuana Policy Project agreed and said, “The results of this survey demonstrate that there is virtually no support in the country for the Obama administration’s crackdown on state medical marijuana laws.”  Many analysts felt the Obama administration had indicated that they would take on a softer approach toward medical marijuana when the president was elected.


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Rhode Island Patients may finally see Dispensaries Open…

Rhode Island lawmakers finally seem ready to allow the medical marijuana dispensaries to start serving patients.  In 2006, a law was passed that permitted patients to grow and possess their own marijuana (up to 12 plants and 2.5 ounces).  Momentum has been building to open dispensaries as not all patients have the resources and ability to cultivate their own cannabis.  Last year 3 dispensaries were expected to open before Governor Lincoln Chafee stopped the process after U.S. Attorney Peter Neronha threatened Rhode Island with federal intervention.  Governor Chafee then worked with lawmakers to create a new law in hopes that it would be set up to satisfy federal authorities.  The Governor is now expected to sign a new law that was recently passed by state lawmakers granting permission for the dispensaries to open.  U.S. Attorney Peter Neronha has not given up and stated the Department of Justice is still concerned with “large-scale commercial cultivation and distribution” of marijuana.


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Medical Marijuana Grower shopping at Walmart has more to Fear than Federal Raids…

Mica Craig holds a license to grow marijuana in Washington State.  It is likely that he often worries of the federal crackdown and raids coming to his neighborhood.  However, at a recent trip to Walmart he quickly realized he had far more immediate concerns.  While shopping for mulch in the garden section of the controversial superstore, he was bitten by a rattlesnake.  Craig was released from the hospital but had to return shortly after when his hand swelled up.  He said “They got all the poison out of me but they don’t know how bad the muscle damage will be.”  Although Craig’s job as a marijuana grower may not have been relevant to the snake attack, Walmart (whose problems seem to be mounting) cannot be thrilled to hear about another negative and high profile story hurting its reputation. The mega store famously fired employee Joseph Casias for using medical marijuana in accordance with Michigan state law. He also has battled a brain tumor and sinus cancer and feels that he needs to use cannabis to deal with his medical issues.  He is considered to be a model employee and received the 2008 Associate of the Year at the store he worked in.  The ACLU is working hard to help Casias.

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Pat Robertson becomes an Unlikely Supporter of Marijuana Reform

pat robertson

As the minority in our country refuses to back off of its culture war against a plant, supporters for marijuana reform are revealing themselves from all walks of life.  We have all heard that politics make strange bed fellows, but even medical marijuana advocates still must have been shocked to find an ally in Pat Robertson.

The anti-liberal icon, Pat Robertson, is a former Baptist minister who has caused more than his fair share of controversy over the years.  Robertson has taken a harsh stance on almost all groups of people outside of his circle.  He has often attributed natural and man-made disasters to God’s fury, blaming Hurricane Katrina on America’s abortion policy.  He also famously claimed that 9/11 was the joint effort of the ACLU, feminists, as well as gays and lesbians.   Mr. Robertson also feels that the people of Haiti suffered the 2010 earthquake because of a pact they made with the devil to escape French rule.

For individuals who consider themselves to be on the liberal side of the political spectrum, they would likely not be expecting to see eye to eye with Pat Robertson on social issues.  Surprisingly however, Pat Robertson has recently come out in support of marijuana legalization on his televangelist show “The 700 Club”.   Perspective can be fascinating as Mr. Robertson has blamed liberals for the current state of marijuana laws while marijuana smokers  (who are often assumed to be liberal), would likely place blame on many of the conservatives who have been against marijuana reform for decades.  In what could  only be categorized as a progressive approach, Pat Robertson said “I just think it’s shocking how many of these young people wind up in prison and they get turned into hard-core criminals because they had a possession of a very small amount of controlled substance.”

Although many marijuana advocates may not be seeking a political alignment with Pat Robertson, it is clear that America’s sentiments on marijuana prohibition are changing rapidly.  When a staple of American conservatives is seeking an end to the war on drugs, who exactly is left supporting the failed policies of the last 40 years?

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Medical Marijuana Industry News November 25, 2011

florida legislature

Proposed Medical Marijuana Legislation Sits in Both Chambers of Florida Government


Following up Jeff Clemens Florida House Resolution 353, Sen. Larcenia Bullard introduced Senate Joint Resolution 1028 several days ago.  The potential for legal medical marijuana in Florida is still low because three fifths approval of the Florida legislature is required for the issue to hit the ballots.  Passage of these laws would result in protection from prosecution for patients, caregivers, and physicians.  Patients with children would be protected and not risk custody loss unless their behavior creates “an unreasonable danger”.  The battle appears to be a tough one for advocates to win as they are currently 600,000 signatures short of getting it on the ballot, even if they were to survive the legislative process.


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Marijuana Vanity Plate Not  a Hit with Nebraska Government


A resident in Nebraska was trying to promote something a little different than what is usually on a vanity license plate.  Frank Shoemaker was not interested in a Cornhusker or other sports team vanity plate.  He requested “NE 420”.  Shoemaker is leading a petition drive toward a ballot measure that would legalize marijuana.  The director of the DMV, Beverly Neth, felt that it was promoting the use of a drug that is illegal in Nebraska and refused to issue the plate.  The ACLU threatened to sue Nebraska’s Department of Motor Vehicle on the grounds that Shoemaker’s free speech was being compromised.  Nebraska ACLU director Amy Miller stated “It’s purely political speech relating to a current ballot initiative. ”  The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has previously ruled that license plates are an appropriate place for personal expression.  The Nebraska DMV has since relented and granted Shoemaker the license plate.

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