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Montel Williams

Medical Marijuana Industry News October 19, 2012

35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Press Room

Montel Williams Calls Anti-Medical Marijuana Ads Racist in Arkansas…

Before it was cool for celebrities to come out and support marijuana reform, patients and activists always knew they could count on Montel Williams.  The former talk show host suffers from MS and has been very vocal about marijuana providing him with relief and has done a great deal of work to highlight marijuana’s medicinal benefits.  Now that medical marijuana is gaining acceptance, opposing groups are ratcheting up their efforts to promote propaganda.  Montel Williams is coming out against an ad that opposes the proposed medical marijuana program in Arkansas that will be voted on by residents in three weeks.  In the ad promoted by the Family Council Action Committee, a black man is shown dealing drugs as the narrator says “dope dealers” will be able to take advantage of legalized medical marijuana.  Yesterday Mr. Williams told a crowd in Little Rock that the ad was “the most egregiously false, racist statement you’ve ever seen in your life.”   Montel Williams said of his medical marijuana use that “For me, cannabis became a choice that my doctor and I had to make.”  Arkansas can become the first southern state to pass medical marijuana legislation.


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New Jersey Dispensary Receives Go Ahead to Start Selling Medical Marijuana…

For those who appreciate a good legal drama, New Jersey has provided a great deal of material.  New Jersey passed a bill permitting medical marijuana several years ago and has seen progress come in small intervals due to bureaucratic delays and challenges from Governor Chris Christie. No patients have been served in the years since the program received its initial approval.  However, that all appears ready to change as Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair has received a permit to distribute marijuana.  New Jersey Health Commissioner Mary O’Dowd said “This permit marks a significant step forward in the implementation of New Jersey’s medicinal marijuana program.”  Patients who have been approved are expected to be receiving their medical marijuana cards any day.  Analysts are still unsure as to exactly when Greenleaf Compassion will open its doors but most feel it will be operation before the end of the year.


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Arizona Officials Keep Up Battle with Residents and Medical Marijuana….

Arizona has some of the strangest and maybe even most unfair laws on record.  However, officials only seem to be able to focus on two issues, immigration and marijuana.  Earlier this week reported on a story where Arizona police officers raided a patient’s home and arrested her on felony narcotic possession, seemingly because they were not familiar with what a marijuana tincture is.  Now, Maricopa County will be making its case in court as they refuse to provide zoning permits for medical marijuana dispensaries, despite a state law passed by residents that has legalize medical cannabis.  Officials in Maricopa County claim that the law is in violation of Federal law.  Ironically, many critics have made a similar accusation in regards to how Arizona handles immigration law.  The Arizona “show me your papers” and other parts of the state’s immigration laws seem to be at odds with Federal laws, though state lawmakers do not seem to mind.  Today a judge in Maricopa County will hear the opening arguments in a case filed by the ACLU.


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Medical Marijuana Industry News March 16, 2012

berkeley patients group

Berkeley Patients Group to Close its Doors


One of the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of California has been ordered to shut down.  Berkeley Patients Group has served many patients and has one of the best reputations in the industry.  They are known for charitable donations to the poor and helping the community.  Local politicians have even referred to it as the model business for how a dispensary should operate.  Federal authorities were not moved by Berkeley Patients Group’s compassionate for both its patients and the community.  They claimed the dispensary was in violation of Federal law but also that it was within 1,000 feet of two schools and in violation of state law.


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Montel Williams and Dan Morhaim Continue Fight for Medical Marijuana even after Legislation Fails


Although patients in Maryland were hopeful that they would finally be permitted to medicate with marijuana, Governor O’ Malley has decided to veto the bill citing his fear of Federal intervention.  Celebrity and longtime cannabis advocate Montel Williams has joined state Senator Dan Morhaim who is also a medical doctor  The two men also held a gathering where patients voiced their desire for medical marijuana.  Montel was quoted as saying “What you are trying to accomplish is being compassionate to those who are suffering.”  Williams provides a national platform for the medical marijuana conversation and Morhaim has submitted several bills in the Maryland Senate.


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Legalize Medical Marijuana Billboards are Put Up in Florida


Billboards supporting marijuana reform have been appearing in the Sunshine State.  Florida holds the title of largest indoor grower of cannabis in the country which clearly demonstrates a high demand.  However Florida has been known for a very strict approach toward marijuana enforcement and many of the state’s residents are elderly and do not support marijuana reform.  The man responsible for the signs is 69 year old Robert Platshorn.  Platshorn spent 30 years in prison for smuggling marijuana and says he does not want others to suffer his fate.  One billboard reads “Legalize Medical Marijuana.  I’m a patient not a criminal” while others call for a rescheduling of marijuana.


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Medicinal Marijuana Industry News Sept. 19, 2011


Montel Williams Among New Candidates for D.C Medicinal Marijuana Shops

This past year the District of Columbia approved legislation allowing medicinal marijuana.  Even though many are eagerly attempting to be licensed to supply cannabis, one famous title sticks out.  Very long time marijuana advocate, Montel Williams, is probably the 50 candidates.  Montel is affected with ms, and states that marijuana continues to be type in his having the ability to deal with the problem.  Williams clearly has a hollywood and will bring considerable attention if he’s granted permission.  He is capable of doing starting a bigger discussion and also to bring the problem nearer to Congress’ door.  Montel also stated he desired to visit a more controlled industry and hopes his work might help accomplish this.

Montel Williams Among New Candidates for D.C Medicinal Marijuana Shops

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