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Washington D.C.

Congress Asks Obama to Reschedule Marijuana


The separation of forces was among the best ideas hatched in the American founders.  With the manager, judicial, and congressional branches, the concept is the fact that each would over see certain facets of the federal government.  Unfortunately, the concept wasn’t supposed to have been a game title of hot potato.

However, creating the duty is exactly what we have seen very frequently from D.C. authorities.  The separation of forces wasn’t meant to confuse chosen leaders.  It did appear to complete exactly that as Leader Obama appeared to forget that deleting marijuana, is definitely an concept that would fall to him, and also the executive run Department of Justice.  When asked inside a recent interview, Mr. Obama attempted to change down to deleting marijuana to Congress. The interviewer, getting a clearer knowledge of how our government works, remedied the Leader and tell him that deleting is really a responsibility from the Whitened House.

The Leader attempted for everyone the ball to Congress, but they have came back the volley.  Days ago, 18 people of Congress sent instructions to Leader Obama, requesting him to reschedule marijuana, because the current policy “is not sensibleInch.  The people of congress are attempting to get marijuana separated from cocaine, heroin, along with other substances which have no medicinal value.  According to Yahoo, the letter says “Classifying marijuana as Schedule I in the federal level perpetuates an illegal and irrational system.  Schedule I recognizes no medical use, neglecting both medical evidence and also the laws and regulations of up to 50 % from the claims that have legalized medicinal marijuana.Inches Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), author from the letter stated that reclassifying marijuana “is one step the administration may take to begin to rationalize federal marijuana policy to create it using the advances which are happening in the usa.Inches

Weight loss states legalize both leisure and medicinal marijuana, pressure on Mr. Obama is only going to increase.  It is obvious the huge most of People in america are trying to find a significant change.  The insufficient action by federal government bodies, and today specially the Whitened House, is definitely an absolutely irresponsible act.  Patients and individuals buying leisure marijuana legally under their condition law possess a to be protected, not persecuted by chosen leaders.

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Ringing in 2012


Everyone knows 2012 can represent intense as well as harmful frat boy like hanging out. It also signifies a new beginning and new hope. Usually at this time around of the year we at marijuana.internet are wishing individuals who require relief will find it which the legal landscape gets to be more friendly to patients. Patients continue to be battling, and there’s a lot of legal work left to become done, however, 2013 observed historic change.  Colorado and Washington organized their plans for leisure marijuana programs.  Other states (Illinois and Nh) passed laws and regulations enabling medicinal marijuana while Nj broadened it’s medicinal marijuana program.  The quantity of states which have passed medical cannabis laws and regulations can be twenty (+Washington D.C.). An area of interest this season was the look that Washington condition may abandon it’s medicinal marijuana program, potentially costing patients lots of money in taxes to gain access to relief.

We’re hopeful that 2014 is a landmark year for marijuana reform.  California, amongst others, could also join their email list of legal medical states in 2014 and also the Marijuana Policy Project is hopeful about their “28 by 2014” initiative. As this information is being written, farmers and shops are preparing for legal leisure marijuana sales that’ll be legal in only hrs once we welcome in 2012.   Voters both in Colorado and Washington legalized leisure marijuana in November of 2012 but establishing the regulating framework has taken considerable time, debate, and energy.

Colorado has emerged prepared to oversee legal non medicinal marijuana sales and can end up being the initial town on the planet to do this.  While Washington condition and Uruguay have legalized leisure cannabis as well, they’re much farther away from seeing shops open their doorways.  Amsterdam, while loving toward cannabis use, hasn’t really legalized it.  Ethan Nadelmann, from the Drug Policy Alliance was excited when it comes to Colorado blazing the legal trail.  “Colorado is basically the very first.  It is the very first by which this really is clearly legal where marijuana has been grown legally, offered wholesale legally, offered retail legally,” Nadelman stated lately.
This news is definitely an exciting method to introduce 2014.  We offer the individual protections of individuals who would like to enjoy marijuana recreationally, but we hope the requirements of patients isn’t lost within the excitement and also the drive to help make the industry lucrative and taxed.  We should also wish everybody a contented Year and hope you’ve got a wonderful 2014.

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Marijuana Industry News October 25, 2013

breath test

Marijuana Breathalyzer May Come to California with Legalization…

One of the largest obstacles in governing the legal recreational marijuana industries is being able to assess a driver’s impairment.  Tests for alcohol and drunk driving have become reliable and acceptable.  Setting a blood alcohol limit of .1 or .08 is straight forward.  Determining acceptable marijuana levels has not been as easy.  California authorities and law makers are looking into having a similar test put into place.  However deciding on where to set the legal levels may prove difficult.  When asked about hard limits set in Washington state, Gabriel Reeves, the executive Chef at the Elemental Wellness Center in San Jose recently told NBC don’t feel that that sort of a limit has been established as scientifically accurate or something that would able to be standardized across the medical cannabis industry for each patient. Because each patient, each patient’s needs, vary with the amount of milligrams of THC that they need to alleviate their symptoms.”

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Support for Legalizing Marijuana Rising Quickly to all Time High…

American’s support for legalizing marijuana has been rising steadily over the past few years.  Washington and Colorado provided evidence if this, but until recently, most polls showed just over 50% of Americans were in support with higher numbers backing decriminalization and medical use.  A recent Gallop poll indicates that even the idea if legalizing  for marijuana for recreational use is gaining support.  In the poll 58% supported legalization, an all time high.  The news came at a time when federal authorities have signaled a softer stance on marijuana.  Marijuana enjoys a much higher approval rating than congress and may even offer a better chance at helping the economy.

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D.C. Mayor Seeks to Decriminalize Marijuana…

It has taken federal authorities years to even signal the possibility of bringing common sense to marijuana policy.  However, right under their noses, in Washington D.C., the city has moved forward with major marijuana reforms.  Medical marijuana has already been legalized, giving patients the chance at a better quality if life.  Now there is a bill sitting with the D.C. Council that, if passed, would decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.  D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray has now signaled his support for the bill making passage more likely.  Possession of less than one ounce would no longer accompany a six month jail sentence and $1,000 fine, rather, the penalty would be a civil citation ticket for $100 and no jail time.  Like many other municipalities, D.C. has financial and correction center overcrowding issues to deal with.


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Marijuana Industry News August 23, 2013

white house

White House Trying to Create Distance from  Dr. Sanjay Gupta Marijuana

CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, has created many
headlines and conversation since recently announcing he his previous
anti-marijuana stance was incorrect.  Dr. Gupta .  President Obama had
considered Gupta for Surgeon General in 2008.  Dr. Gupta, however did
not want to walk away from his surgical career and did not want to
lose time with his family.  Many have been wondering if Gupta’s
reversal will have policy impact.  So far it has not, but the White
House is answering questions it would rather not.  Deputy Press
Secretary, Josh Earnest was asked if a position flip by a well known
White House ally would have any impact on President Obama’s marijuana
policy.  Earnest said that President Obama ‘does not, at this point,
advocate a change in the law” and “The administration’s position on
this has been clear and consistent for some time now”  There are two
curious phrases in Josh Earnest’s quotes.  For one, they make sure to
say nothing will change “at this point”, perhaps opening the door to
future changes.  Additionally, many would disagree very much so
that President Obama has been “consistent” on his marijuana views.
The administration signaled a much different view on the 2008 campaign
trail and the early days of his first term.  However, a major change
appears to be on the horizon as it is becoming more difficult to
locate someone who will actually defend the current Schedule 1 status
of marijuana.

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City of Washington D.C. May Create Program to Subsidize Poor Medical
Marijuana Patients…

Fiscal conservatives will likely have a field day criticizing a new
proposal by city government officials in D.C.  Others will praise a
proposal aimed at helping struggling patients who may not be able to
afford their medication.  D.C. city officials are considering a
program that would require dispensary operators to put aside 2% of
profits in order to subsidize lower income patients who may not be
able to afford their medication.  While there have been calls in many
municipalities across the nation to address access to the poor, there
has not been any initiative such as this one from any government
entity..  Arizona allows for a reduced registration fee for low income
patients and many dispensaries have taken it upon themselves to offer
discounted meds but there have yet to be significant laws requiring
this.  One issue in the medical marijuana world is that medicine is
often priced at the prohibition street prices.  Allen St. Pierre, of
NORML, said “The rule is totally unprecedented in the medical
marijuana community.”

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National Marijuana Expert Suggests Fed Government Enter into a
Contract with Washington and Colorado on Medical Marijuana…

In an ideal world, the federal government would respect the laws and
wishes of state residents.  For decades many have tried to make this a
reality.  Marijuana reform activists have lobbied the federal
government to rethink their outdated position that marijuana is one of
the most dangerous substances on Earth, even more so than cocaine.  A
leading expert on marijuana law, and professor of public policy, Mark
Kleiman, is seeking to change this.  Mr. Kleinman is the lead
consultant for Washington state on their recently legalized medical
marijuana program.  The professor suggested that the Department of
Justice could enter into a contract with Colorado and Washington which
would have the states do everything in their power to prevent
marijuana from flooding other markets while the federal government
would vow not to prosecute the states who would be in violation of
federal law.  Earlier this week he told reporters “I think that
authorizes the (attorney general) to essentially enter into treaties
with Colorado and Washington… That’s messy, but I think it’s
workable.  It would prevent flooding the country with cheap pot.”  It
would also make it easier for businesses and patients to move forward,
as the battle of state vs. federal law has left everyone in limbo.

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Marijuana Industry News August 2,2012

Illinois governor

Illinois Becomes 20th Condition To Legalize Medicinal Marijuana…

The constantly growing listing of states enabling medicinal marijuana had recognized another participant.  This week, Illinois grew to become the twentieth condition to legalize medicinal marijuana.  The condition where Leader Obama made his political career, now formally is disregarding their own laws and regulations.  Underneath the new law, patients is going to be permitted to own as much as 2.5 oz . of marijuana per bi weekly period.  You will see 22 shops initially approved over the condition.  Surveillance may also be needed 24/7.  Karen O’ Keefe, from the Marijuana Policy Project claims the Illinois laws and regulations is going to be a few of the most stringent within the U . s . States.  Governor Pat Quinn stated after filling out the bill now “Personally i think this is one thing, whatever belief we practice, all of us think that helping individuals who’re sick, helping them recover as well as helping them cope with discomfort, this is a tenet in each and every belief and each religion.”


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First Marijuana dispensary finally opens D.C…

In an indication of altering occasions along with a fight lost by the us government, a medicinal marijuana dispensary is opening only blocks from Capitol Hill.  About miles from the same Congress that will not reform federal marijuana law, Capital Care opened up the 2009 week.  This uses about fifteen years of lawsuits.Wa D.C. citizens passed a ballot to permit medicinal marijuana (70%-30%) in the 90’s,  only to achieve the U.S. Congress intervene and stop implementation from the program.  The task of federal intervention is probably point of interest of patients and care providers in D.C.”We’ve not been told by them,” Scott Morgan, Capital Care’s communications director, stated from the Drug Enforcement Administration. “This is actually an exhibit in how you can do medicinal marijuana inside a focused and kind of clinical type of way. And for your reason, hopefully the final results we are achieving and individuals we are helping, it kind of means itself. When individuals take a look at what we have doing here, they’ll agree that we are doing the best factor.”


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Uruguay Makes Marijuana Legalisation Seem Like a Potential Reality…

The thought of legalizing Marijuana continues to be going swimming Uruguay for that this past year or two.  Legalization required a significant step now as Uruguay’s lower house of Congress approved an invoice to manage the purchase of marijuana. The low house was where experts thought there might be an problem obtaining the bill passed.  The bill is anticipated to pass through within the upper house and Uruguay Leader, Jose Mujica, has championed the reason,  making the bill’s approval basically assured.  Uruguay will be the first country in Guatemala to legalize marijuana.  While many people in Uruguay don’t offer the measure,  there is a lot of support in the area to reform marijuana laws and regulations and lower cartel violence.  Former Mexico leader, Vicente Fox has frequently openly mentioned his support for legalisation.


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Marijuana Updates in the American Capital


For marijuana activists, Washington D.C. doesn’t exactly represent a beacon of hope.  Decades of immaturity and shut mindedness from congress has frustrated individuals who’ve grown weary in the money and lives wasted around the Fight against Drugs.  Most chosen authorities have made the decision to remain quiet around the blatant fallacy that’s marijuana law.

Consequently, you will find typically couple of updates being released of D.C. relating to marijuana.  However,  in what may represent the fed’s lack of ability to prevent the inevitable, medicinal marijuana shops are going to open within our nation’s capital soon.  Three medicinal marijuana shops are required to spread out their doorways this summer time.  The irony from the Town of Washington D.C. opening marijuana collectives even while the pending authorities is constantly on the recycle old speaking points wasn’t lost on Vanessa West, the manager at Metropolitan Wellness Center.  She lately stated “The proven fact that the District of Columbia can pass it legally, and also the District of Columbia is incorporated in the land of the us government is really a contradiction also it talks that federal law must kind of jump in using what more states say.”

This news for Washington D.C. large hairpieces isn’t improving.  Possibly the greatest profile associated with Federal law in D.C. is U.S.  Attorney General,  Eric Holder.  He’s ongoing to guide the Justice Department’s fruitless quest for winning world war 2 against a plant.  It was already a difficult week for that AG as numerous question the entire impact from the fallout in the recent phone record scandal.  Mr. Holder required a rest from Washington D.C. Among the debate and was at Berkeley California.  Unfortunately the U.S. Attorney General appears to become getting trouble making buddies wherever he goes.  He was at attendance to greet law graduates in the College of Berkeley.  Obviously, many California citizens will not easily your investment soft words Mr. Holder and Leader Obama utilized on the campaign trail and in early stages within the first term.  Individuals words were tricked by 100s of shops being specific with no real conversation regarding how you can proceed with marijuana regulation.  Throughout the graduations ceremony, an plane circled transporting a banner that read “Holder: Finish Rx Cannabis War #Peace4Patients.”  It was also coupled with protestors holding signs that read “Fight Crime, Not Cannabis” as his limo contacted.

Clearly Washington D.C. shops highlight that activists take presctiption the offensive.  The Justice Department, however might be around the defensive as Eric Holder’s time as Attorney General continues to be full of debate.   Our nation’s capital is how the actual legal changes occur with shops opening right under their nose, the fight is clearly winding lower.    Just like a General or perhaps a King who don’t realize world war 2 has ended, even while it’s apparent to any or all other experts, our government is highlighting on embarrassment.

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Newest Marijuana Initiative Polls

states medical marijuana

Political junkies or those working in campaigns have been spending a considerable amount of time analyzing polls recently.  Even those who are not as enthusiastic about the election probably cannot escape the constant updates on polling.  Yesterday spoke about a polls showing that Colorado voters seem to be heavily leaning toward enacting a measure that would legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana.

Today, we thought maybe we would talk about some polls on marijuana initiatives in other states.  Colorado is not the only state with a major marijuana legislative overhaul law that will be voted on by the people in November.  Arkansas, Montana, Massachusetts, Washington State and Oregon will leave the future of marijuana reform in the hands of voters in November.  These polls are gauging the public’s interest in bills they will be voting on.  However, there is also pending legislation in other states to legalize medical marijuana or decriminalize.

The news for activists has been in mostly in their favor.  As mentioned yesterday, polls showed a strong majority of Colorado residents favoring the legalization of marijuana.  Similar results were found in Washington State as 57% supported legalization with 34% opposed.  In Massachusetts 58% of those polled signaled their support to legalize medical marijuana with only 27% opposing the measure.    Additionally, a majority of Montana voters do not support the state setting up additional limits on the state’s medical marijuana program.  Oregon voters were much more on the fence when it comes to legalizing marijuana with a slight majority disapproving of the measure (46%-43%).  There has not been polling data on residents of Arkansas, where they will vote on bring medical marijuana to the south.

The likelihood of at least one state passing a legalized marijuana bill seems extremely high.  Additionally it seems at one or more states may soon be joining the growing list of 17 states (and Washington D.C.) that have medical marijuana programs.  While many of us have grown weary from polling and statistics being directed our way, we thought many marijuana activists would be pleased to see their efforts are winning over the people.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News September 7, 2012

cannabis research

More and More Evidence Supporting Marijuana’s Ability to Fight Cancer… has extensively covered the constant updates on the ability of cannabis to provide medical relief.  One of the most promising areas of marijuana medicine is in its potential to reduce and fight cancer.   Many simply cannot believe this as the propaganda machine has told a very different  story.  However, research and even a government study has indicated that marijuana and hemp oils may be the future of cancer medication.  A new article on Daily Beast, highlights many of the marijuana medical breakthroughs over the course of the last 15 years, especially in cancer research.  The article avoids political talking points and tired discussion, rather, opting to describe studies and research conducted at prestigious educational institutions including Harvard and Lancaster University and research printed in medical journals such as British Journal of Pharmacology and Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry.


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Jimmy Carter’s Drug Czar Criticizes President’s Handling of Marijuana…

Every four years both major political parties in the United States hold conventions.  Jimmy Carter continuously serves as a punching bag for Republicans and a stepping stone to gush over former  Ronald Reagan.  Decades later, while still perhaps not viewed as a successful president, some forward thinking ideas from President Carter are gaining traction.  In 1977, President Carter wrote a letter to Congress urging re-prioritized efforts to focus on heroin and barbiturates as they were accounting for 90% of narcotic related deaths.  Redirecting the drug war still has not been properly done but the momentum for this 35 years later is at an all time high.  Echoing this are recent statements by Peter Bourne who served as the director of the National Drug Control Policy.  Mr. Bourne characterized President Obama’s approach to drug enforcement as “totally insane” and urged the president to enact executive orders if Congress was unwilling to amend laws.  The president is familiar with utilizing executive orders as the partisan gridlock of Capitol Hill has prevented many new laws from being passed.  The president most recently used an executive order with his new immigration directive, which will allow those who came to this country as children illegally to stay here without fear of deportation.  Bourne went on to say that federal raids of marijuana dispensaries and keeping marijuana as a schedule I drug (the same classification as heroin meth and other destructive narcotics) “doesn’t make any sense at all”.  Peter Bourne also praised legalization efforts such as Colorado’s Amendment 64 and Washington’s Initiative 502.


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More Marijuana Doctors than Patients In New Jersey…

The soap opera that is New Jersey’s medical marijuana program continues.  It has been well documented and publicized that New Jersey lawmakers have dragged their feet on the issue.  Medical marijuana was passed several years ago under exiting Governor Jim Corzine.  Still, there has not been one single patient served.  The current Governor, Chris Christie who delivered the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention, has tried to delay the program as much as he could.  Getting approved as a medical marijuana patient is extremely difficult and seems to require more vetting than becoming an approved doctor to prescribe marijuana.  Currently there are 130 approved patients who will eligible to receive marijuana prescriptions when the program finally gets underway.  However, there are over 160 doctors who have been approved to issue these prescriptions.  Conversely in Arizona, regarded as a tough state to receive a marijuana prescription, issued 700 prescriptions in its first year and has a significantly smaller population than New Jersey.  Another issue perplexing patients is even getting an appointment.  Of the 160 doctors, many are not even accepting patients.


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Residents of Oregon May Vote to Legalize Marijuana


While the bad news tends to stay ingrained in our psyche, it is important to note all of the success the marijuana reform movement has accomplished.  Dispensary raids and the DEA’s recent refusal to admit that marijuana is less harmful than crack and heroine can give the false impression that patients and marijuana advocates have not been successful.  This sentiment could not be farther from the truth.  There are already 17 states and Washington D.C. (plus more states with proposed legislation)that have already enacted laws that permit medical marijuana.  Additionally 13 states have approved measures to decriminalize low level marijuana possession.

2012 may be the year where marijuana reform is taken to even further heights.  Earlier in the year we already learned that both Washington State and Colorado will see its residents vote on whether or not they want a legalized and regulated marijuana system.  The groups New Approach Washington and Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol were instrumental in collecting enough signatures to get the issues to the ballot this November.  If passed in either or both of those states, marijuana will be regulated and handled in a similar fashion to alcohol.

Late last week we at were encouraged to hear that it appears a third state may also be joining the legalization list.  Oregon activists collected and submitted over twice the required signatures to the state in  order to get the issue on the ballot and voted on by residents.  The proposed law is being called the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act.  Another interesting aspect of the bill is that it would also permit farmers to grow hemp, which can be used in a variety of ways including food, fuel, rope, building materials and paper.  If approved, Oregon stands to create many jobs including new employees that would be required to operate the hemp farms.

Though the government still is attempting to derail the will of the people, their battle appears futile.  Elected officials often forget who they work for and with over half the country supporting legalization and approximately 75% supporting medical marijuana, reform seems to be a matter of inevitability.  Their jobs require votes and it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict where they will come from if they ignore several generations of Americans who will no longer tolerate the failed war on drugs, unnecessary youth incarcerations and denying relief to needy patients.

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Marijuana Friendly Gary Johnson Nominated as Libertarian Candidate for President while D.C. Program off to Rough Start

gary johnson party nominee

It has been an eventful week for marijuana law as Connecticut is poised to enact a strict medical marijuana program, aimed at avoiding the legislative pitfalls seen in other states, especially California.  Over the weekend there was also the Global Marijuana March, which saw hundreds of thousands gather across the world with events held in over 160 cities in 29 different nations.

As always, there were many other stories that developed over the weekend.  Although presumed to be the nominee for months, two term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has officially been named the Libertarian Party’s choice for President in the upcoming 2012 election this November.  The long time supporter of marijuana reform/legalization won by capturing 70% of the party’s 632 delegates at the Libertarian Party’s convention held in Las Vegas.  Mr. Johnson told Reuters that “I am very humbled. This is just the start.”  In addition to his promise to reform marijuana laws, Gary Johnson has taken aim at big government spending and income tax laws.  Gary Johnson shares Ron Paul’s view on ending income tax and replacing it with a “Fair Tax”.  The proposal would see an end to the current income tax structure and replace it with flat rate 23% tax on new goods.  Resold goods would not face any sales tax.  Mr. Johnson is also hopeful that Ron Paul and his supporters will back the ex-Governor.

As Gary Johnson prepares for a possible journey to the White House, he may face the issue of marijuana reform before he even unpacks his bags.  Washington D.C. has finally started to move forward with a medical marijuana program that has been weighed down by legal disputes.  The program was originally voted on and approved by D.C. residents 12 years ago.  Six licenses have finally been granted to cultivation centers with hopes of patients being served within a few months.  Despite the approvals finally being issued, some applicants seeking to open dispensaries are filing lawsuits.  They feel they have easily met the criteria laid out by the Health Department in order to open and have been denied anyway.

According to the Washington Times, 3 law firms have filed a total of 5 civil complaints that contest the way in which the D.C. Department of Health scored and denied the applicants.  Dr. Duplessie is one of the plaintiffs and is seeking his application to be re-sent to Department of Health with a third party to oversee the second review.  The Washington Times article quoted Dr. Duplessie as saying “It appears that the D.C. Board of Health has either not read my application or the playing field is not level, I think the process is beyond flawed.”  Dr. Duplessie’s attorney has questioned what they believe is a lack of transparency, and said city health officials should elaborate on their decision further than simply saying “it’s just our right.”

While the D.C. story is not what patients want to hear, it is important to note how much progress has been made.  With a presidential candidate and the city of Washington D.C. supporting cannabis reform, the future for patients appears bright.  Despite whatever recycled statements are emitted from the well dressed men in landmark buildings, compassion seems to be winning out.

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