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What the world can learn from the first country to legalize marijuana

“It’s always hard to go first, but it’s not as hard to go second and third,” said the Brookings Institution’s John Hudak.

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Uruguay setting up dedicated cannabis dispensaries after banks scare off pharmacies

Uruguay’s government announced it is changing its retail system for legalized marijuana because banks have made it difficult for pharmacies to sell cannabis.

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In Uruguay’s marijuana experiment, the government is your pot dealer

In coming weeks, cannabis-seeking citizens in this small South American nation will be able to walk into a pharmacy and buy government-approved marijuana for the state-mandated price of $1.30 a gram. No questions asked. No doctor’s note required.

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Is Marijuana the following Large Industry?


Marijuana has clearly joined a brand new age. Legal sales have began in Colorado and really should be around the means by Washington condition. The popularity isn’t just a U.S. phenomenon. Uruguay can also be planning for leisure marijuana sales.

You will find still major hurdles within the U.S. which include marijuana’s illegal federal status and the possible lack of banking access for collective operators.  However, despite individuals repairable situations, it’s obvious that marijuana may be the next large industry within the U . s . States and possibly around the globe.  The images being released of Colorado reveal that this really is greater than a passing fad.

A lot of the financial conversation revolves simply around taxes collected through legal sales of marijuana.  While these amounts are essential, it might be a shortsighted method of viewing the industry’s impact.  Marijuana shops also equal jobs for security, plant/grow providers, lawyers, doctors/medical centers, companies, local plumbers, electrical engineers and anybody associated with building maintenance and construction, realtors, land lords and also the list can carry on.  As we still watch Republicans and Dems recycle exactly the same speaking points within their debates, legal marijuana satisfies both platforms. New Revenues is going to be produced (what Dems seek) and taxes don’t need to rise (what Republicans want) because new jobs people these days working translates to more taxes being collected. Innovation and industry will offer you more solutions budget squabbles.

A current article by Heesun Wee of CNBC highlights the present condition from the growing marijuana industry.  The article describes the innovation and creativeness industry people are employing to pay the bills legally without use of modern banking.  It also describes new states thinking about legalisation and just how the push has become originating from both political right and left and just what seems to become a vibrant future for that industry.  We at marijuana.internet are looking forward to what is the news and just hope that patient’s needs are thought later on.

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Marijuana Industry News December 13, 2013

Uruguay flag

Uruguay Becomes First Nation to Legalize Marijuana…

The story has been developing for a long time but now it looks official. Uruguay will become the first nation to legalize recreational marijuana.  Uruguay, like many other countries in Central and South America, is attempting to rectify the growing problems related to failed marijuana policy, including the brutal cartel violence.  This week, Uruguay Senators voted 16-13 to legalize and regulate marijuana.  The idea has been championed by Uruguay President, Jose Mujica.  His wife, Senator Lucía Topolansky told Reuters “We begin a new experience in April. It involves a big cultural change that focuses on public health and the fight against drug trafficking.”  Residents, 18 and over, will be able to purchase up to 40 grams per month so long as they are properly registered.

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New York State Lawmakers Considering a Legal Marijuana Industry…

The marijuana conversation in New York has been front and center over the course of the past year in New York.  Unfortunately, most of the focus has been on “Stop and Frisk”, the NYPD’s ruthless strategy to work around a decriminalization law passed in the 1970s.  New York allows possession of up to 25g to be considered a civil citation, punishable by a ticket.  However, the law does not allow for the cannabis to be in plain sight in order to prevent public consumption.  The NYPD tells individuals to empty their pockets.  Refusing to do so is illegal while following the officer’s instructions puts the marijuana in plain sight, where the charges will escalate.  NY State Senator Liz Krueger wishes to put an end to the unjust practices that overwhelmingly target minority residents.  She recently introduced a bill that would create a legal recreational marijuana market similar to Colorado and Washington, complete with state oversight and tax revenues.  She recently said publicly that “There is marijuana usage and there has been forever and we have to stop wasting lives and wasting police power and our courts.”  It is not clear yet if the bill will have enough votes or support from Governor Cuomo to pass.

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Poll Shows California Support for Recreational Marijuana Law is Increasing…

While California residents have been pioneers in medical marijuana, having passed Proposition 215 (California Compassionate Use Act) in 1996, support for legalizing recreational use has taken far longer to grow.  A majority of residents, even up to a few years ago actually were against legalization.  Recently those numbers have been much more evenly split.  The newest polling on the issue shows a majority of California residents now outright support legalizing and regulating recreational marijuana.  A Field Poll found that 55% of California residents support legalizing.  Residents may get their chance to do more than answer survey questions as serious efforts are underway to bring the issue to the ballot for residents to vote on next year. Mark A.R. Kleiman is a Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.  He is considered an expert on  drug policy and recently said “Debating about whether to legalize now is pointless, because we’re going to.  The smart debate is about how we’ll do it.”


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Marijuana Industry News August 9, 2013


Older Generations Trying Marijuana in Higher Numbers Than Younger…

Earlier this week reported on a recent Gallup survey that found the number of teens co summing marijuana has remained steady for years.  The conversation revolved the perceived notion that legal medical and recreational marijuana would lead to a spike in usage by the teen to 29 year old bracket.  In 1985,  56% of of those ages 18-29 had tried marijuana.  Now, according to the new Gallup data,  that number is just 36%.  Of from the ages of 30-49,  49% have tried cannabis.  As much or more of a surprise is that those from the 50-64 age bracket are smoking marijuana at much higher rates.  In 1985 only 9% of Americans from the age of 50-64 smoked marijuana.  Now that number has risen to 44%.  The makeup and attitudes of this age group is considerably different.  In 1985,  many people from this group were World War 2 and Korean War vets.  Today many from this age group were part of the Hippie Movement.  Additionally, critics of legal marijuana dismiss the chance that regulation works.  Any marijuana to them will result in waves of zombie like teens willing to anything for access with caregivers driving around in vans willing to distribute.  Perhaps medical cards has been a deterrent for teens.


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Chilean Psychologist Leads Push To Follow Uruguay’s Legal Marijuana Path…

Recently we learned that Uruguay has moved very close to legalizing marijuana.  The impact may be spreading thought Central and South America as there seems to be even more interest in Chilean marijuana activist, Dr. Milton Flores.  He is considered to be the most well known marijuana reform advocate in Chile. The psychologist has been a long time advocate of legalizing marijuana.  He is trying to end the criminalization of those who are non violent or require medical relief.  Dr.  Flores has been  He recently said “Cannabis is neither good nor bad.  Its use can be appropriate or inappropriate. It’s a tool that can have very significant effects.”  While Dr. Flores had been trying to bring awareness the issue for decades,  he has found much more support in recent years. There has been growing support for legalization in Chile as of late.  Mexico may also consider legalization soon as their former president, Vicente Fox had been quite vocal on the issue.  With Uruguay’s plans to move forward on marijuana legalization,  the idea seems to be generating momentum all over South and Central America.


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Arkansas Activists Revise and Resubmit Medical Marijuana Ballot…

The Deep South may represent the last stronghold of marijuana reform opposition.  When it comes to reform,  the west was first,  the northeast has been on fire,  and medical marijuana has even made its way to the Midwest.  However,  with Florida having an elderly population in need of medicine and already producing the highest quantities of illegal marijuana,  there clearly is demand in the sunshine state.  While reform in  Florida may be on the way,  it is Arkansas who may be the first to drastically alter marijuana laws.  The group Arkansans for Medical Cannabis are working hard to get the decision into the hands of the people. A previous ballot proposal was rejected by state Attorney General Dustin McDaniels lady month.  If approved this time,  which is certainly not guaranteed, those with Arkansans for Medical Cannabis would have the opportunity to collect enough signatures and put medical marijuana to a vote of the people in 2014.

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Marijuana Industry News August 2,2012

Illinois governor

Illinois Becomes 20th Condition To Legalize Medicinal Marijuana…

The constantly growing listing of states enabling medicinal marijuana had recognized another participant.  This week, Illinois grew to become the twentieth condition to legalize medicinal marijuana.  The condition where Leader Obama made his political career, now formally is disregarding their own laws and regulations.  Underneath the new law, patients is going to be permitted to own as much as 2.5 oz . of marijuana per bi weekly period.  You will see 22 shops initially approved over the condition.  Surveillance may also be needed 24/7.  Karen O’ Keefe, from the Marijuana Policy Project claims the Illinois laws and regulations is going to be a few of the most stringent within the U . s . States.  Governor Pat Quinn stated after filling out the bill now “Personally i think this is one thing, whatever belief we practice, all of us think that helping individuals who’re sick, helping them recover as well as helping them cope with discomfort, this is a tenet in each and every belief and each religion.”


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First Marijuana dispensary finally opens D.C…

In an indication of altering occasions along with a fight lost by the us government, a medicinal marijuana dispensary is opening only blocks from Capitol Hill.  About miles from the same Congress that will not reform federal marijuana law, Capital Care opened up the 2009 week.  This uses about fifteen years of lawsuits.Wa D.C. citizens passed a ballot to permit medicinal marijuana (70%-30%) in the 90’s,  only to achieve the U.S. Congress intervene and stop implementation from the program.  The task of federal intervention is probably point of interest of patients and care providers in D.C.”We’ve not been told by them,” Scott Morgan, Capital Care’s communications director, stated from the Drug Enforcement Administration. “This is actually an exhibit in how you can do medicinal marijuana inside a focused and kind of clinical type of way. And for your reason, hopefully the final results we are achieving and individuals we are helping, it kind of means itself. When individuals take a look at what we have doing here, they’ll agree that we are doing the best factor.”


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Uruguay Makes Marijuana Legalisation Seem Like a Potential Reality…

The thought of legalizing Marijuana continues to be going swimming Uruguay for that this past year or two.  Legalization required a significant step now as Uruguay’s lower house of Congress approved an invoice to manage the purchase of marijuana. The low house was where experts thought there might be an problem obtaining the bill passed.  The bill is anticipated to pass through within the upper house and Uruguay Leader, Jose Mujica, has championed the reason,  making the bill’s approval basically assured.  Uruguay will be the first country in Guatemala to legalize marijuana.  While many people in Uruguay don’t offer the measure,  there is a lot of support in the area to reform marijuana laws and regulations and lower cartel violence.  Former Mexico leader, Vicente Fox has frequently openly mentioned his support for legalisation.


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Uruguay Moving Forward With Plan To Legalize Marijuana and Combat Drug Violence



As noted yesterday, the escalating drug cartel violence received no mention during Monday’s presidential debate.  While many of our fellow Western Hemisphere countries look to The United States for leadership on the issue, we continue to maintain our failed drug policy.  Fortunately, other countries in Central and South America are considering their own alternative to the 40 year failed War on drugs.

For the last several months the Uruguay government has been discussing legalizing, regulating, and distributing marijuana.  While there has been some opposition to legalization, the plan appears to be moving forward.  Several government officials have made recent comments regarding the program.   Uruguay Interior Minister, Eduardo Bonomi recently said “We have a progressive tradition… The negative effects of consuming marijuana are far less harmful than the outbreak of violence associated with the black market.”

Uruguay may be far along the process of altering their approach toward reducing drug war violence but they are not the only one.  As the United States continues fighting the cartels in the traditional way, which involves gunfire and bloodshed, other countries now realize they will be responsible for their own safety and legislative direction.  Columbia has recently decriminalized personal possession for marijuana and cocaine.  Bolivia has also been attempting to decriminalize cocoa leaves.

The people of the United States are war weary after a decade of The Afghanistan conflict and the recently ended Iraq operations.  In this region America has taken note of our previous mistakes and has decided on a new direction in its approach toward dealing with Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.  Instead, as we saw both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney agree to during Monday’s debate, economic sanctions have been used to put the pressure on Iran to come to the table and talk disarmament.  In the modern world, economics can also be an effective weapon.  While we applaud a progressive approach toward Iran, when will see the United States utilize and economic approach to stem the daily violence occurring close to home, not thousands of miles across the world.  Legalization and regulation would reduce the drug cartel’s power, influence, and purpose in the western hemisphere.  If marijuana were regulated and available domestically, this could crush the cartels economically.

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Growing Marijuana Helps Save Families Across the World

marijuana farmers

While much of our news coverage focuses on domestic issues and our own western culture, it is important that we do not lose sight of the marijuana movement worldwide.  In recent months we have had encouraging news in Central and South America as Columbia, Mexico, Uruguay and other countries have now seriously discussed decriminalization and legalization plans.

Moving toward the rest of the world, we can see that the recession has an even greater impact on struggling countries.  With no industry and help in sight, villagers in trouble have turned to a new way to make ends meet and feed their families.  Several months ago many news outlets reported that Rasquera, a small village in Spain was considering renting out their fields to help pay off a large debt owed to the European Union.   The small village has been growing concerned that its younger population is moving out, seeking jobs in larger metropolitan areas.  Though the village voted to enact the plan, an official from the Spanish government said there was virtually no way this program would ever get started.  Officials in Spain may be forced to think outside of the box as Spain is suffering from 23% unemployment (unemployment is considered a huge problem in the U.S. and is currently at 8.3%) with economists predicting another upcoming and prolonged recession.

While the Spanish government may be dragging their feet and standing in the way of villagers taking their own initiative, the New York Times recently reported on a grandmother in Swaziland who has become a cannabis grower as a way to support her 11 grandchildren.  Khathazile, (she only provided her middle name to the Times reporter) has lost her 3 daughters who all died young and is growing the famous “Swazi Gold” strain as a way to take care of her motherless grandchildren.  Marijuana was not necessarily her first choice to grow but traditional crops do not provide enough for the large family to survive.  As Khathazile says “If you grow corn or cabbages, the baboons steal them.”  Another local woman, Sibongile Nkosi, started to grow marijuana before her daughter died and was impressed with the ease of the grow.  She described her first attempt by saying “I put the seeds in the ground, watered them, and it grew.  I was able to feed my children.”

While these stories may seem controversial to some, it is easy to criticize the idea from more economically vibrant regions of the world, where we may not be faced with having to break the law in order to clothe and feed our children.  HIV/AIDS has ravaged much of Africa with so many children becoming orphans at a young age.  We can no longer afford ignorance, and the luxury of fear mongering and propaganda.  Simply put, marijuana saves and improves lives both medically and economically.  As men in pressed suits try to put their expensive western education to work and try to create elaborate economic recovery plans, Khathazile already has a sustainable low cost plan for pulling the world out of this recession.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News July 20, 2012

dark knight risesDark Knight Rises Actor Morgan Freeman Rails Against Marijuana Criminalization… Later tonight (unless you could not help yourself and already went to a 12:01 screening) excited moviegoers will be out in force to see one of the biggest movies of the year, and maybe since Heath Ledger’s joker captivated the world in 2008.  The Dark …continue reading

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