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Barney Frank

Barney Frank Gets Blunt About America’s Failed War on Drugs

Rolling Stone recently spoke with former Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Barney Frank for their “The Last Word” segment, getting pointed opinions from Frank on a wide range of topics. Frank touched on his heroes, why he doesn’t really care for music anymore, and his contentious relationship with Bill O’Reilly. You can read the interview in its […] Thanks to

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Medical Marijuana Industry News July 20, 2012

dark knight risesDark Knight Rises Actor Morgan Freeman Rails Against Marijuana Criminalization… Later tonight (unless you could not help yourself and already went to a 12:01 screening) excited moviegoers will be out in force to see one of the biggest movies of the year, and maybe since Heath Ledger’s joker captivated the world in 2008.  The Dark …continue reading

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Medical Marijuana Industry News June 22, 2012


Uruguay Looks to Legalize Marijuana In Effort to Reduce Violence and Crime…

Efforts by Central American countries to convince the United States government to reconsider their rigid stance on marijuana has proved unsuccessful.  America’s demand for marijuana has lead to a rise in cartel power and violence all over Central America.  Both President Obama and Vice President Biden have been hammered by criticism from leaders in the region on recent trips.  Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico has been very vocal regarding how United States drug laws are having a devastating impact on Central America.  Leaders in Uruguay are taking the initiative and will not wait for United States to take action at a glacial pace.  Uruguay’s Defense Minister Eleuterio Fernandez Huidobro said this week that prohibition was causing “more problems than the drugs themselves.” Analysts believe this is only a start and that many nations will follow Uruguay’s lead.


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New Hampshire Governor Vetoes Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana…

Recently New Hampshire lawmakers approved a measure that would permit medical marijuana.  There has been momentum for such a program for several years as a similar measure was passed in 2009 only to be vetoed by Governor Lynch.  He has done so again with the new 2012 bill however advocates and lawmakers are hoping they can gather enough votes to override the Governor’s veto.  The bill passed by a wide margin in both New Hampshire’s House and Senate though it is still unclear if enough legislators would support overriding the governor’s veto.


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Two House Representatives Refuse to Let DEA Official Avoid Answering Marijuana Questions

Jared Polis (D-CO) is one of the nation’s most recognized marijuana supporters in Congress.  Along with Barney Frank and Ron Paul (R-TX) Mr. Polis has certainly fought hard for marijuana patients.  This week he grilled Michele Leonhart of the Drug Enforcement Administration during a Congressional hearing.  As Ms. Leonhart was asked questions regarding marijuana, she seemed unwilling to elaborate as to why the federal government has marijuana classified as a schedule 1 drug.  Steve Cohen (D-TN) also demanded straight forward answers from Leonhart  Below you can find an excerpt of the exchange between Polis and Leonhardt:

POLIS: Is crack worse for a person than marijuana?

LEONHART: I believe all the illegal drug  are bad.

POLIS: Is methamphetamine worse for somebody’s health than marijuana?

LEONHART: I don’t think any illegal drug is good.

POLIS: Is heroin worse for someone’s health than marijuana?

LEONHART: Again, all the drugs –

POLIS: I mean, either yes, no, or I don’t know. I mean, if you don’t know, you can look this up you should know this as the chief administrator for the Drug Enforcement Agency. I’m asking you a very straightforward question. Is heroin worse for someone’s health than marijuana?

LEONHART: All the illegal drugs are bad.

POLIS: Does this mean you don’t know?

LEONHART: Heroin causes an addiction that causes many problems that’s very hard to kick.

POLIS: Does that mean that the health impact is worse than marijuana, is that what you’re telling me?

LEONHART: I think that you are asking a subjective question. Will Be Attending the High Times Cannabis Cup In San Francisco this weekend…

There is no rest for the weary as will be taking the excitement from San Jose’s Hempcon with us to San Francisco and the 2012 High Times Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup.  If you are in the Bay Area come check us out on Saturday, Sunday, or both days.  We will continue with our popular raffles and we encourage patients to learn more about which medication is right for them with a free one on one session with our strain master .  We’ll also be showing off our comprehensive strain library and be providing education on the newest marijuana reform developments.

Click here to find out more about the 2012 Medical Marijuana High Times Cannabis Cup in San Francisco

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Meghan McCain Says Yes to Marijuana Legalization

meghan mccain

As the two mainstream candidates for president continue to dodge and squirm away from marijuana related questions, others in the political arena are gladly standing up to address the issue. has previously covered outspoken supporters such as Gary Johnson, Barney Frank, and Ron Paul, but a new voice has entered the discussion.

The daughter of longtime senator and former presidential candidate John McCain (R-AZ) has been taking her father’s moderate and often bi-partisan platform to a new level.  Meghan McCain is known for being a centrist and represents a younger generation of voters who are not locked into conservative bullet points.  Some of her actions have upset American conservatives, especially recently as she appeared in a photo shoot (fully clothed) in Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine.  She now has come out in support of legalizing marijuana, making conservatives already weary of both her and John McCain’s middle of the road approach to government, even more aggravated.

Joining the skyrocketing number of Americans who are tired of watching tax dollars being thrown into an abyss, Meghan McCain strongly supported legalization in her new book “America You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom” which was also co-written by comedian Michael Ian Black.  In one segment she states I believe the legal ramifications of possessing marijuana are egregious. For one reason, I think it is a substance that does no more damage than alcohol does, and second, if we legalized marijuana in this country and taxed the hell out of it, our economic problems would at least be temporarily helped a great deal. In fact, you could even use the revenue stream to pay for universal health care if you wanted.”  She also went on to say “Mostly though, I do not completely understand the allure and taboo associated with marijuana. The few times I have partaken in smoking pot it has been a mild experience. Yes, it is a substance that will alter your mind frame and judgment, but as someone who is high strung and has a natural tendency to get nauseated, I can see its appeal.”

While this nation may be polarized, campaign strategists often seem to overplay the hand.  Meghan McCain’s view on marijuana is quickly becoming the consensus of the mainstream.  Gary Johnson and Ron Paul’s popularity already show a country ready for a more compromising voice, instead of the gridlocked and dysfunction we typically see in Washington.  As unemployment continues to be a concern in the United States, we see politicians desperate to do anything to avoid unemployment lines filled with regular working class people.  However, walking the lobbyist line may no longer offer the job security it once did, but opening up an entirely new multi-billion dollar per year job market may help everyone get off the unemployment line.

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Lawmakers Propose New Tactic in Fight for Marijuana Reform


For decades the idea of high profile politicians taking on the issue of marijuana reform was laughable.  Even after the Proposition 215 passed, many lawmakers outside of California would not publicly consider proposing changes to marijuana law.  Currently there are now 16 states, (with Connecticut expected to join the growing list) and the nation’s capital where marijuana is permitted for medical use.

Americans have stated their desire for a compassionate medical system.  We are seeking to move on from medical treatments that rely on addictive pills and unaffordable bills. However, the greatest threat to our new compassionate medical system are the people who work for us.  The Federal government, despite statements from President Barack Obama that the Department of Justice would not be using tax payer resources to circumvent state laws, has tried to dismantle relief one dispensary at a time.  Fortunately, U.S. House of Representatives members Sam Farr (D-Calif.), Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) and Maurice Hinchey (D-N.Y.) have proposed outlawing federal funds from being used to interfere with state laws.  The debate is over HR bill 5326, the bill that determines the funding for the Department of Justice.

Most of the reform conversation has revolved around protests and ballot initiatives.  While these have been successful, ballots to change the law have not been able to protect caregivers from federal raids.  It is only recently that our elected officials have decided to push the issue and get more creative.  Many of us are familiar with the popular legalization bill proposed by Barney Frank (D-Mass) and Ron Paul (R-TX).  The bill was met with predictable opposition, but at least kept the issue in the spotlight.  An attempt to defund the DOJ is a new method being utilized by lawmakers and may be a more effective way to frame the discussion.  If deficit spending continues to dominate the campaign coverage then saving money on raiding marijuana dispensaries should match the national financial conversation in step.

Like the ghosts of a haunted past, marijuana reform is rearing its pretty head everywhere.  The president has been taking criticism on marijuana policy seemingly everywhere he goes.  Foreign leaders (Vicente Fox), domestic allies (Nancy Pelosi), presidential candidates (Gary Johnson), comedians( Jimmy Kimmel), evangelicals (Pat Robertson) and of course patients seeking pain relief are all voicing their opinion in support of cannabis reform.  Now that politicians on a national stage are starting to support compassionate reform, hopefully they will use even more creativity in trying to pass legislation that will finally end a century long error.

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Jimmy Kimmell Pressures Obama on Marijuana Reform

jimmy kimmel

The pressure on the Commander in Chief to consider a new approach toward marijuana reform seems to be increasing.  Recently, both the president and vice president have faced criticism from Latin American countries who have grown weary of the Cartel, and United States failed war on drugs.  Participants in online chats have tried to engage President Obama as well, although the topic was simply dismissed both times.  Finally, last week in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Barack Obama attempted to clarify (though many are still confused) his position on medical marijuana.  Barney Frank D-Mass) also put the president in an uncomfortable situation by taking him to task about Obama’s 2009 statements on medical cannabis at a lavish political fundraiser.

As the American 24/7 news cycle further degenerates into a collection of stories that do not engage any real impact issues, Americans have already grown to expect comedians to ask the tough questions.  Although political humor is not for everyone,  John Stewart and Steven Colbert, would probably be more likely to ask tougher questions of our candidates.  However in Colbert’s case, the questions are not straight forward as viewers must see past his faux right wing character to deduce what he is really saying.

Jimmy Kimmel now joins the list of comics asking the tough questions.  At the White House Correspondent’s dinner, the late night comic served as the event’s host and was more than willing to grill the president on marijuana.  Kimmel balanced the conversation with both humor and serious points.  He said “What is with the marijuana crackdown? Seriously, what is the concern? We will deplete the nation’s Funyun supply?  Pot smokers vote too. Sometimes a week after the election, but they vote.”  Kimmel then turned to the celebrity filled crowd and posed a question to them.  He asked them to raise their hands if they did not ever use marijuana.  With few hands being raised Kimmel effectively made his point and said “Marijuana is something that real people care about.”

Wherever the president seems to goes he is going to face tough questions on medical marijuana.  While being “tough on drugs” may be part of his re-election strategy, is it truly working if these types of questions dog the president?  The discussion is not relegated to medical marijuana states or even  America as a whole.  As always this president has captivated the world, and fair or not, his actions are constantly scrutinized.

Some of the venom toward the president is not fair.  It is important for us to avoid being single issue voters, if possible, and the president has some landmark accomplishments such as catching Osama Bin Laden and lifting the federal ban on stem cell research.  However, struggling patients may not have the luxury of engaging in the typical political discussions.  Patients need relief now and may not have the time to wait for a second term or for a re-election strategy to play itself out.


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Barney Frank Confronts President Obama on Medical Marijuana Flip Flop

barney frank

This time of year is very uplifting for medical marijuana patients and activists.  It is a time where the community comes together and patients can share their stories with others.  Of course there is a lot of fun at 420 events but hopefully not lost during the weekend was Rep. Barney Frank’s (D-Mass ) comments on the Obama Administration’s handling of medical marijuana.

Known for their expert coverage of American politics, Politico ran a story describing Barney Frank’s recent quotes regarding the white house and medical marijuana.  Over the weekend Politico caught up with Mr. Frank and the representative said “I’m very disappointed…They look more like the Bush administration than the Clinton administration.”  Barney Frank has been a long time advocate of marijuana reform and has co-sponsored bills with Ron Paul to amend cannabis prohibition.

Additionally, Opposing Views reported that both President Obama and Rep. Frank attended a lavish fundraiser across from Norml’s offices at the St. Regis Hotel.  The fundraiser cost about $35,800 to attend with mostly rich liberals (Obama’s supposed base) filling the room.   Reports indicate that Barney Frank challenged the president on his handling of the recent medical marijuana raids.  The president then claimed that they were only going after dispensaries on a case by case basis and was unaware of what the DOJ was doing.  Rep. Frank did not agree with this assertion and furthered challenged Obama on his supposed “hands off” policy.  The president frustratingly said that the 2009 policy was still in place, to the best of his knowledge.   The statement is strange because it seems to either indicate the president is not being truthful about his marijuana policy, or that he has no control over the federal authorities conducting the raids.  Neither scenario will likely be acceptable to the American public.  Representative Barney Frank has vowed to send President Obama press clippings covering the raids in case he missed the stories.

Progressives may be weary.  Obama has also disenfranchised them on other issues like immigration reform, which was a staple of his 2008 election campaign.   Perhaps he thinks he needs to be “tough on crime” for the election and then after the possibility of losing office disappears he will backtrack to his 2008 sentiments.  At least this is what many are hoping.  However, the president is gradually losing support from the medical marijuana community, which includes much of the president’s progressive base.  There are surprising supporters of marijuana letting themselves be known all the time and, as Barney Frank said “Obama now lags Pat Robertson in a sensible approach to marijuana.”  A dubious distinction that likely does not sit well with progressives and maybe even Barack Obama himself.  Frustration may be building in the American public with both President and the likely GOP candidate Mitt Romney (nobody even seems to want to be his running mate), a third party option like Gary Johnson may seem more appealing with each day.

The idea of Obama shifting his policy once to get re-elected, then again to match his true feelings may be politics as usual.  Unfortunately for a man who ran his 2008 campaign on change and avoiding politics as usual must be held to a higher standard.  It is true that progressives may feel their choices are limited but Barack Obama provided so much hope for so many.  The president now seems concerned with his legacy and this is not to say he has not accomplished some great things in his presidency, but does he want his legacy to simply be “better than the last guy, better than anything the GOP offered up in 2012”?

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The Entire Year in Review


As you may know, 2011 would be a wild ride year for marijuana reform.  While there have been much talked about occasions like the Federal raids in California and Montana, there have been also many positive developments.  Allows recap the lengthy year:


We found that indoor marijuana growing accounts for approximately 1% from the U . s . States overall electric consumption.  This interesting fact will hopefully cause us to become eco-friendly, about being eco-friendly.  Get more information at more.


Medicinal Marijuana formally surpassed the A Million offered mark.  What is the news was a watch opener for a lot of and shows that it’s no more a fringe group.  Take a look at our previous coverage.


While claims were already available regarding marijuana’s benefits toward helping with Post traumatic stress disorder, official studies launched confirmed this.  Because of so many soldiers yet others going through distressing occasions, what is the news was heralded.  Take a look at our article about this problem.


Israel introduced that they are likely to significantly improve their medicinal marijuana program.  The best minister’s office designed a statement we frantically are awaiting within the U . s . States, “The Cabinet today approved plans and supervision concerning the way to obtain cannabis for medical and research uses. This really is in recognition the medical utilization of cannabis is essential in some cases. The Ministry will – in coordination using the Israel Police and also the Israel Anti-Drug Authority – oversee this and you’ll be accountable for supplies from imports and native cultivation.”  Additional coverage.


This season provided us positive news regarding medicinal marijuana states visiting a significant decrease in DWI’s and overall traffic deaths.  The entire year also demonstrated more teens are trying to find marijuana, but it’s a general trend and no greater in states with legalized medical cannabis.  More the following.


Holland made the decision to outlaw marijuana sales to vacationers.  They raided the still legal High Occasions Cannabis Cup.  They postponed the brand new limited laws and regulations.  Now they don’t appear sure.  Was a fascinating year for Amsterdam as you would expect, we’re certainly confused.

In a lot of ways, Colorado demonstrated us that medicinal marijuana could be controlled, which condition government will really attempt to safeguard patients.  Colorado released the very first ever condition license for medicinal marijuana.


New Approach Washington come up with the very best and many much talked about legal cast with former and current U.S. lawyers and idol judges, within their efforts to possess marijuana controlled like alcohol.  Take a look at more


Delaware approved their medicinal marijuana program.  Take a look at more about that.


Many states including New You are able to and Ohio have medicinal marijuana bills pending.  Here’s more about pending states.


We discovered that marijuana use might help to combat weight problems and it is generally utilized by individuals with greater intelligence.


We’d quite an eventful political year for marijuana.  Candidates expressed their sights on marijuana and Newt Gingrich stole the head lines together with his comments.  Ron Paul supported his previous claims and Gary Manley, the so known as “marijuana candidate” was excluded from debates.  Ron Paul also became a member of Barney Frank yet others by presenting legislation that will legitimize the with tax breaks for care providers and solid legal status.


2011 saw marijuana’s acceptance achieve its modern high water mark.  Polls show roughly 50% of the nation is perfect for legalisation and as much as 85% support medicinal marijuana.  Very couple of if any political issues come with an 85% consensus.  Read this article.

Sadly, the unsuccessful fight against drugs switched 40 this year.  A lot on the planet has transformed since that time, but Richard Nixon’s Fight Against Drugs remains a continuing.


Sythetic Marijuana put their hands up on everyone’s radar.  2011 saw many cities attempt to regulate the underground community, possibly not enough past too far.

Copenhagen made the decision they no more wanted a underground community for marijuana and required major steps toward legally controlling it. Take a look at our coverage.


Calls were noisy and obvious for any deleting of marijuana.  Two prominent governors lead the charge.


Michigan citizens demonstrated they’d not buckle when confronted with the infamous anti-marijuana condition Attorney General, Bill Schuette.  Not just did Kalamazoo voters make marijuana enforcement its cheapest priority, they’re also on the road to voting on repealing marijuana prohibition.


Regrettably, California’s earliest dispensary, Marin Alliance For Medicinal Marijuana Closed it’s doorways.


We can’t wait to know what you think regarding your ideas regarding 2011.  Leave us comments on these tales or make reference to highlights that didn’t appear here.  Marijuana.internet is searching toward talking with you.  Be safe while you celebrate 2012.

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