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Stephen Colbert

Here are some of the best and worst jokes about Denver

Comics take aim at Denver and Colorado in general with bits both great and terrible. We rounded up a few of both in advance of the 9th annual High Plains Comedy Festival, Sept. 8-10, 2022.

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The Spot newsletter: Who’s on the 2018 ballot anyway?, regulating the sale of body parts in Colorado, Denver mayor remains in hot water and more

Welcome back to The Spot, where The Denver Post’s politics team captures what’s happening this week — from the Colorado legislature to Denver city hall, with a stop through the halls of Congress in Washington, D.C.

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Plenty of 420: Enjoy Your Smoke Sesh with Pokemon GO, the Return of Rodney Mullen, and Lots of New Music

Pokemon GO fever has officially swept the nation, with people of all ages getting in on the action. In the past, gamers have been confined to the four walls of their parent’s basement, but thanks to this phenomena, gamers are now free to roam the streets while they collect Pokemon on their way to virtual […] Thanks to

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Marijuana Industry News April 5, 2013

marijuana rally

New Poll Shows Growing Majority of Americans  Want Legal Marijuana …

Recent polls in the past few years seem to highlight a shrinking gap between those for and those against the legalization of marijuana.  Even more recently, polls have started to show that a slight majority of Americans, for the first time since polling on the issue began, support the legalization of recreational cannabis use.  There now seems to be a gap growing in the opposite direction.  This week,we learned that a new poll found that Americans are in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana use by a margin of 52-45%.  Adults between the age of 18-32 supported legal marijuana in even higher numbers (65%).  Tom Angell of Marijuana Majority commented on the poll by saying “Not too long ago, it was widely accepted in political circles that elected officials who wanted to get re-elected needed to act ‘tough’ on drugs and go out of their way to support the continued criminalization of marijuana.  “The opposite is quickly becoming true.”


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Colorado Hoping for Big Revenues from Marijuana Industry…

Even as the Federal government refuses to provide their outright approval, states are already making plans to generate new revenues in order to combat the long lasting fiscal crisis.  In November, Colorado residents passed historic legislation that potentially created a tremendous new stream of revenue.  Matt Brown and James Walker have started a marijuana travel agency of sorts.  My 420 Tours will serve as an all in one travel company that will lead customers to marijuana friendly hotels, tours of dispensaries, as well as tickets to other marijuana events.  State officials are likely not thrilled about the idea however it shows the degree of variety that businesses can capitalize on.  Many jobs, in theory, could be created with revenues and taxes pouring in.  Matt Brown recently told NBC “It’s an opportunity for people who prefer marijuana to alcohol to come to Colorado and know that they’re not going to have to walk around downtown asking strangers for pot.”


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Marijuana Legalization Super PAC Joins a Growing Trend….

Super PACs were certainly in fashion during the 2012 presidential campaign season.  Even Comedy Central host, Stephen Colbert, formed a Super PAC.  The corporate groups, free from traditional campaign regulations, have been sprouting up all over as interest groups have found a new way to target their audience.  Brothers Mark and Dennis Rogers have started Legalize Marijuana Super The timing seems to be advantageous as there already is a eager audience.  As we pointed out in one of the above stories, support for legalizing marijuana is reaching historic levels.  Mark Rogers told the Huffington Post this week “We do a lot of activism up and down the West Coast, and we have relations with many dispensaries, so it just made sense.  If we could all pool our collective interests and pockets books, maybe we could actually shine a light on the hypocrisy of the laws being put on the books.”  Super Pacs have a tainted reputation at best, but activists may be forced to utilize them in order to push marijuana past the bureaucratic roadblocks and into mainstream media conversation.  Concern may rise over the direction of the marijuana reform movement once a high level of politicized/corporatized money enters the arena.


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Jimmy Kimmell Pressures Obama on Marijuana Reform

jimmy kimmel

The pressure on the Commander in Chief to consider a new approach toward marijuana reform seems to be increasing.  Recently, both the president and vice president have faced criticism from Latin American countries who have grown weary of the Cartel, and United States failed war on drugs.  Participants in online chats have tried to engage President Obama as well, although the topic was simply dismissed both times.  Finally, last week in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Barack Obama attempted to clarify (though many are still confused) his position on medical marijuana.  Barney Frank D-Mass) also put the president in an uncomfortable situation by taking him to task about Obama’s 2009 statements on medical cannabis at a lavish political fundraiser.

As the American 24/7 news cycle further degenerates into a collection of stories that do not engage any real impact issues, Americans have already grown to expect comedians to ask the tough questions.  Although political humor is not for everyone,  John Stewart and Steven Colbert, would probably be more likely to ask tougher questions of our candidates.  However in Colbert’s case, the questions are not straight forward as viewers must see past his faux right wing character to deduce what he is really saying.

Jimmy Kimmel now joins the list of comics asking the tough questions.  At the White House Correspondent’s dinner, the late night comic served as the event’s host and was more than willing to grill the president on marijuana.  Kimmel balanced the conversation with both humor and serious points.  He said “What is with the marijuana crackdown? Seriously, what is the concern? We will deplete the nation’s Funyun supply?  Pot smokers vote too. Sometimes a week after the election, but they vote.”  Kimmel then turned to the celebrity filled crowd and posed a question to them.  He asked them to raise their hands if they did not ever use marijuana.  With few hands being raised Kimmel effectively made his point and said “Marijuana is something that real people care about.”

Wherever the president seems to goes he is going to face tough questions on medical marijuana.  While being “tough on drugs” may be part of his re-election strategy, is it truly working if these types of questions dog the president?  The discussion is not relegated to medical marijuana states or even  America as a whole.  As always this president has captivated the world, and fair or not, his actions are constantly scrutinized.

Some of the venom toward the president is not fair.  It is important for us to avoid being single issue voters, if possible, and the president has some landmark accomplishments such as catching Osama Bin Laden and lifting the federal ban on stem cell research.  However, struggling patients may not have the luxury of engaging in the typical political discussions.  Patients need relief now and may not have the time to wait for a second term or for a re-election strategy to play itself out.


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