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Plenty of 420: Enjoy Your Smoke Sesh with Pokemon GO, the Return of Rodney Mullen, and Lots of New Music

Pokemon GO fever has officially swept the nation, with people of all ages getting in on the action. In the past, gamers have been confined to the four walls of their parent’s basement, but thanks to this phenomena, gamers are now free to roam the streets while they collect Pokemon on their way to virtual […] Thanks to

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Plenty of 420: Enjoy Your Smoke Sesh with a Very Stoned Nick Jonas, the Most Intimate Radiohead Show Ever, and Larry David

You Can Always Eat More, But You Can’t Eat Less On Monday night, Nick Jonas stopped by the Tonight Show to let Jimmy Fallon in on a little secret he’d been holding back for years. The youngest of the Jonas Brothers was set to present at the Young Hollywood Awards back in 2014 but decided […] Thanks to

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Plenty of 420: Enjoy Your Smoke Sesh with Weed Loving Cops, Burger King Fails, and Curren$y

A UK police officer is in hot water over the hat he donned while on patrol. Officer Simon Ryan will face a public three-day misconduct hearing for wearing a wool hat that proudly bore the phrase “I Love Weed” on it. The hearing notice states, “whilst on duty at Northallerton police station he wore a […] Thanks to

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Plenty of 420: Enjoy Your Smoke Sesh with a Tour of Kanye’s House, New Emoji Additions, and Nardwuar

Cruel Winter Has a Little Extra BURR The last 24 hours or so have been filled with a bevy of great new music releases, so get caught up while you burn one down. First, Kanye West unveiled the first single from his G.O.O.D. Music squad’s upcoming compilation album Cruel Winter, a follow-up to 2012’s massive […] Thanks to

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