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2012 Medical Marijuana High Times Cannabis Cup

Medical Marijuana Industry News June 22, 2012


Uruguay Looks to Legalize Marijuana In Effort to Reduce Violence and Crime…

Efforts by Central American countries to convince the United States government to reconsider their rigid stance on marijuana has proved unsuccessful.  America’s demand for marijuana has lead to a rise in cartel power and violence all over Central America.  Both President Obama and Vice President Biden have been hammered by criticism from leaders in the region on recent trips.  Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico has been very vocal regarding how United States drug laws are having a devastating impact on Central America.  Leaders in Uruguay are taking the initiative and will not wait for United States to take action at a glacial pace.  Uruguay’s Defense Minister Eleuterio Fernandez Huidobro said this week that prohibition was causing “more problems than the drugs themselves.” Analysts believe this is only a start and that many nations will follow Uruguay’s lead.


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New Hampshire Governor Vetoes Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana…

Recently New Hampshire lawmakers approved a measure that would permit medical marijuana.  There has been momentum for such a program for several years as a similar measure was passed in 2009 only to be vetoed by Governor Lynch.  He has done so again with the new 2012 bill however advocates and lawmakers are hoping they can gather enough votes to override the Governor’s veto.  The bill passed by a wide margin in both New Hampshire’s House and Senate though it is still unclear if enough legislators would support overriding the governor’s veto.


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Two House Representatives Refuse to Let DEA Official Avoid Answering Marijuana Questions

Jared Polis (D-CO) is one of the nation’s most recognized marijuana supporters in Congress.  Along with Barney Frank and Ron Paul (R-TX) Mr. Polis has certainly fought hard for marijuana patients.  This week he grilled Michele Leonhart of the Drug Enforcement Administration during a Congressional hearing.  As Ms. Leonhart was asked questions regarding marijuana, she seemed unwilling to elaborate as to why the federal government has marijuana classified as a schedule 1 drug.  Steve Cohen (D-TN) also demanded straight forward answers from Leonhart  Below you can find an excerpt of the exchange between Polis and Leonhardt:

POLIS: Is crack worse for a person than marijuana?

LEONHART: I believe all the illegal drug  are bad.

POLIS: Is methamphetamine worse for somebody’s health than marijuana?

LEONHART: I don’t think any illegal drug is good.

POLIS: Is heroin worse for someone’s health than marijuana?

LEONHART: Again, all the drugs –

POLIS: I mean, either yes, no, or I don’t know. I mean, if you don’t know, you can look this up you should know this as the chief administrator for the Drug Enforcement Agency. I’m asking you a very straightforward question. Is heroin worse for someone’s health than marijuana?

LEONHART: All the illegal drugs are bad.

POLIS: Does this mean you don’t know?

LEONHART: Heroin causes an addiction that causes many problems that’s very hard to kick.

POLIS: Does that mean that the health impact is worse than marijuana, is that what you’re telling me?

LEONHART: I think that you are asking a subjective question. Will Be Attending the High Times Cannabis Cup In San Francisco this weekend…

There is no rest for the weary as will be taking the excitement from San Jose’s Hempcon with us to San Francisco and the 2012 High Times Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup.  If you are in the Bay Area come check us out on Saturday, Sunday, or both days.  We will continue with our popular raffles and we encourage patients to learn more about which medication is right for them with a free one on one session with our strain master .  We’ll also be showing off our comprehensive strain library and be providing education on the newest marijuana reform developments.

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Medical Marijuana Gains Momentum in Connecticut

connecticut legislators


Marijuana culture just experienced its premiere holiday, 420.  The entire weekend was full of events and observed and enjoyed the 2012 High Times Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup in Colorado.  We noticed a great environment with patients sharing stories and socializing.  Although the weekend was fun for the community, it is time to roll the sleeves up and get back to work.

Patients in the northeast have been seeing a huge momentum shift toward medical marijuana.  Connecticut has now taken a major legislative step toward creating a medical cannabis program for many struggling patients.  Connecticut’s State Finance Committee approved a measure to permit medical marijuana.  The vote passed easily by a 36-15 margin.  The bill will now face further legislative obstacles but support clearly has grown significantly.  State Sen. Toni Boucher has been a longtime opponent of medical marijuana in Connecticut.  She attempted to attach many amendments to the bill that would limit the rights of physicians and patients.  One amendment would only permit marijuana use for terminally ill patients.  Every one of her amendments failed to pass.

Federal authorities have been trying to strike at the heart of the medical marijuana industry.  This does not mean that every dispensary holds patient safety as their number one priority.  However, many do and the government should start to think about its failure to provide quality healthcare for decades and the amount of resources being directed toward combating more affordable and safer medication for America’s sick patients.  With the successful events over the 420 weekend across the globe and new states ignoring federal threats in order to help patients, big government actions are ringing hollow.   Marijuana is quickly becoming a civil rights movement for a new generation.

We realize the federal government has had its feelings hurt by its ineptitude to provide any compassion or relief to its people.  Like a scorned lover, federal authorities seem to feel that if they cannot have you then no one can.  Fortunately federal laws targeted against American residents is not derailing the enthusiasm and momentum for medical marijuana.  The 420 weekend gatherings demonstrated this clearly and Connecticut now joins one of many states considering relief over grief.

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